Easy Funny Halloween Costume Ideas

Funny Halloween Costume IdeasHalloween costumes are not all scary stuff. They can be fun, cute and adorable minus all the gory gruesome features.

Are you looking for easy funny Halloween costume ideas?

You can have a good laugh at the fun Halloween costumes for adults.

They are hilarious.

Meant to be easy and fun to wear, these hilarious Halloween costumes would ensure that you’ll be a hit at the Halloween party.

You’ll certainly get noticed wearing the funny Halloween costume.

You’ve got to check out these funny Halloween costumes for adults. You’ll love them!

Show your fun and cheerful side with a fun party costume instead of the gory stuff.

Bring on the giggles and waves of laughter, be the life of the party with these hilarious costumes.

Fun Halloween Costumes For Couples

Couples can add a dash of humor to Halloween night with funny unique Halloween costumes that are meant to be in a pair.

Both of you would certainly stand out as a pair of cute hilarious characters at the Halloween party.

These fun couples costumes are simple and easy to wear. It is not necessary to put on mask or face paint like the zombies.

Now, everyone knows you’re a couple, a fun-loving couple.

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Bacon and Eggs Couples Costume

Bacon and Eggs Couples Adult Halloween CostumeThe classic American breakfast of bacon and eggs set is a shining example of an inseparable pair.

Well, these 2 make a great hilarious couples costume for Halloween.

Made of 100% polyester, the bacon and egg Halloween costume for couples comes as 2 separate tunics packaged together.

The slice of bacon tunic and fried egg tunic are 2 separated costumes.

You are supposed to wear them over your clothes and this is especially great when the weather is cold.

It is very comfortable as well as easy to put on or take off. You just slip it on and tie it tightly at the back.

It is great for pregnant women too.

It is a foam tunic covered with shiny polyester with the egg or bacon design in the front part only.

The bacon tunic measures 43″ length and 23″ width.

The egg tunic measures 32″ length and 27″ width.

It is meant to be hand washed only.

One customer commented that she hung the creased costume in the bathroom while taking a hot shower.

The resulting steam smoothens the creases. You can try steam ironing it to remove the wrinkles.

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Bacon and Eggs Unisex Adult Halloween Costume
Bacon and Eggs Unisex Adult Halloween Costume

Adult Bacon and Eggs Costume Set
Adult Bacon and Eggs Costume Set

Breakfast Costumes Trio Set - Bacon, Eggs, and Pancakes
Breakfast Costumes Trio Set – Bacon, Eggs, and Pancakes

Peanut Butter and Jelly Adult Couple Halloween Costume

Peanut Butter and Jelly Adult Couple Halloween CostumeA fun Halloween costume for couples, this life size peanut butter and jelly sandwich costume is sold as a pair.

These are 2 separate costumes.

Made of polyester cotton blend, the package includes a foam peanut butter on bread tunic and a foam jelly on bread tunic.

You have to get your own shirt, pants and shoes.

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Adult Soap and Loofah Couples Costume

Adult Soap and Loofah Couples CostumeMade of 100% polyester, the soap and loofah costume set

includes the soap tunic for him, loofah dress for her, 10 balloons playing the role of soap bubbles and 10 adhesive squares.

You have to get your own shoes, shirt, pants and the toy duck.

Now, time to go and have a very splashing good time at the office fancy dress party.


Adult Wine and Cheese Couples Costume

Adult Wine and Cheese Couples CostumeBe the inseparable pair – be seen together wearing the wine and cheese couples costume.

He is wearing the foam wine bottle shaped, foam tunic and she is in the cheese wedge shaped foam tunic holding a fake oversized knife.

Foam knife is included together with the 2 foam tunics.

Pants, undershirts and footwear are not included.

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Adult Cheese And Cracker Couple Costume

Adult Cheese And Cracker Couples CostumeCheese and crackers made a perfect combination.

What a good way to announce that you two are the perfect combination – cheese and crackers.

The 2-piece couples costume set includes a Swiss cheese wedge tunic and a saltine cracker tunic.

The costume is made of polyester and polyurethane foam.

The costume set is available in standard one size fitting individuals up 6’/200 lbs or up to dress size 14.

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Funny Halloween Costume Ideas For Men And Women

Just like kids, adult men and women love to play and have fun too.

Can you imagine yourself wearing a white baby romper and holding a baby rattle?

Has anyone ever said to you to stop acting like a baby? Well, you can certainly act like one now without feeling guilty.

Halloween is the best time to have a great time acting like a big baby.

These funny men’s and women’s Halloween costumes would bring the fun and laughter to any party.

These are unisex costumes and look hilarious on both men and women.

