Artificial Silver Tip Christmas Tree

artificial-silvertips-christmas-treeWhen the snow starts to fall, when winter engulfs me with her icy winds, I feel comforted by the sight of the evergreen silvertip fir Christmas tree in my grandma’s front porch.

It has always been there, beautifully decorated with handmade ornaments every Xmas season.

Silver tip as Christmas trees are popular especially in western North America where they are grown.

Silver tip fir Christmas trees are quite limited in supply compared to other types of Xmas trees such as Douglas fir, spruce or pine.

They are native to the mountains of southwest Oregon and California in the United States.

They can only be grown in high altitude of 1,400–2,700 metres (4,600–8,900 ft) elevation, have thick upright growing needles with an orange to red bark in older trees.

That’s why they are sometimes referred to as red fir trees.

Noble fir and Fraser fir trees have similar upward growing needles with silver tips.

Noble fir has upturned, blue-green needles (needles are about 1″ long), reddish brown twigs and evenly spaced dense branches.

Fraser fir has dark, blue-green short flat straight needles and strong branches making them great for hanging Christmas ornaments.

Traditional silver tip trees have a wider spread out of branches contributing to a more bulky appearance.

The Silver tips remind one of freshly fallen snow and the joys of a white Christmas.

There is a bluish green tint to the needles with their silver tips.

They have a strong pleasant scent.

Silver tip trees have branches with wide spacing which makes it great for decorating with Christmas ornaments.

The leaves of the Silver tips or Red fir are less densely grown together with the shoot bark being visible whereas the leaves of the Noble fir are more dense and the shoot bark is not visible.

If you’re looking for a real silvertip Christmas tree, then you can check out this farm where they grow the trees.

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Fresh Cut Real Chrismas Fir Trees

For those who prefer to display the real tree and yet do not wish to go to the farms to get it, you can always order online.

White Fir Real Tree

white-firWould you prefer a small tree that you can plant in your backyard?

The Arbor Day Foundation has this white fir for sale.

It is a drought tolerant tree, has a light colored bark and silvery, blue green needles which are about 1″ – 2″ long.

It is shipped to you as a 6″ – 1′ tall tree.

When fully grown, will reach a height of 30′ – 50′ with a 20′ spread.

A real Christmas tree in your own backyard – Christmas cheer in its prime.

The evergreen white fir is popular as an ornamental tree as well as a Christmas tree.

Cottage Farms Direct Simple As It Gets Christmas Combo

Cottage Farms Direct Simple As It Gets Christmas ComboYou’ll get a 6-6.5 ft. Fraser fir Christmas tree and a plastic tree stand delivered to your front door.

This sturdy green plastic stand holds up to 1.3 gallons of water, weighs 3.25 lbs, and lasts for years

There’s another combo set that includes a fresh cut 6 – 6.5′ Fraser fir plus a 14-16 in. Arborvitae ‘Emerald Green’ in a 2.5 quart pot with a detailed care guide.

The Emerald green can be used as a Christmas tabletop display. Then you can plant it in your garden after the holiday celebrations.

Arborvitae ‘Emerald Green’ reaches a mature height of 10-12 ft. with a 3-4 ft. spread. It can be allowed to grow undisturbed for a natural effect or pruned for an elegant, formal look

Check price for 6 – 7 ft live Fraser fir Christmas tree

Check price for 6 – 6.5′ Fraser fir plus tree stand

Check price for 6 – 6.5′ Fraser fir plus Arborvitae Emerald Green in 2.5 qt pot

Fresh Cut Tabletop Christmas Tree

Freshcut Tabletop Christmas Tree (Set of 2)This is fresh cut from a live Christmas tree just prior to shipping to ensure freshness.

It is about 3 – 4 ft in height.

The tree stand is included.

This fresh cut tabletop Christmas tree would make a lovely holiday gift.

You can get it as a single tree or as a set of 2.

Check out the fresh cut tabletop Christmas tree set 0f 2

Check out the fresh cut Fraser Fir tabletop Christmas tree.

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Artificial Christmas Trees With Silver Tip Leaves

Let’s check out some artificial silvertip Christmas trees that come prelit with lights as well as those that come without lights.

The pre lit artificial silver tip Christmas tree is now the tree of choice in my modern apartment. My children take great delight in decorating it with handmade as well as store bought Christmas ornaments and Christmas lights. The top is always decorated with their favorite smiling snowman head tree topper.

Plus points of the fake Christmas tree is that it does not shed needles, no trimming, no watering required and can be reused.

If you can’t get the Silvertip red fir tree, try the Noble fir or Frasier fir artificial Christmas trees instead. These real trees come with silver tips too.

Artificial Silver Tip Christmas Trees With Lights/Unlit

4.5′ Pre-Lit Noble Fir Artificial Flocked Christmas Tree – Warm Clear LED Lights

4-5-pre-lit-noble-fir-artificial-flocked-christmas-tree-warm-clear-led-lightsStanding at 4.5 feet, this noble fir flocked artificial Christmas tree is made to look just like the real tree covered with snow.

It has a width of about 29′.

It comes with 202 PE and PVC Tips.

You can get it pre-lit with 75 warm clear LED lights. The tree gives out a warm festive glow when lit.

If you prefer to put up your own lights, then you can get the unlit 4.5′ flocked Noble Fir instead.

It is very easy to assemble as it is just 3 sections which include the free green metal tree stand.

A ‘snow covered’ Christmas tree makes decorating easy as your colorful festive ornaments will look gorgeous and stand out against the white background.

Click here for more info on the prelit 4.5′ flocked noble fir

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6.5 ft Flocked Noble Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

6.5 ft Flocked Noble Fir Artificial Christmas Tree - UnlitA snowy Noble Fir with ‘snow laden’ branch tips calls for a festive winter celebration right inside the warmth of the living room.

