Donald Trump Mask For Halloween

Donald Trump MaskDressing up as the past, present or future President of the United States for Halloween has always been trendy and fun.

So are you putting on a presidential face mask such as the Donald Trump Halloween mask or the Hillary Clinton face mask to attend your Halloween celebrations?

The loudmouth Trump mask or perhaps the smirking face Trump mask pointing a finger saying ‘You’re fired’ would surely be a hit at the office party.

These presidential Halloween face masks are actually quite funny and hilarious, but not exactly flattering.

Even though these realistic life size Trump Halloween face masks look goofy but sure do bring laughter and fun to every one when they bump into you wearing them.

Match them up with wigs and costumes and enjoy the limelight at your Halloween night party.

So, let’s check out some Donald Trump costume ideas this Halloween – his costume suit and red tie, red cap, the Trump mask and of course, the Donald Trump wig which somehow seems to be a great conversation topic.

Donald Trump Mask And Wig


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You get the choice of the Donald Trump latex face mask, the plastic Trump mask or the cardboard cut out mask with elastic band for a better fit.

You can also get the complete Trump stuff – jacket, red tie, wig and pin set to complete your Trump look.

Love him or hate him, the Donald Trump Halloween mask will bring on the laughs and jokes at any Halloween party or events.

Pair it up with the ‘make America great again Trump cap‘ and you’ll be the mighty star at the party.


Hillarious Donald Trump Political Presidential Costume Full Head Mask, One-Size

Hillarious Donald Trump Political Presidential Costume Full Head Mask, One-SizeThis Trump Halloween mask is made of 100% latex.

A full head mask with Trump’s famous hair style and equally famous facial expression, this would make a great gift for Donald Trump’s ‘You are fired’ fans.

Send this as a Halloween gift to your Trump fans or any friends looking to having a great time during Halloween.

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Donald Trump the Republican Presidential Candidate Deluxe Mask Halloween Costume Accessory

Donald Trump the Republican Presidential Candidate Deluxe Mask Halloween Costume AccessoryThis high quality latex Trump mask comes in 1 size and fits most adults.

Be the star at the party with every one asking for a wefie with you, the Best One!

With this mask, you don’t look angry, well, not so angry, and definitely not yelling like the other mask.

Have fun looking like a billionaire for one scary night ha! ha!

Donald Trump Latex Mask And Wig Set

Vinyl trump mask halloween costume accessoryThis package includes a deluxe latex Trump mask with an elastic band for easy wearing.

Put on a politically correct synthetic wig over the mask for a more authentic Trump look.

Look at him yelling his head off!

With the mask and wig, you’ll certainly be very recognizable at the Halloween party.

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Yelling Trump Mask For Halloween

Donald Trump Mask Adult Halloween AccessoryThis yelling Donald Trump polyfoam mask with transparent eyes looks realistic with the thinning hair and angry look.

It attaches with elastic band.

This Halloween, celebrate as a celebrity couple by going as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and watch out for the fireworks at the party.

Click here for yelling Donald Trump mask

Here’s another yelling trump mask for that authentic angry Trump look.


Smirking Trump Mask

Smirking Trump MaskThis smirking Trump mask measures 16.5”H X 13”L X 1.75”W.

The mask comes with an elastic strap for a comfortable fit.

It only covers the front face and not the back of the head.

So, are you ready to be a smirk face Trump at the office fancy dress party?

Surprised Trump Mask

Surprised Trump MaskThis huge Trump mask measures 17″ H x 11″ W x 1.75″ D.

Made of Ethylene-vinyl acetate and polyester, make all your friends laugh with this surprised Trump mask.

Yes, it’ll be a fun and hilarious costume party with Trump’s toupee about to fly off his head!

Get ready for the laughter and jokes.

Check out surprised Trump mask for your next Halloween party.

Trump Plastic Mask Halloween Costume Accessory

Trump Plastic Mask Halloween Costume AccessoryThis is a one size fits most Trump plastic mask.

You might need to make a cut at the mouth part of the mask for talking purposes.

Pair it up with the Trump wig and a red tie for a more complete Trump look and feel.

Trump Giant Mask Adult Halloween Accessory

Trump Giant Mask Adult Halloween AccessoryThis 16″ H x 13 W” Trump giant mask is made from thick foam board.

It comes with an elastic band as well as 2 soft foam blocks at forehead and chin for a more comfortable wear.

This Donald Trump giant mask will make you stand out from the crowd.

I’m sure this oversized Trump mask will bring you plenty of joy and laughter.

Donald Trump’s Wig

If you find the Halloween face mask too uncomfortable, then you can always go for the outlandish Trump wig and red tie or the ‘Make America great again’ hat.

Wearing the iconic Trump hair style, remember to put a smirk on your face and point your finger at any one in sight.

You can also check out this billionaire’s wig

Donald Trump Costume Straight Synthetic Hair Capless Men Wig

Donald Trump Costume Straight Synthetic Hair Capless Men WigThis Trump synthetic wig comes with a capless construction (open wefts for maximum aeration) with a hair density of 120%.

It comes with adjustable tab as well as ear tabs for a better fit.

Now, you might love this comfortable wig so much that you find yourself wearing it quite often.



Trump Business Man Wig

Trump Business Man WigFeaturing the now famous comb back Trump style blond wig, it comes in a one size fits most adults.

You can easily create the billionaire business man look with this Trump wig.

Put on the Trump mask (buy separately) for a more complete billionaire look.

Donald Trump Wig Costume Blonde Comb Over Wig Hair

Donald Trump Wig Costume Blonde Comb Over Wig HairThe Donald Trump party wig comes with an adjustable elastic strap for a better fit.

Get the exact Trump look with this comb over billionaire party wig.

Remember to act like him too by saying a few of his favorite phrases.

Check out Trump Talking Pen for more of his intriguing utterances.

Here’s a set – Trump talking pen plus a Make America Great Again red cap set.

That will really complete your Trump Halloween costume: mask, wig, hat, bow tie, button, and voice.