Angel Christmas Tree Topper

Christmas Angels Tree Toppers

The Christmas tree topper adds the finishing touch to the decoration of your Christmas tree.

Traditional tree toppers such as the star and angel Christmas tree toppers as well as festive ones such as snowman tree topper, Santa and his reindeer add the sparkle and festive holiday mood to your decor.

Angel Tree Toppers For Christmas Trees

Some beautifully crafted ones are family heirlooms and used year after year, bringing with them cherished memories.

They’re like your guardian angels, making sure you’ll have a safe and happy Christmas season.

So, what are the best Christmas tree toppers?

That would surely depend on your theme and personal likes. A gold theme? or perhaps a white, red or purple tree topper?

Holiday themed snowflake, Santa, snowman, reindeer or even burlap tree topper are also popular. Traditional tree toppers such as shining star and beautiful angels have loyal followers.

Personally, I have always loved the beautiful elegant angel tree topper for Christmas.

Animated angel with moving wings gives the impression of an angel flying and watching over the family. A lighted angel tree topper gives out a soft glow and a warm feeling of peace and love.

However, not all Christmas angel tree toppers are crafted beautifully with sweet angelic faces. Let’s check out those that are.

Angel Xmas Tree Topper

When it comes to angels for your Christmas tree, you have the glass, porcelain, fiber optic and animated types. The angel comes with a plastic like cone underneath the gorgeous gown so that she can sit perfectly on top of the tree.

Besides having a loving angel on top of Christmas tree, you can also use it as a decorative piece on your table.

13″ Elegant Silver and White Lighted Porcelain Angel Christmas Tree Topper

13-inch-elegant-silver-and-white-lighted-porcelain-angel-christmas-tree-topperRosy cheeks, soft wavy hair and an angelic face, this 13″lighted porcelain angel tree topper exudes grace and elegance.

Every part is beautifully detailed, from the face to the hands including the intricately stitched gown and wings.

10 clear mini bulbs help to give the angel a heavenly glow.

Spare bulbs and fuses as well as a cone for easy attachment to the tree are included.

Click here to check out this beautiful 13″ porcelain angel tree topper

12″ Lighted Cream and Gold Angel Christmas Tree Topper – Clear Lights

12-inch-lighted-cream-and-gold-angel-christmas-tree-topper-clear-lightsThis lovely angel comes wearing a cream gown decorated with delicate gold glittered leaf embroidery.

Her white faux feather wings come topped with soft feathers on the top part of each wing.

The tranquil face angel is holding 2 candles illuminated with 2 clear mini lights.

You get a total of 10 clear mini lights illuminating the tranquil angel.

With the lights on, she gives out a soft golden glow matching the golden trimmings on her lovely gown.

The 29.5″ white lead cord blends easily into your tree decor.

Click here for more info on this tranquil 12″ lighted angel tree topper

Lladro Angelic Stars – Tree Topper

lladro-angelic-stars-tree-topperAn angel is holding a treasure chest filled to the brim with snowflake stars.

Dressed in a gentle flowing gown, this adorable angel with large wings measures 8.75″ x 4.5″.

A picture of heavenly elegance and gentleness, this tree topper angel figurine would bring some heavenly ambiance to your tree decor.

Click here to read more info on this gentle angel with the treasure chest

Golden Angel Christmas Tree Topper


Christmas angel with golden glittering wings and shimmering gown

This 12″ beautiful angel has golden wings glittering in the light and wearing a long golden gown decorated with faux fur trim and golden ribbons.

Perfect for a golden theme decor; gold angel tree topper on top of the tree and a gold Christmas tree skirt at the bottom.

Standing at 12″ high and holding 2 lighted candles, her wings and gown shimmers when the lights underneath her gown are switched on.

There is a total of 10 lights with one each lighting up the candles in her hands.

The 30″ lead wire is white which blends in easily with your decorations.

She’ll look really beautiful and impressive when lit on top of your Christmas tree.

