Scary Halloween Black Cat Prop Ideas

Scary Halloween Black Cat Prop IdeasThe scary Halloween black cat is a symbol of spookiness and believe to be the evil witches in disguise, especially the black cat with green shining eyes.

If you do not have a real black cat, you can always get the evil Halloween black cat to complete your spooky festive decorations.

A spooky black cat with hauntingly resentful eyes is not something you’ll want to meet on a dark eerie night.

Spooky Black Cat For Halloween

Set the ambiance for Halloween with the black skeleton cat, the ghost cat, the zombie cat, the silhouette black cat or the fluffy black cat for some horror fun.

Crazy Bonez Black Skeleton Cat

Crazy Bonez Black Skeleton CatMade from durable all-weather plastic, this 14″ tall black skeleton cat comes with a head and jaws that can move.

You can also bend its tail.

This all black skeleton cat is a great addition to your Halloween party decor with its menacing good looks.

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17″ Tall 3-D Black Iridescent Scared Cat for Halloween

17inch Tall 3D Black Iridescent Scared Cat for HalloweenThis is a glittering cat with black iridescent poly tinsel covering its sturdy ABS frame arched body and comes with black and yellow eyes.

Looking more scared than scary with its white whiskers and tail raised high, it is looking for friends to play with.

It stands at  height of 17″ (to the tip of its tail), measures about 4″ wide and weighs about 8 ounces.

It is made of flame retardant material and is tarnish resistance.

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Black Cats Halloween Lawn Decoration, 3-Pack

Black Cats Halloween Lawn Decoration, 3-PackThese 3 realistic black cat silhouettes are made from 1/4″ PVC material.

You can attach them to your fence or other Halloween decoration items such as tombstones for a scarier ambiance.

Remember, the black cat is the evil witch in disguise on Halloween night.

A black cat silhouette is always scary when view in dim lighting.

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Cat’s Meow – Diva – Decorative Black Metal Cat Silhouette by Artori Design

Cat's Meow - Diva - Decorative Black Metal Cat Silhouette by Artori DesignThese beautiful black cat silhouettes come in 5 designs and would look lovely on your shelves or mantle.

Get all 5 cat shapes of Diva, Churchill, Oscar, Sherlock and Princess for a lovely arrangement on your mantel or just get one model to fit into your spooky decor.

These are made of metal and can be easily glued onto any smooth surfaces using double sided 3M tape that comes with each cat figurine.

The single cat silhouette measures 6.3″ L x 1.02″ W x 9.45″ H.

The different models cost slightly different prices.

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Gemmy Imports Halloween Airblown Black Cat

Gemmy Imports Halloween Airblown CatMade of weather resistant nylon, this Halloween air blown cat has a head that can move from side to side.

Lights inside the head and body glow when the cat moves its head.

The airblown inflatable black cat measures 6′ L and 4.25′ H when fully inflated.

A built-in heavy duty fan for easy self inflates as well as stakes and tethers are included for a more stable setup.

The life size light up black cat looks as if it is ready to pounce on unsuspecting visitors who come trick or treating and giving them a fright.

This animated black cat with turning head would be a fun creepy display for your Halloween yard decoration.

It has to stay plug in for it to stay inflated, for its head to turn and the lights to work.

There is another similar air blown black cat but only 4′ long, 2.5′ tall and 2′ wide. This black cat is not animated and cannot move its head. However, it does come with internal LED lights that light up at night.

The measurements for the smaller size air blown light up cat are 48.031″ L x 25.59″ W x 31.496″ H.

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If you’re searching for a giant inflatable Halloween cat, then you should check out this 20′ Animated Halloween Inflatable Black Cat. It measures 189″ L x 71″ W x 248″ H and would certainly look awesome in your front yard.

Black Cat Scary Halloween Decoration

Black Cat Scary Halloween DecorationMeasuring 9″ x 10″, this Halloween black cat figurine would make a lovely addition to your scary Halloween mantel decoration.

Looking fierce and scary with its mouth wide open and showing its sharp yellow teeth, this is one Halloween black cat you would wish to avoid bumping into when on your trick or treating rounds.

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Zombie Cat Prop

Zombie Cat PropAlthough not exactly a black zombie cat, it is nevertheless a very creepy Halloween cat.

This skinned zombie cat will add a spooky ambiance to your haunted house decorations.

Looking gaunt as well as creepy and staring at you with its soulless eyes, it is not easy to walk casually past this zombie cat.

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Sitting Halloween Black Cat with Flashing Red Eyes and Yowling Sound Halloween Decoration

Sitting Black Cat with Flashing Red Eyes and Yowling Sound Halloween DecorationThis furry black cat has red flashing eyes and can make yowling sounds with the push of a button.

Measuring 12″ long, 12″ tall and 5.5″ wide, this scary black cat for Halloween certainly looks menacing sitting on your front porch.

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