This unlit 6.5′ flocked Noble fir Christmas tree comes with 667 branch tips.

Branch tips are made of the more realistic PE as well as the traditional PVC materials.

The base diameter is 30″.

This is an unlit artificial Christmas tree.

It comes in 4 piece easy assembly including the green metal tree stand.

A slightly taller 7.5′ unlit flocked Noble Fir is also available.

You might also want to check out the 9′ unlit flocked Noble Fir tree. (Check description below)

Have the whole family join in the fun of putting up your favorite twinkling lights and sparkling ornaments.

9′ Flocked Noble Fir Artificial Christmas Tree – Unlit

9 ft Flocked Noble Fir Artificial Christmas Tree - UnlitThis 9′ Noble Fir artificial Christmas tree comes with a mixture of the realistic PE needles and classic traditional PVC needles.

Flocked to have that beautiful winter snow effect, this slim profile tree comes with 1648 branch tips.

It’s just a simple 5 sections assembly that includes the free green metal tree stand.

The widest base point is about 48″.

It is 9′ measuring from the base to the top.

Some people prefer to get their own lights as it’s cheaper. Besides, putting up your own lights is part of the fun of decorating the Christmas tree.

If you prefer a pre lit tree, then you can get the 9′ pre lit flocked Noble fir Christmas tree that comes with 475 warm clear energy-saving LED lights.

Click here to check price of unlit 9′ flocked tree

Vickerman 6.5′ Frosted Eastern Frasier Fir Artificial Christmas Tree with 500 Warm White LED Lights

Vickerman 6.5' Frosted Eastern Frasier Fir Artificial Christmas Tree with 500 Warm White LED LightsFlocked for a snowy look, this 6.5′ frosted Frasier fir artificial Christmas tree comes pre lit with 500 warm white LED lights.

The durable non-glass replaceable energy saving LED bulbs feel cool to the touch. The bulbs are UL listed for both indoor and outdoor use.

There is a total of 1590 branch tips.

A free folding metal stand is also included.

The base diameter at its widest point is 44″.

7.5′ Pre-Lit Natural Frasier Fir Artificial Christmas Tree – Multi Lights

7-5-ft-pre-lit-natural-frasier-fir-artificial-christmas-tree-multi-lightsTrees made from polyestelene (PE) are the most realistic of all artificial trees. The branch tips are made using a mold created out of real tree branch. This mold is then filled with PE to form 3D realistic looking branch tips.

The interior of the tree are filled out using PVC branches.

This 7.5″ natural Frasier fir artificial Christmas tree comes with 2935 tapered 2″ wide branch tips.

Pre-lit with 1200 multi-color dura-lit mini lights including red, green, blue, pink, purple, amber and clear bulbs, it looks magical when lit at night.

The hinged branch assembly consists of 5 sections including the free black metal tree stand.

The 68 inch lead cord with foot tapper is in green to blend in with the green leaves.

The whole package comes with spare replacement bulbs and fuses. The advantage of the dura lights is that when one light bulb fused, the others will still light up.

At its widest point, the base diameter measures 64″.

There is a clearance of 9″ from the floor to the first branch.

The 7.5′ tree will fit most rooms.

You might also be interested to check out the 7.5′ Fraser fir with 700 warm white LED lights. It comes with 2591 branch tips.

Then there’s the 7.5′ Fraser fir with 600 UL listed clear lights. It comes with 2380 branch tips.

The 7.5′ slim Fraser fir comes with 500 clear lights and 1453 branch tips. Diameter is only 15.5″.

If you want a taller tree, then check out the 9′ tall Pre Lit natural Frasier fir tree

Click here for more info on the 7.5′ natural Frasier fir Christmas tree with multi lights

9′ Pre-Lit Fraser Fir Artificial Christmas Tree with 1000 Clear UL Listed Lights

9 ft Pre-Lit Fraser Fir Artificial Christmas Tree with 1000 Clear UL Listed LightsThis 9 ft tall prelit artificial Fraser fir tree comes with 3647 branch tips.

1000 clear incandescent light bulbs help to give the tree a magical glow on Christmas eve.

If one light bulb goes out, the rest will remain lighted.

The holiday tree is made of flame resistant and non allergenic materials.

The metal tree stand is included.

If you prefer a slim tree, then you should check out the 9′ prelit slim Fraser fir fake Christmas tree. It comes with 800 clear lights and 2093 branch tips.

You can also get 9′ prelit Fraser fir at Houzz

Pre-Lit Frasier Fir Artificial Christmas Tree with Multi Dura Lights, 14′

14 ft Pre-Lit Frasier Fir Artificial Christmas Tree and Stand - Multi Dura LightsThis 14′ artificial pre lit Frasier fir Christmas tree measures 87″ in diameter at its widest point.

It stands at 14′ tall including the stand.

The first row of branches start at a distance of 15″ from the floor.

It comes with 10178 branch tips and the tapered tips are 1.75″ wide.

It comes pre fitted with 2400 multi dura-lit mini lights. The colorful lights include pink, purple, blue, green, red, amber and clear bulbs.

The major advantage of these dura lights is that when one fused, the others will continue working.

The 68″ green lead cord blends in with the green foliage.

The whole hinged branch construction comes in 8 separate pieces including the free black rolling metal tree stand.

The package comes with extra sets of lights, spare replacement bulbs and fuses.

If you’re looking for a small tree, then the 3′ Frasier Fir Pre lit Artificial Christmas Tree would be perfect for you. This is a one piece tree and has 218 PVC branch tips. It comes with a free plastic tree stand.

If you prefer to put up the lights yourself, then the unlit 3′ Frasier Fir Unlit Tree might appeal to you more.