Donald Trump Mask For Halloween

Donald Trump Mask For HalloweenDressing up as the past, present or future President of the United States for Halloween has always been trendy and fun.

So are you putting on a presidential face mask such as the Donald Trump Halloween mask or the Hillary Clinton face mask to attend your Halloween celebrations?

The loudmouth Trump mask or perhaps the smirking face Trump mask pointing a finger saying ‘You’re fired’ would surely be a hit at the office party.

These presidential Halloween face masks are actually quite funny and hilarious, but not exactly flattering.

Match them up with wigs and costumes and enjoy the limelight at your Halloween night party.

Donald Trump Mask And Wig

You get the choice of the Donald Trump latex face mask or the cardboard cut out mask with elastic band for a better fit.

Donald Trump Mask – Republican Presidential Candidate Mask

donald-trump-mask-republican-presidential-candidate-maskThis Donald Trump latex mask comes with a foam insert at the forehead for a more comfortable fit.

The squinty eyes and big loud mouth sure does look like the man himself.

This 3/4 face mask also comes with a mouth hole for easy speaking. You can even drink using a straw.

There are even ear holes so that you can hear more clearly.

Love him or hate him, this Donald Trump Halloween mask will bring on the laughs and jokes at any Halloween party or events.

Pair it up with the ‘make America great again Trump hat‘ and you’ll be the mighty star at the party.

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Donald Trump latex Halloween Mask with life like Hair

donald-trump-latex-halloween-mask-with-life-like-hairThis Trump Halloween mask is made of 100% latex.

A full head mask with Trump’s famous hair style and equally famous facial expression, this would make a great gift for Donald Trump’s ‘You are fired’ fans.

Send this as a Halloween gift to your Trump fans or any friends looking to having a great time during Halloween.

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Donald Trump Celebrity Politician Face Mask Set; Includes all 3 masks

donald-trump-celebrity-politician-face-mask-set-includes-all-3-masksMade of 24 point sturdy cardboard, this made in USA Donald Trump paper masks measure 10″ x 12″ each.

There are 3 masks altogether.

You get the classic Trump huge mask as well as his smirking face mask. Also included is one ‘Make America Great Again’ Trump hat and mask.

3 numbers of 10″ black elastic bands are included for easy wearing of the face masks.

3 numbers of 12″ wooden dowels are also included. However the adhesive is not included.

These realistic life size Trump Halloween face masks look goofy but sure do bring laughter and fun to every one when they bump into you wearing them.

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Donald Trump Mask For Halloween

donald-trump-maskMeasuring 14.5″ x 10″, this Donald Trump polyfoam mask with pullover hood looks realistic with the thinning hair and angry look.

This Halloween, celebrate as a celebrity couple by going as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and watch out for the fireworks at the party.

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Donald Trump Wig – Quality Wind-Tested Replica Wig

donald-trump-wig-quality-wind-tested-replica-wigIf you find the Halloween face mask too uncomfortable, then you can always go for the Trump wig and red tie or the ‘Make America great again’ hat.

Remember to put a smirk on your face and point your finger at any one in sight.

You can also get a set whereby you get the blond wig plus the red tie.

Donald Trump Costume kit: Mask, Wig, Skimmer Hat, Bow Tie, Button and Arm Garter

donald-trump-costume-kit-mask-wig-skimmer-hat-bow-tie-button-and-arm-garterHere is another set that includes more items.

Look like the man himself with these Donald Trump accessories:

  • one comb over style wig
  • one skimmer hat
  • one bow tie
  • one button
  • one arm garter

donald-talking-penRemember to act like him too by saying a few of his favorite phrases. Or you can buy the Donald talking pen that comes with 8 different sayings in Trump’s real voice.

That will really complete your Trump Halloween costume: mask, wig, hat, bow tie, button, arm garter and voice.

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