20+ Easter Wreath Ideas – Colorful, Fun And Festive

Fun Easter Wreath IdeasHanging up the Easter wreath adds a dash of cheerful springtime color to your festive decorations.

The spring wreath with cute bunny, eggs and assorted flowers make a lovely colorful Easter decoration for the front door, walls, windows or covered outdoors.

You can also hang it on your mantle for some Easter cheer.

Some of these Easter wreaths accented with deco mesh, ribbon, flowers, butterflies look so beautiful.

The bunny wreath, Easter egg wreath and the Easter carrot wreath are fun, whimsical and cute.

The farmhouse rustic grapevine wreaths bring back nostalgic memories of the countryside.

What a lovely way to greet your visitors with these lovely Easter wreaths for front door.

They sure do remind me of the vibrant joyful colors of Spring.

Easter Egg Wreaths For Front Door


These Easter egg wreaths come decorated with colorful eggs and beautiful flowers.

If tulips are your favorite flowers, then you’ll love the Easter eggs and tulips wreath.

The eggs and hydrangeas wreath look lovely too.

Do check these out if you’re thinking of getting a front door wreath for Easter.

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Colorful Foam Easter Egg Wreath 18 Inches

Colorful Foam Easter Egg Wreath 18 InchesThis colorful Easter egg wreath is made of foam and plastic.

Measuring 18″ in diameter, it’s covered with speckled foam eggs and spring flowers.

10” Grapevine Easter Egg Wreath

10 inch Grapevine Easter Egg WreathThis 10″ grapevine Easter egg wreath measures 10″ from side to side and 3″ from top to bottom.

Pastel, pink, purple and white Easter Eggs make this a lovely Spring grapevine wreath for Easter.

Easter Wreath

Easter Eggs WreathThis fun and colorful Easter wreath has an 18″ diameter.

Look at all those beautiful speckled eggs in a colorful pastel palette of yellow, blue, purple, and pink.

Each egg is separated by a colorful ribbon, reaching to the inside and outside of the wreath. A smattering of colorful bobbles hang off of the ring.

Foam Multicolor Easter Rosette Egg Wreath

Foam Multicolor Easter Rosette Egg WreathThis rosette egg wreath is made of foam.

18″ Easter Egg Wreath

18 inch Easter Egg WreathFun and colorful, this Easter egg wreath features colorful assorted pastel color eggs with a stipple finish.

The wreath is made up of a soft coil of wood vines holding leafy flower blooms and berry clusters all on a woven branch base.

18″ Garden Accents Easter Egg Wreath

18 inch Garden Accents Easter Egg WreathThis lovely Easter twig wreath comes decorated with realistic looking eggs, flowers and dried vines.

It is made of polyester, polyfoam, and natural vine.

24″ Garden Accents Easter Wreath

24 inch Garden Accents Easter WreathThis 24″ diameter Easter wreath with swirled stems and vines comes trimmed with colorful flowers, pastel eggs, curly striped sprigs and gumball tips.

Artificial 18″ Easter Eggs Wreath

Artificial 18 inch Easter Eggs Wreath
This rustic eggs wreath includes assorted pastel color eggs and berry clusters trimmed with a swirling assortment of small colorful flowers and green leaves on a contrasting dark woven wood base.

24 Inch Easter Egg Wreath

Easter Egg Wreath, 24 inchThis beautiful wreath features purple and pink flowers, berry clusters, pastel painted and stippled Easter eggs nestled in a swirl of branch tips and stems.

Hang up this beautiful wreath to bring in the Easter cheer with these bright colorful eggs and flowers.

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20 inch Easter Eggs And Tulips Wreath

20 inch Easter Eggs and Tulips Wreath

This spring wreath includes an assorted colorful flowers, tulips, green leaves and eggs.

Cheerful and full of colors, hang up this Easter tulip wreath to welcome Easter and spring.

18″ Easter Eggs and Hydrangeas Wreath

18 inch Easter Eggs and Hydrangeas Wreath

Made of plastic, you get a mixture of hydrangeas, assorted colorful flowers and eggs in the colors of blue, green and yellow.

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Handmade Easter Eggs Wreath

Handmade Easter Eggs Wreath

Made of natural grass and straw, this handmade 12″ Easter eggs wreath gives out a joyful rustic ambiance to your holiday decor.

11″ Easter Burlap Wreath

Easter Burlap Wreath

This Easter burlap wreath comes with earth tone color foam eggs and jute string for hanging.

It measures 11″ H x 11″ W x 3″ D.

15″ Easter and Springtime Speckled Tan Eggs with Moss Wreath

Easter and Springtime Speckled Tan Eggs with Moss Wreath

This 15″ Easter eggs moss wreath comes adorned with many speckled tan colored eggs.

It is made of brown twigs and green moss.

What a lovely way to remind you of nature and springtime – warm eggs in a nest.

Purple Majesty Egg Cross

Purple Majesty Egg Cross

The purple eggs cross is decorated with fabric-covered eggs in a variety of purple hues, plus faux leaves and vines.

The cross wreath measures 11″ wide x 3″ long x 16″ tall.

Easter Bunny Wreaths For Front Door

You can get the decorated bunny wreath or just the plain bunny shaped diy grapevine wreath to add your own decorations.