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If you love a lighted gold angel tree topper, there are plenty of choices.

Light Up Gold Angel tree topper 14″ high

Gold angel Christmas Tree Topper

Gold angel tree topper with blonde hair

This classic gold Xmas angel tree topper by Kurt Adler comes dress in a most gorgeous long white gown with white and gold teardrop detailing in the skirt and sheer white ribbons.

The gown with all its detailing twinkle in the light

Her two large wings made of white feathers add to the noble, sweet angelic look and she is holding 2 lighted candles in her hands illuminating her exquisite angelic face.

Comes with 10 UL lights with 2 lighting up the candles and the rest illuminating her beautiful white gown.

Works great as a tabletop Christmas decoration too.

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Besides the gold angel, there are lots more choices by Kurt Adler. You have ivory and gold angel, white and silver angel, fiber optic angel as well as illuminated angel tree topper. You even have the African American or black angel Christmas tree topper.

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More choices of Christmas Tree Angel Topper Decorations

Animated Fiber Optic Christmas Angels Tree Toppers

Fiber optic lights give out lustrous colors that shimmer and glitter more impressively than traditional bulbs. The colors seem to change when seen from different angles and positions.

Kurt Adler 14-Inch Ivory and Gold Fiber Optic Animated Angel Treetop

Animated Angel Christmas Tree Topper

Animated 14 inch angel in an ivory and gold gown with fiber optic wings

This beautiful blond hair angel with fiber optic wings comes dressed in a long,splendid ivory gown accented by gold ribbon, faux fur and embellishments. Arms movement and color changes on wings make an impressive sight.

UL listed indoor use AC adaptor allows gentle hand movements and a mini fiber optic bulb beneath her gown adds a dazzling glow. Spare bulbs are included.

This ivory and gold nylon lighted animated angel tree topper makes your Xmas tree comes alive with her graceful movements, bringing with it the magic of Christmas.

Measuring 6.6 x 8.6 x 14 inches and weighing 2 pound, this animated angel tree topper would look impressive on any tree.

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Black Angel Xmas Tree Topper

13 inch UL 10-Light Gold African American Angel Christmas Treetop Figurine

African American Angel Christmas Treetop

Afican-American 13″ angel in gold shimmering gown

13 inch black angel wearing an elegant gold wedding-dress like gown that has 4 big wavy ribbons tied at the waist.

Her golden feather-like wings enhance her spectacular looks. Holding a lighted candle in each wand, you could almost feel her heavenly presence on the top of the Christmas tree.

Lights under her gown adds to the shimmering and glowing look.

The angel measures 8 x 5.5 x 13 inches and weighs 1 pound.

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Even more fabulous angel tree toppers for Christmas tree tops

Create blissful memories under the Christmas tree with these beautiful angels in their exquisite gowns.

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Red Angel Tree Topper

More choice of fiber optic angel tree toppers to bring a magical experience to your Xmas tree.

12-Inch Fiber Optic LED Silver Angel Tree Topper12-Inch Fiber Optic Gold Angel Tree Topper12-Inch Animated Ivory and Gold Fiber Optic Angel16-1/2-Inch Fiber Optic LED Platinum Angel TreetopVickerman Angel Fiber Optic Wings, 18-Inch, White/GoldKurt Adler 16-Inch Fiber Optic Gold Angel Tree Top

Which one have you fallen in love with? It is difficult to make a choice, right?

Replacement light bulb for your angel tree toppers

For those who are looking for replacement bulbs for your fiber optic angel tree topper, I’ve found some on sale at Amazon.

Please check the volts and watts that your pretty angel is using.

Higuchi JCR 8193 – 5 Watt MR11 Halogen Light Bulb, 6 Volt, 30 Degree Beam Spread

CBConcept Brand Clear Halogen MR11 12Volt 5Watt Fiber Optic Light Bulb – 12 Bulbs

Celebrations Replacement Bulbs 12 V Clear