Animated Hanging Winged Reaper Halloween Haunted House Prop

Animated Hanging Winged Reaper Halloween PropA sudden frightful scream, haunting laughter, flashing red eyes. flapping wings, a head that suddenly moves – yes, the Halloween animated hanging winged reaper can be a terrifying sight.

Scary winged reaper with wings, sickle, especially those fitted with color changing lights are perfect for haunted scenes.

The animated hanging winged flying reaper would make a great scary addition to your haunted front porch Halloween decor.

Some come with wings attached, some with chains and some holding a scythe to reap the dead.

The haunted hallway is another great terrific place to hang up your hanging winged reaper in the rotting gown.

If you’re a great fan of haunted house decor, then you’ll love the animated reaper with movable head and wings as well as its red light up eyes – spooky yet fun.

Hang it up in your dark and foggy yard or tie to a tree to give the creepy impression that it is really flying.

Draped in tattered graveyard cloth, the frightening grim reaper with ominous flapping wings would make an excellent haunted scary door greeter too.

Hang it up against the wall and it’ll give the impression that it’s coming out through the wall straight at you!

Hanging up the life size animated reaper gives the haunted uneasy feeling that it is hovering over you, ready to strike.

So, have all your guests be creeped out by your spooky animated hanging reaper this Halloween.

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Halloween Animated Hanging Winged Flying Reaper


Halloween Animated Winged Reaper

Halloween Animated Wing ReaperThis sound activated animated winged reaper comes with large flapping wings, lighted eyes and posable arms.

It can even make some eerie sounds (sinister laughs) to create some extra fright!

The realistic finish on its skull and hands enhances its scary looks.

The pre-attached string allows for easy hanging.

The reaper is a hanging skeleton with a hooded tattered cloak and wings.

It is about 38″ tall and has a 52″ wing span.

3 AA batteries (not included) are required for the animated scary effects.

Hang it up in your haunted front porch to greet your guests and watch them scream with fun.


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4′ Tall Lighted Winged Grim Reaper

4 ft Tall Lighted Winged Grim ReaperThis 4′ lighted grim reaper comes with a spooky light up plastic skull.

Its bony skeleton hands look realistically detailed and are made of plastic.

3 AG13 batteries(included) are required.

It measures 42″ x 4′.

Its posable arms and wings make it easy to arrange them into a more sinister and spooky position to frighten your guests.


4′ 2″ Animated Hanging Winged Reaper Halloween Decoration

4Ft 2 Inch Animated Winged Reaper

This sound activated 4.2′ tall winged reaper prop has flapping wings and light-up eyes.

The animated winged reaper measures  50″L x 42″W x 12″H

You need 3 AA batteries (not included) for it to work.


Animated Winged Reaper Decoration

Animated Winged Reaper Decoration

This life size 6′ tall animated winged reaper would certainly do a great job welcoming your guests at the front door.

The red eyes glow, he lets loose an evil cackle and he moves his claw-like hands in a menacing way.

The animated effects can be activated by motion or sound.

The AC adapter is included.


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Hanging White Winged Reaper

Hanging White Winged ReaperThis posable hanging white winged reaper comes with multiple colorful LEDs in its eyes and wings.

3 AA batteries (not included) are required.

Measuring 35″ x 31″, I must say this hanging reaper with LED eyes looks colorful and not just the usual dull and dead black or gray colors.


7′ 6″ Angel of Death Life Size Animated Halloween Prop

Angel of Death Life Size Animated Halloween PropThe Grim Reaper or angel of death with raised arms, huge fabric-covered wings and a slush-PVC death’s head skull with red LED light-up eyes.

This reaper is dressed in black and gray fabric hooded costume with shredded-gauze details that drape the floor.

The raised skeletal hands, the plastic molded skeletal rib cage as well as the bones of some of his favorite victims attached to a chain around his waist sure do give me the creeps.


