Animated Halloween Haunted House Props Ideas

Animated Halloween Haunted House Props IdeasHow about organizing a haunted house Halloween party with all the spooky decor items this coming Halloween? Don’t forget the spine chilling unearthly screams and creepy moaning sounds. A good Halloween haunting sounds audio CD will do the trick.

Of course, the eerie fog with dark shadows lurking in the background adds to the haunted atmosphere. A fog machine should do the trick here.

Having a graveyard picnic surrounded by your eerie Halloween yard decorations sounds like a hauntingly creepy good idea, especially under the dark shadow of the haunted tree with the dangling cocoon corpse.

Animated Halloween haunted house props can really scare the daylights out of you because of their sudden movements and scary sounds.

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Animated Scary Halloween Haunted House Ideas

Well, time for some scary fun and spine chilling shrieks!

Welcome to the haunted house!

Animated Halloween Haunted Yard Props

Animated scary props normally have built-in sound or light sensors that scare your visitors when they come close enough.

Most have evil looks accompanied by terrifying moans and screams that cause you to shiver with fright.

Eyes that suddenly light up, lips that move, creepy decayed hands that move towards you – some of these spooky props can scare even the bravest adults.

Are you looking for life size animated Halloween decorations for your haunted house theme or perhaps the animated zombie dog?

Do check these out, you won’t be disappointed.

Life Size Animated Haunted House Props For Halloween

Lunging Animated Reaper Halloween Prop

Lunging Animated Reaper Halloween Prop


Animated Hanging White Reaper in Chains

Animated Hanging White Reaper in Chains

Hanging Pumpkin Man

Hanging Witch

Hanging Witch

Mother/Grandma Animated Haunted House Halloween Props

The decaying moldy mother figure that rocks back and forth complete with terrifying sounds will send kids running for their own moms.

A really creepy sight especially if the decaying mummy is holding an equally decaying baby.

Check these out too for your haunted house decor.

Other Scary Animated Haunted House Decor Ideas

The sound of squeaking rats is enough to send most people running away. Hearing that in a dark haunted house triples the fear.

Just imagine the fright of seeing a giant bat with red eyes laughing hysterically and charging at you!

Motion Activated Haunted Mirror with Creepy Sound

A motion activated creepy haunted mirror with a hidden ghost that talks can really freak out anyone who unknowingly walk past and activate the sensor.

This Halloween haunted mirror measures 10.2″ L x 2.1″ W x 12.9″ and uses 3 AA  batteries which are included.

Unsuspecting guests looking into the mirror will see a ghostly skull face talking to them.


More Choices Of Creepy Haunted House Halloween Props

Animated Life Size Zombies

70" life size animated ghost zombie

Zombies are putrefying and gruesome. An animated zombie ghost is even worst.

A swaying ghost zombie draped in creepy hooded flowing ghostly fabrics is not exactly a welcoming sight.

You wouldn’t want to bump into one that lights up in an unearthly bluish glow and moans to you ‘Come to me-you cannot hide from me-your soul is mine!’

But what is Halloween without a scary spooky ghost for company!


40-inch Animated Skeleton Ghost Halloween Decoration with Glowing Red Eyes and Great Sound Effect

40-inch-animated-skeleton-ghost-halloween-decoration-with-glowing-red-eyes-and-great-sound-effectMeet the ultimate creepy scary Halloween ghost – with wide open red eyes, disheveled ghostly hair, ‘blood stained’ graveyard gown complete with wide open mouth showing its sharp rotting teeth.

This is certainly one terrifying ghostly creature to avoid at all cost especially in the darkness of the night.

The ghost is 40″ tall and activated by sound or motion.

Scare your guest with this glowing red eyes ghost that screams “Let me out” when disturbed. It’s eerie agonizing screams are really spine chilling, especially when heard in the dark.

2 AA batteries are needed (not included) for the scary effects to work.

Bendable arms allow you to make arms position as creepy as you like.

The twine rope that comes attached on top of its head allows for easy hanging on top of the tree, front porch, wall or door.


Halloween Haunted House Coffin Props

Tombstone with Light-up SkullYou would expect to see a coffin or two inside or even outside the haunted house.

The animated mummy in coffin can sing and rock from side to side.

Spooky RIP tombstones would be within sight too.

A tombstone with a skull that has eyes that light up would be a perfect spooky match to your animated haunted house decoration theme.


Sound Control Creepy Scary Animated Skeleton Ghost Halloween Haunted House Party Decoration

Sound Control Creepy Scary Animated Skeleton Ghost Halloween Haunted House Party DecorationMeasuring about 22″ L x 21.26″ W (wide wings), this animated Halloween ghost come with luminous eyes that look terrifying in the darkness of the night.

The bat hanging ghost is activated by sounds and will scream as well as move its wings.

A screaming ghost with evil glowing eyes is bound to be a creepy and spooky attraction in your haunted house.

You’ll need to buy separately 2 AAA batteries (not included).