Check out these funny Halloween costume ideas and have a great laugh this Halloween.

Adult Cry Baby Bodysuit Costume

California Costumes Adult Cry Baby Bodysuit Funny CostumeThis fun couples costume is made of 100% polyester. The complete costume includes a bodysuit with attached hoop and diaper, bib and bonnet.

The Cry Baby costume is in the form of a hooped body suit with an attached diaper. Wear your bonnet and bib for the cute adorable baby look.

What a big baby! Both adults and little kids will love you.

You can dress up further with baby stuff such as toys, milk bottles or a giant baby pacifier. These have to be bought separately.

The costume comes in 1 standard size with the Chest: 44″, Waist: 46″, Height: 70″.

It is meant to be hand wash in cold water with no bleaching.

The package consists of 1 costume only and can be worn by male or female. Grownups wearing this is certainly hilarious.

It is very roomy and you can wear warm clothing underneath without affecting the shape of the costume.

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Adult Avocado On Toast Costume

Adult Avocado on Toast CostumeWearing a food costume is a great way to share the food you love.

You love avocado and you love toast – a winning combination.

Avocado on toast costume includes tunic with toast, avocados, and toast fairy dust for added flair.

If you’re going as a couple, then your other half can go in his avocado costume too.

50S Class NERD Costume

50S CLASS NERD COSTUMEHalloween is a great time to be the class nerd.

You’ll get many admirers and everyone wants a wefie with you.

Be the smart and handsome 50s class nerd with this one piece jumpsuit with attached plaid pants and a white top.

A matching bow tie and a brown belt are also included.

You and your wife/girlfriend can even go as a pair of nerds.

Check out the naughty nerd costume for her if you’re game for some sexy fun.

Check out the nerd accessory kit which includes :

  • Black frame glasses with tape between the eyes
  • Red plaid bow tie
  • Checkered suspenders with metal clasps

Or just get the hilarious adult nerd funny mask instead.

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More Hilarious Nerd Costumes For Adults

Sexy Curvaceous School Nerd Costume
Sexy Curvaceous School Nerd Costume

Mens Nerdy Nerd Costume
Mens Nerdy Nerd Costume

50s Nerds Adult Halloween Costume
50’s Nerds Adult Halloween Costume



Fried Egg Adult Halloween Costume – One Size

Fried Egg Adult Halloween Costume - One SizeFancy being a fried egg or perhaps you love fried eggs?

Let everyone knows about your love for fried eggs by wearing this fried egg Halloween costume to your office party.

Made of poly-cotton blend, the costume includes a one-piece tunic with a hole for your head.

The blouse and tights are not included.

You might just meet your Mr Right, the bacon man.


More fried egg costumes

Unisex Adult Flat-Fried Egg Costume
Unisex Adult Flat-Fried Egg Costume

Deviled Egg Adult Costume
Deviled Egg Adult Costume

Eggcellent Fried Egg Halloween Costume
Eggcellent Fried Egg Halloween Costume

40 inch Yellow and White Egg Unisex Adult Halloween Costume - One Size
40″ Yellow and White Egg Unisex Adult Halloween Costume – One Size

Adult Mommy’s Boy Costume

Adult Mommy'S Boy CostumeNow’s your chance to behave like acute or spoilt little baby and everyone will be delighted with you.

You’re a big baby clinging to your mummy dearest – hilarious and outrageous!

The whole costume includes a special double dress-and-pajama-suit complete with a baby bonnet, scarf, inflatable legs, inflatable torso and an old lady mask.

Check price for adult mommy’s boy costume

Check price for adult momma’s boy inflatable baby costume

There are quite a few choices of adult baby Halloween costumes.

Here’s one where the baby seems to be carrying an adult. Check out this ride a baby adult costume

More Adult Big Baby Costume

Adult Daddys Girl Inflatable Baby Costume
Adult Daddy’s Girl Inflatable Baby Costume

Baby Girl Adult Halloween Costume
Baby Girl Adult Halloween Costume

Adult Costume Blue Baby Boomer
Adult Costume Blue Baby Boomer

Adult Costume Baby Kit, Pink
Adult Costume Baby Kit, Pink

Baby Boy Adult Costume
Baby Boy Adult Costume

Adult Baby Prez Inflatable Costume
Adult Baby Prez Inflatable Costume

Adult Big Baby Costume Costume

Oh My! Look at this big crying baby!

Don’t cry my sweet little baby, mummy is nearby.

You’ll definitely be getting the attention of all the moms and dads at the Halloween party.

The cry baby costume includes an oversized crying face, hat with see through eyes, shirt and matching pants.

