30+ Easter Bunny Rabbit Figurine Decorations Indoors And Outdoors

Easter Bunny Rabbit Figurine DecorationsWhen you think of Easter holiday fun, the wide eyes cute Easter bunny and Easter egg hunt comes to mind, especially the chocolate that comes with it.

Indoor and outdoor Easter bunny rabbit figurine decorations set the mood for your Easter party.

The fun and merry laughter, fresh Spring air, Easter basket filled with Easter eggs, candies, chocolates, hopping bunnies – happy Easter party in progress!

Let’s check out some cute and adorable outdoor Easter rabbit garden statues that will have the kids and even the adults staring adoringly at them.

Some of these make lovely table centerpieces for Easter too.

These also make wonderful housewarming gifts for rabbit lovers as well as gardeners.

Adorable rabbit figurines can be put out in your garden the whole year round and not only for Easter.

Easter Bunny Outdoor Decorations

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Outdoor Easter rabbit decorations

If you’re looking for outdoor Easter bunny yard decorations, then think of the endearing rabbit figurines with such sweet expressions.

Put the small bunnies in your potted plants, line them on your walkway, in the bushes and among the flowers or stand them outside your front door to welcome guests.

Not only the kids but the bunnies seem to be having so much fun!

Cute and life-like collectible bunny figurines make wonderful gifts too.

Large outdoor rabbit garden statues or sculptures with great details and colors look impressive.

The garden hare statue will always be popular during Easter celebrations.

Bunny shaped garden stepping stones add a cute charming touch to your garden decor.

Some of these beautiful outdoor bunnies can be placed indoors too.

Bunny Welcome Sign

Bunny Bunch Welcome Sign Statue

Bunny Bunch Welcome Sign Statue is made of high quality resin and each piece is individually hand painted.

The welcome rabbit sign measures 10½”W x 4½”D x 9½”H and weighs 2 lbs.

2 happy hares to welcome your guests – what a delightful welcome sign indeed!

This bunny welcome sign makes a lovely housewarming gift too.

Zen Rabbit Garden Figurine/Statue

Let there be peace, harmony and calmness in your garden with these meditative garden bunny statues or sculptures.

It’s a great place to be in when feeling stressed out with work, yes, such positive vibes from the zen rabbits.

Meditating Rabbit Statue

The meditative rabbit statue measures 11½”L x 7″W x 14¼”H.

Cast in resin, this yoga bunny or yoga hare would make a lovely gift for yoga lovers or those who love to meditate.

Relaxing Rabbit Sculpture

Such a relaxing rabbit sculpture! Such an inspiration to relax!

Crafted from resin, it is designed with the look of hand crafted wood.

It measures 14½”L x 7¼”W x 10″H.

Angel on Bunny Statue

A sweet angel, a sleeping rabbit – The angel watching over the sleeping bunny figurine evokes such pleasant memories.

Angel on Bunny Statue measures 10¾”L x 7″W x 10¼”H.

Standing/Lying Down Rabbit Figurine

Bashful and Hopper Garden Bunnies Collection Set of Two


Lying Down Garden Rabbit Statue – Bashful The Bunny

The realistically detailed lying down rabbit – Bashful The Bunny – from its long bunny ears to its little furry tail is hand painted and is hand-cast using real crushed stone bonded with high quality designer resin.

Bashful bunny measures 5″W x 10″D x 7″H and weighs 1 lb.

Standing Garden Rabbit Statue – Hopper The Bunny

Hand-cast using real crushed stone bonded with high quality designer resin and then hand painted by artisans.

The Hopper bunny measures 6″W x 6″D x 11″H and weighs 2 lbs.

A bunny that never hops away – now, that’s very nice indeed!

You can get them individually or as a set of 2

Heirloom Bunny Rabbit Cast Iron Statue

Heirloom Bunny Rabbit Cast Iron StatueThis instant heirloom bunny rabbit is cast in the traditional English manner.

Line a few of these heirloom rabbits along your garden path for a bit of nostalgic charm.

This beautiful hand painted cast iron heirloom rabbit statue measures 13″ W x 7½” D x 7½” H.


Standing Rabbit Statue/Figurine

Standing Rabbit Garden Statue


Made of weather resistant resin and hand painted to such realistic details, the Standing Rabbit Garden Statue measures 5¼”L x 5½”W x 11¾”H.

Whether perched on your front porch to welcome your guests or hanging around in your garden, the standing bunny is truly adorable and charming.

