10+ Cookies For Santa Plate And Mug – Cute and Adorable

Cookies For Santa Plate And MugWhat a fun tradition it is to get ready the cookies for Santa plate and mug every Christmas eve.

Whether it is a personalized Santa cookie plate or a personalized mug or cup, it is something exciting and fun for the little kids to look forward to every year.

Merry Christmas designs such as the Gingerbread man mug, snowman cookies for Santa plate set, those with the smiling face of Santa with kind, twinkling eyes or Christmas tree designs are really so charming and cute.

Some sets come with a cute mug and some come with an equally cute milk bottle.

Spend some time making cookies with the little ones in the morning.

They will be thrilled to know Santa loves their cookies  and their snowman cookie plate.

I’m sure your little boy or girl would be thrilled to discover the cookies have been eaten by Santa and bits of carrot left by the reindeer.

Cookies For Santa Plate And Mug Set Ideas

All the cookies for Santa plate and mug set I’ve found online really look so cute, cheerful, joyful and adorable, with bright and vibrant holiday colors, depicting festive designs and images.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself ordering another one after receiving your first Santa cookie plate set.

Santa and your little ones will be pleased.

Add that special touch to Santa’s cookies with these lovely Santa cookies sets.

If you are looking for a gift set for Santa’s cookies plate and mug/cup/milk bottle set, then you must check these out.

Santa Christmas Cookie Plate and Mug Set – Cookies For Santa, Carrots For Reindeer Plate

Let’s check out some cute and festive Santa themed Christmas cookie plate and mug set.

Don’t forget to tell your little ones to leave some carrots out for Santa’s hardworking reindeer too.

They would love the carrots you leave out on the Christmas reindeer plate. They deserve special attention too.

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Cookies For Santa Ceramic Plate Set

Child to Cherish Santa’s Message Ceramic Cookie Plate Set

Child to Cherish - Santa's Message Plate Set

How about sending a special message to Santa?

The cookies plate set includes Santa’s plate, Santa’s milk jar, carrots for reindeer treats bowl and chalk for writing messages to Santa on the plate.

The Santa’s message plate set whereby you can write a special message to Santa and Santa replies back will appear to be so magical to little kids.

Can you imagine the excitement and happy smiles on their sweet faces.

Click here for Santa’s message plate set

“Cookies For Santa” Christmas Gift Set with Plate and Milk Bottle

Cookies For Santa Gift Set

An adorable smiling face Santa Claus in traditional holiday fun and vibrant colors, this hand painted ceramic Santa plate and bottle set fits right into the cookies and Santa tradition.

The milk bottle has the same festive color design as the Santa plate with the message ‘Milk for Santa’ written in front.

The plate measure 8″ in diameter and the 10 ounces bottle has a height of 6″ and a 1.25″ opening.

The whole set has such a vibrant and bright color, adding cheer to your holiday festive decor.

Click here for Cookies For Santa Claus Plate And Milk Bottle Set

Cedar Home Santa Ceramic Mug and Plate Set with Gift Box

Cedar Home Santa Ceramic Mug and Plate Set with Gift BoxMade of quality ceramic, the set includes an 18oz mug and a 7.9″ plate.

You can use this Santa mug set in the microwave but not the dishwasher.

It comes packed in a gift box.

Cookies for Santa Gift Set, Classic Holiday

Cookies for Santa Gift Set, Classic HolidayThis four-piece bundle includes a ceramic “Cookies for Santa” plate, “Reindeer Treats” bowl, “Santa’s Milk” glass cup, and a package of coordinating cocktail napkins.

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Sculpted Ceramic Cookies for Santa Plate and Mug Set

Sculpted Ceramic Cookies for Santa Plate and Mug Set

Crafted from ceramic, the set includes one Santa face ceramic cookie plate and one sculpted 14 oz colorful polka dot mug.

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Unique Stacked Santa Claus Milk & Cookie Plate Gift Set

Unique Stacked Santa Claus Milk & Cookie Plate Gift SetThis stacked Santa milk and cookie plate gift set consists of 2 festive mugs and a cookie plate.

The quality painted speckled ceramic smiling Santa face mug measuring 3 5/8″ X 5 1/2″ X 4 3/8″ is placed on top of the 6″ cookie plate.

The cookie plate is placed on top of the footed mug which measures 3 5/8″ X 5 1/2″ X 4 3/8″.

The stacked Santa mug and plate set looks so cute and would make a lovely gift.

Click here for Unique Stacked Santa Claus Milk & Cookie Plate Gift Set

Santa Plate And Milk Bottle Set, 8″, 2-Piece

Roman 31899 Santa Plate And Milk Bottle Set, 8 inch, 2-PieceThis personalized plate and mug set features handwriting script and an iconic Santa Claus black belt that let the jolly elf and everyone else know whose treats they are.

This 2 piece Santa plate and milk bottle set would certainly make a lovely gift for your little nieces and nephews.

Personalized Cookies for Santa Christmas Plate Set

Personalized Cookies for Santa Christmas Plate Set

This cookies for Santa set includes ceramic plate, ceramic milk jug, straw, placemat and note pad.

Personalize your placemat with any 2 line message up to 12 characters each.

However, your placemat will come with the words “To Santa”, “Santa’s Cookies” and “Santa’s Milk”.

Santa Milk and Cookies Set (Set of 2)

Santa Milk and Cookies Set (Set of 2)This package includes 2 gift sets, each with one plate and a mug.

Each Santa milk and cookies set comprises an 8″ ceramic plate in the shape of a snowy white bearded Santa with his signature red hat and a mug with the words “Milk for Santa” which will surely delight Santa Claus looking for cookies on Xmas eve.

The 10 oz festive mug has a 3.5″ height.

The jolly Santa plate measures about 8″ length and 8″ width.

These are microwave and dishwasher safe.

A cute and lovely milk and cookie set for Santa that can be kept for many more Christmas eves.

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Kovot Santa’s Mug and Plate Set

Santa's Mug and Plate SetA ceramic cookies for Santa plate in the festive colors of red and white as well as an adorable Santa themed 22 oz ceramic mug specially for serving Santa’s cookies and milk or even hot cocoa on Christmas eve.

The Santa plate has a diameter of 8.24″.

The mug has a height of 4.25″.

This red and white ceramic mug and platter set looks so cute and adorable that you would be reluctant to put it away after the festive holidays.

Check price Red and white Santa Plate and Mug set

Lenox Countdown ‘Til Christmas 2-Pc Set, Cookies for Santa

Lenox Countdown 'Til Christmas 2-Piece Set, Cookies for Santa

The plate comes inscribed with the words “Cookies For Santa” and has a diameter of 9″.

It is decorated with a gingerbread man and woman and lots of bright green holly.

The bowl has red and green stripes at the top part and has the words “Reindeer Food” inscribed.

Crafted from porcelain, the plate and bowl are dishwasher as well as microwave safe.

Now, do these remind you of gingerbread cookies baking in the oven?



The Magic of Christmas

Leaving cookies for Santa and discovering the crumbs the next morning is part of the magic of Christmas.

It is a time honored tradition practiced by many families, the Christmas cookie plate for Santa contributes to the magical fun. It completes the spirit of Christmas.

So remember to get for your kids the cookies for Santa plate and mug set as well as the carrots for reindeer plate for a magical, enchanting as well as memorable Christmas festive season.