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Adult Inflatable Costume for Halloween – Ballet Dancer

Adult Inflatable Costume for Halloween - Ballet DancerGet all the attention with this inflatable ballet dancer Halloween costume.

You’re cute, adorable, sweet and funny!

Just remember to stand on tip toes and do a few spins every now and then.

This hilarious adult ballet dancer costume is powered by battery operated fan blower.

4 AA batteries (not included) are required.

The package includes a ballet dancer costume, a fan blower and a battery box.

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Wrestler Inflatable Halloween Costume

Wrestler Inflatable Halloween CostumeThis funny wrestler costume package includes 1 inflatable costume with built-in fan, 1 air pump and 1 battery box.

It is made of waterproof polyester.

Batteries (4 AA batteries) are not included.

Beauty is a Beast Men’s Costume

Beauty is a Beast Men's CostumeThis Beauty is a beast costume for men will have everyone in stitches.

The beautiful beast costume includes the beautiful dress and headband.

The handsome beast has taken on a whole new meaning with this gorgeous costume!

Check out this costume if you’ll like to be a gorgeous beast of a man this Halloween.

Funny Costumes

Tooth Fairy Adult Men Costume

Tooth Fairy Adult CostumeThis hilarious adult men tooth fairy costume includes  an imprinted tooth tank top, shorts, tutu, headpiece and wings.

The shoes, cigar and pliers shown in the image are NOT included.

Arm yourself with a rusty pair of pliers and be the most popular tooth fairy in Halloween town.

You’ll certainly have plenty of fun at the Halloween party.

Check it out

You can also get it in Walmart

Adult Tacky Unisex Tourist Costume

Adult Tacky Tourist CostumeThis adult tacky tourist costume includes one-piece jumpsuit with aloha shirt top, Bermuda shorts with wire hoop waist.

Put on your straw hat, a thick slab of sunscreen and sandals (all not included) to complete your funny tourist look.

It is made of polycotton.

You’ll certainly be a great hit at the party, what with your hilarious costume and equally hilarious holiday tales that you’ll be telling.

The tacky tourist costume looks really comfortable especially when you feasting on the delicious food.

The price is for 1 costume only.

Here is another tacky adult tourist costume with white t shirt.

Adult Mugman Costume

Adult Mugman Costume

The officially licensed mugman costume comes with jumpsuit, mask and a pair of gloves.
The 100% polyester 1 piece jumpsuit has a black long sleeve top and a bottom that is designed to look like a pair of blue shorts. There are hook and loop closures down the back.

The oversized polyester gloves have 3 fingers and a big thumb design.

The felt mask covers the whole head and comes with mesh eye holes.

You can get it in small, medium, large and XL sizes.

Pizza Slice Adult Halloween Costume

Pizza Slice Adult Halloween CostumeA slice of pepperoni and mushroom pizza costume made of polyester and foam, it comes with tie straps at the back for a tight fit.

The pizza image is only in the front part of the costume. It comes in standard size and is suitable for both men and women.

It is very easy to wear. Slip it over your head and tie the straps at the back, it is truly a fuss free Halloween costume.

You’ll have kids following you around for a taste of your delicious mouth watering  pizza.

Click here for Pizza slice adult fun costume

Click here for a different pizza slice costume

Sneakers Adult Halloween Costume

This fun sneakers Halloween costume is made of 100% polyester and comes with a pull on closure.

Featuring a full lace-up sneaker tunic, the design features both the front and back of the shoe.

The price is just for 1 costume.

Buy 2 and go as a couple – a pair of sneakers costume.

Funny Granny Women’s Costume

Funny Granny Womens CostumeGranny is indeed a fun person who loves to pamper you.

Every one would be delighted to see granny at the party.

Granny’s costume includes the bright colored flowery dress, a pink babushka, and padding for the bust and rear.

Add your own (buy separately) curlers, glasses or slippers for a more authentic granny look.

You can also get it at Walmart

Lighted Adult Stick Man Costume

Men Light Up Stick Figure Bodysuit CostumeThe glowing light up stick figure costume needs 2 AA batteries (not included) for the glow to work.

The light up component has 3 settings. You can choose your glow to be static, pulse or rapid disco techy flash.

The hooded poly spandex bodysuit has your face fully covered for a more dramatic effect.

Check price at Walmart

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Inflatable Halloween Costumes Blow Up Sumo Suit for Adult
Inflatable Halloween Costumes Blow Up Sumo Suit for Adult

Adult Beef Taco Costume
Adult Beef Taco Costume

Inflatable Hippo Costume For Adults
Inflatable Hippo Costume For Adults

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