Eggsy the Painter of Holiday Eggs Easter Bunny Statue

Eggsy the Painter of Holiday Eggs Easter Bunny Garden Statue is cast in quality designer resin and hand-painted in pastel colors.

Holding a large Easter egg in one hand and a paint brush in the other, the almost 2′ tall Easter rabbit is ready to help get ready your eggs for the Easter holiday.

The bunny measures  9″W x 8″D x 23″H and weighs 6 lbs.

Carotene the Bunny Rabbit Garden Statue

Carrots and rabbit figurine makes a great addition to your carrot patch, or is it?

Well, the Carotene Bunny Rabbit Garden Statue will definitely love the carrot patch in your back yard.

The adorable rabbit eating carrot figurine measures 6½”W x 6″D x 12½”H and weighs 3 lbs.

Ezekiel Rabbit, the Yokes on Him Easter Bunny Statue

Ezekiel Rabbit, the Yokes on Him Easter Bunny Statue – the adorable Easter bunny is asking you to fill up his 2 removable buckets with candies.

Cast in quality designer resin and hand-painted then topped with festive glitter, this Easter hare with his buckets of candies would surely be a great hit with the kids.

19 inch Spring Sisal Standing Bunny Rabbit Figure with Carrot

Dressed in a beige and green plaid linen shirt with solid green matching pants, this sisal (a natural fibrous and durable material) rabbit is holding a large juicy carrot.

The standing rabbit with carrot measures 19″H x 8.5″W x 6″D.

Standing Rabbit Statue Figurine

Standing rabbit statue figurine measures 8.66″ L x 5.91″ W x 21.65″ H.

It is made of resin with a distressed white finish.

Put it among your colorful flowers and watch it smelling them.

The Carrot Caper Swinging Bunny Rabbit Statue

The carrot caper swinging bunny rabbit statue seems to be enjoying itself swinging away with the big carrot.

The statue is cast in quality designer resin.

Add a dash of festive whimsical touch to your garden, hang it up on a tree and watch the adorable rabbit swinging joyfully.

The adorable bunny statue measures 6½” W x 6″ D x 15½” H.

Easter Bunny 2-Piece Cement Statue Planter Set

This comes in a set of 2 (1 each of the different shapes).

These rabbit planters are made of concrete.

The large one measures 6″ H x 6″ W x 5″ D and the smaller one measures 6″ H x 5″ W x 5.75″ D.

Rabbit Family Figurines

Elmer and Edwina Easter Bunny Holiday Decorations

Elmer and Edwina Easter Bunny Holiday Decorations

Standing at slightly above 2′ tall, these 2 Easter bunnies statues are cast in quality designer resin and hand-painted in full colors for Easter celebrations.

Edwina measures 7½”W x 8″D x 28″H and weighs 8 lbs.

Elmer measures 8″W x 9″D x 28½”H and weighs 9 lbs.

You can buy them separately or together as a set.

Mama and Baby Bunny Sculpture

Such motherly love, such sweetness, the Mama and Baby Bunny Sculpture makes a lovely gift for new moms.

Mother and baby rabbit figurine measures 10¾”L x 6½”W x 4¼”H.

The rabbit sculpture is made of weather resistant resin.

Mama Bunny with Baby on Swing Figurine

Cast in weather-resistant resin, Mama Bunny with Baby on Swing Figurine is such a delightful and happy garden scene.

Swing is suspended by natural twine.

This heart-warming mama and baby bunny sculpture makes a lovely indoor display item too.

Mama and Climbing Bunnies Wall Sculpture

The little bunnies look so cute!

Mama and Climbing Bunnies Wall Sculpture are sculpted as three individual rabbits that link together.

These cute rabbit sculptures (6″L x 4″W x 6″H) are cast in weather-resistant resin.

Bunny Friends Garden Statue Figurine or Shelf Sitter

These bunny friends seem to be having a good time in your garden.

Measuring 9 1/4″L x 3″W x 6 3/4″H, these bunnies are made of resin.

Hand painted with realistic details, these adorable and cute bunny friends would be much loved indeed.


Kissing Rabbits Garden Sculpture - Parent Child Bunny Yard Decor

Here’s another super adorable adult bunny and baby bunny garden statue – kissing rabbits garden sculpture.

This charming rabbit sculpture caught in such a loving moment, is made of cast resin with a textured, weathered finish.

It measure 4.5″ L x 12″ W x 14″ H and weighs 7.92 pounds.

Helping Hands Bunny Rabbit Friends Statue

Looks like the little rabbit needs a bit of help.

Smile as your little one tries to lend a helping hand to this whimsical rabbit garden statue.