Cottontail Bunny Wreath

Cottontail Bunny Wreath

Its ears are made of natural burlap with soft pink interiors, and it has a burlap bow tied around its neck.

The bunny’s body is made out of life-like boxwood greenery.

Its cottontail is a white hydrangea-like flower.

The cottontail bunny wreath measures 12″W x 2-1/2″D x 22-1/2″H.

You can also get it at Walmart

Easter Bunny Shaped Wreath with Eggs & Satin Ribbon Bow

Easter Bunny Shaped Wreath with Eggs and Satin Ribbon BowUsing a woven branch as a base, the bunny wreath features a soft coil of wood vines holding leafy flower blooms and berry clusters.

A lovely satin bow adds to the joy of this lovely bunny grapevine wreath.

Among the flowers and vines are assorted pastel color eggs with a stipple finish.

It measures 11.00 x 2.30 x 24.50 inches.

Bunny-Shaped Grapevine Twig Wreath with Satin Ribbon, 8” Wide x 16” High

Bunny-Shaped Grapevine Twig Wreath with Satin Ribbon, 8” Wide x 16” High

You get a bunny that is crafted from grapevine.

This bunny grapevine twig wreath comes adorned with pastel Styrofoam berries, faux floral accents and a sweet satin bow.

Wreath measures 8 inches wide x 16 inches high.

22″ Yellow Easter Bright Rustic Sisal Bunny Wreath

22 inch Yellow Easter Bright Rustic Sisal Bunny WreathThis bright rustic sisal bunny wreath is made of wood.

Cute bunny and beautiful colorful flowers – what a bright and cheerful way to welcome Easter and spring.

Perfect for rustic farmhouse themed decorations too.

24″ Bunny Wreath with Eggs and Top Hat

24 inch Bunny Wreath with Eggs and Top HatThis bunny wreath with eggs and top hat measures 24″ H x 12″ W x 3.5″ D.

It is made of burlap, plastic speckled eggs and sisal body.

Vintage Easter Wreath Wood Bunny Chicks Flower

Easter VINTAGE EASTER WREATH Wood Bunny Chicks Flowers The vintage Easter wreath measures 14.75 in H x 14 in W x .25 in D.

The kids will surely love this adorable bunny wreath.

20.5″ Easter Bunny Wreath

Easter Bunny Wreath

This natural twig bunny wreath comes with whimsical bunny ears made of natural twig and filled in with faux iris leaves.

It is adorned with faux foliage, natural raffia fringe, and playful colored eggs of assorted sizes in gold metallic, blue metallic, ivory speckled, brown speckled, and blue speckled hues.

Easter Egg Wreath, Purple

Easter Egg Wreath, PurpleThis charming bunny purple Easter egg wreath features an adorable cut out wooden bunny in the center of the wreath.

The bunny is surrounded with pastel speckled purple, peach, silver and white eggs.

The grapevine wreath comes with artificial grass and flowers woven throughout the eggs for a touch of green.

Easter Bunny Egg Basket Wreath

Easter Bunny Egg Basket Wreath Decoration

Made of polyester and plastic, this Easter bunny brown basket wreath features a basket filled with colorful speckled eggs, a white bunny and green leaves of spring.

Easter Bunny Wreath 17″ x 21″

Easter Bunny Shaped WreathThe adorable moss covered twig shaped rabbit is sitting among a soft pastel arrangement of flowers, leaves, and eggs.

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Hydrangea Bunny Wreath

Hydrangea Bunny Plastic Wreath

This bright and colorful hydrangea Easter bunny wreath measures 24″ from top to bottom.

The rustic wreath measures 10″ when measured from side to side.

20″ Egg/Floral and Bunny Oval Wreath Foam Blue, Green

20 inch Egg Floral and Bunny Oval Wreath Foam Blue, Green

This cute bunny is surrounded by colorful eggs and pretty flowers.

The bunny oval wreath measures 20″ x 16″.

Easter Carrot Wreath

Rattan Handmade Easter Carrot Door Wreath


This handmade carrot wreath is made of natural rattan and foam.

It measures 11.8″ in height and has a 13.7″ diameter.

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Bunny Carrots Easter Wreath

Easter Bunny Wreath

This bunny carrots wreath measures 18.5″ x 18″.

It is made with weatherproof fabric, utilizing embroidery and applique stitching.

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Rabbit Wreath Hanger for Easter Party Door Decor

Rabbit Wreath Hanger for Easter Party Door Decor

This 6″ x 6″ bunny wreath features a smiling bunny holding an Easter egg.

You have the option of choosing the smiling bunny holding a carrot instead.

Regency Easter Bunny Wreath and Stand Set

Regency Easter Bunny Wreath and Stand Set

This is a 14″ wreath accented with rope carrots and a fun little sisal bunny in the center.

An adjustable antique white metal wreath stand is also included in the bunny wreath set.

Easter Berry Wreath

20″ Easter Berry Wreath

20 inch Easter Berry Wreath

The base is made of twigs and wire, the leaves are made of fabric and the berries are plastic.

Check out this Easter berry wreath that is also about celebrating Spring.

22″ Easter Egg And Berry Wreath

Easter Eggs and Berry Wreath

This foam and plastic wreath features eggs, berries and flowers in soft and cheerful pastel colors.

You get sprigs of white flowers, pastel faux berries, and matching eggs with a plastic twig base.

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