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3.5′ Hanging Reaper with Wings Halloween Prop

3.5 Ft Hanging Reaper with WingsThe 3.5′ hanging reaper comes with wings and red light up eyes for that haunted look.

Its tattered gown and tattered wings add to its creepiness.

3 AG13 watch batteries (not included) are required.


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Animated Flying Winged Reaper Halloween Decoration

Animated Flying Winged Reaper Halloween DecorationThis sound activated animated flying reaper comes with flapping wings, turning head, light-up eyes and a scary creepy laugh.

It has posable arms and wings.

It measures about 36″ x 31.5″.

3 AA batteries are needed (not included)

It is made of 20% cotton, 40% polyester, 20% plastic, 10% foam, 10% iron wire.


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60″ Hanging Talking Winged Reaper Halloween Prop

60 Inch Hanging Talking Winged Reaper Halloween PropThis hanging ghostly grim reaper measures 60″H x 48″W x 11″D.

This sound activated talking reaper will move its mouth as it greets you with Halloween phrases. Cool!

It requires 3 AA batteries (not included)


Light Up Hanging Animated Winged Reaper In Chains

Light Up Winged Reaper in ChainsThis animated hanging winged reaper with chain comes with posable arms and wings.

The shroud covered skeletal grim reaper with fabric wings measures 72.1″ long and 43″ across.

The top of the wings and its hollow eye sockets light up.

The metal looking chain is actually made of plastic.

3 AA batteries (not included) are required to activate the white lights and shocking sounds in its eyes and wings.

You might also want to check out the hanging white reaper in chains but without the wings.

Then there’s the hanging black reaper in chains (with no wings)



Animated Hanging Winged Reaper Halloween Prop

Winged Reaper With Scythe Animated Prop

This hanging animated winged reaper comes with a full black robe with red and gray torn fabric accents, a belt with 3 hanging plastic bones, hand-painted roto-PVC head with red LED eyes, hand-painted roto-PVC hands and ribcage, two creepy huge wings, and holds a 54”-long plastic scythe with a 26”-long plastic blade.

The sensor is activated by light and motion.

When your unsuspecting guests approach, its LED eyes will light up, so will the morphing/ color-changing chest light.

The Winged Reaper will say one of three sayings with each activation of the sensor (“Ahh…I knew we would meet soon. Come, feel Death’s cold embrace!”; “I have been waiting for you. Allow me to seal your doom! Ah-hahahahah!”; “You can run, but you cannot hide. There is no escaping – your death!”).

Hanging at a formidable 84″ tall, this animated reaper with scythe requires 3 AA batteries (included) to work its scary magic at scaring people to death.


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Grey Winged Reaper 3′ Halloween Decoration


Grey Winged Reaper 3 Ft Halloween DecorationThis gray winged reaper measures 36″ X 40″ X 4″.

Use this winged reaper as a hanging haunted house prop to give the trick or treaters a really good scare.

Materials used in making this creepy ghostly hanging prop include plastic, fabric and styrofoam.

There is a string attached to the top of its head for easy hanging.

It looks really haunted with its hollow eyes skull, thin skeleton hands, tattered robe and hood.

Perhaps the black winged reaper matches your theme better. This black reaper measures 36″ x 33″ x 5″.


Hanging Reaper 72″ Animated Halloween Decoration

Hanging Reaper 72 Inch Animated Halloween DecorationThis life size 72″ animated reaper has blow-molded elongated head and hands with poseable arms, spooky LED light-up eyes and a tattered costume with hood and gauze details – all the perfect spooky details.

Even though it doesn’t come with wings attached, it does look as if it’s flying with its creepy outstretched hands and tattered sleeves.

It is sound and motion activated and will greet your guests with the message “”Your Soul Is Mine… Ha ha ha ha!”

It comes with a string attached at the head for easy hanging.

It is really scary if you bump into this reaper hanging above you especially on a dark Halloween night.


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Spooky Halloween Winged Reaper