The Helping Hands Bunny Rabbit Friends Statue measures W 18″ x D 3″ x H 10.5″.

It is made of aluminum and weighs 3.75 lb.

Bunny Hop Lane Mother and Father Rabbit Statues Set of Two

This set of 2 includes the adorable bunny couple – papa and mama rabbit statues.

These are made of quality designer resin, fully hand-painted with superior detail from adorable bunny eyes to baby chicks at their feet!

You can also buy them separately.

Mama rabbit measures 7″W x 5″D x 12″H and weighs 2 lbs.

Papa rabbit measures 7″W x 5″D x 12″H and weighs 2 lbs.

This adorable bunny couple will certainly make a lovely addition to your Easter yard decorations.

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Stacked Bunnies Resin Sculpture

3 cute playful smiling rabbits having fun – Stacked Bunnies Resin Sculpture

These playful bunnies are made of weather resistant resin and measures 12¼”L x 8″W x 17¾”H.

Here’s another group of playful bunched bunnies statues.

The Bunny Den, Garden Rabbit Statues

The Bunny Den, Garden Rabbit Statues are available as a set of 3 or 6.

Each bunny measures 3″W x 4½”D x 5″H and weighs 1lb.

A family of cute little bunnies running around in the garden sounds a fun idea not only during Easter but throughout the year.

The Carrot Crew Rabbit Statue

The Carrot Crew: Rabbit Statue adds fun and cheer to your lawn and yard.

You can feel the happiness and fun the 2 whimsical bunny rabbits statues are having in your garden. You just have to laugh together with them, so much fun and so much joy.

The little kids might even give them a hand in pulling out the carrot.



Big Burly Bunnies Rabbit Statues

Big Burly Bunnies Rabbit Statues are cast in quality designer resin with a smart faux stone finish.

Standing at over 2′ tall, these wild hares statues would look great among your shrubs and flowers.

Set of 6 Country Rustic Springtime Bunny Rabbit Garden Statues 9 inch

This is a set of 6 country rustic springtime bunny rabbit garden statues.

You get 3 rustic rabbits looking straight and 3 rabbits looking to the side.

The rabbits come with a white distressed finish for a rustic look.

Each rabbit measures 9 inches high by 3 inches wide by 2.5 inches deep.

Rabbit With Lantern Figurine

Rabbit with Solar Lantern Garden Sculpture

This friendly Rabbit with Solar Lantern Garden Sculpture stands at 16″ tall.

This lighted rabbit garden sculpture is made of weather resistant resin.

Fun and charming, add a realistically detailed rabbit sculpture with solar lantern to light up your front patio at night.

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Playful Indoor Easter Bunnies Figurines – Easter Bunny Rabbit Figurine Decorations

Sweet and adorable, these cute playful bunnies sure do remind you of the joy of Spring.

They are a delight to watch and a great way to spread festive cheer and laughter.

Playful Bunny Figurines

Playful Bunny Figurines

2 bunnies enjoying themselves playing with a scooter and a hoola hoop is indeed a delightful scene.

Made from cold cast ceramic and metal, the colorful playful rabbits come with intricate details.

They measure 4-1/4″W x 5″D x 7-7/8″H.

Easter Bunny Figurines

Easter Bunny Figurines

This set of 3 cracked Easter eggs with bunnies would make a great tabletop decor for Easter.

The colorful green, blue and pink eggs come with wordings reminding you of Easter and chocolates.

The cracked egg bunny figurines are made of cold cast ceramic and measure 2″W x 1-3/4″D x 3″H.

Pack of 2 Playful Springtime Bunny on a Scooter with “Spring is Here!” on Broken Easter Egg

Pack of 2 Playful Springtime Bunny on a Scooter

Cute baby bunny riding on a scooter carrying a broken egg with the words “Spring Is Here”.

The package includes 2 of this figurine.

The overall height is 7.5″.

Bunny With Easter Basket

Bunny with Easter Basket

This beautiful collectible porcelain Easter bunny is hand painted and comes in a gift box.

It stands at a height of 3.75″ and has a width of 1.9″.

It has a weight of 0.3 lbs.

Country Bunnies

These country bunnies are made of foam, polyester and cotton.

Each bunny has a 4.25″ diameter and stands at a height of 18″.

Over 3-Ft. Tall Bunny Friends

These over 3′ tall Bunny friends give out such a cheerful feel – Spring is here!

Each bunny measures 8-1/4″W x 6-3/4″D x 41″H.

These rabbits are made of polyfoam, polyester and sand.

They are sold separately.

Easter Bunny Rabbit Figurine