Spooky Halloween Door Greeters

Spooky Halloween Door GreetersHaving a spooky Halloween patio or front door greeter to welcome your guests adds to the creepy holiday fun.

An animated skull or witch Halloween greeter that glares at you and beckons you to go in.

These creepy movements do seem to display some eerie haunted magic in the eyes of your little trick or treaters.

Fun and spooky day or night, the Scary Halloween door greeter adds some joyful screaming and laughter to the eerie Halloween experience.

Let them help you to pass out the candy to your trick-or-treaters.

Scary Front Door Greeter For Halloween


You can get these as the scary animated Halloween greeter, the cute Disney or star wars Halloween greeter, haunted house spooky ghost door greeter or the ever popular pumpkin Halloween greeter etc.

Free standing Halloween greeter with feet such as the animated Halloween candy greeter with a basket full of candies add a lot of festive fun and cheer to your celebrations.

Let’s check out these Halloween Front Door Welcome Greeter Standing Figures that would definitely add that extra thrill and shrill to your Halloween ambiance.

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Lighted Color Changing Halloween Trick or Treaters Pumpkin & Ghost Kids Greeters

Set of 2 Lighted Color Changing Halloween Trick or Treaters Pumpkin & Ghost Kids Greeters Haunted House DecorThe little ghost greeter measures 37″ x 9.25″ x 7″. Lighted color changing ghost kid with the witch’s hat and carrying the Jack-o-lantern pumpkin candy bag, this cute Halloween greeter is more adorable than scary.

The pumpkin kid measures 33.5″ x 10.5″ x 6.5″

With a cloth-like costume draped over their heads and bodies, these Halloween greeters are battery operated.

The head lights up and changes from shades of red to green to blue under the covering

Their little feet are weighted down to provide stability.

You can also buy them separately instead of a set of 2 door greeters.

3 AAA batteries are needed for the color changing effect (buy separately). The head changes color in shades of red, blue or green under the ghostly gown.

Jack Skellington on Pumpkin Greeter Halloween Decoration

Jack Skellington on Pumpkin Greeter Halloween DecorationTim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington sitting on a pumpkin to greet your guests sounds like a wonderful idea.

Not too eerie, not too haunting, the Jack Skellington Halloween greeter wouldn’t frighten the kids away.

Look at his wide stitched smile!

The pumpkin king Halloween greeter measures 21 inches tall, 12.5 inches wide, and 17 inches deep.

It is made of 60% fabric, 20% stone powder, 10% plastic and 10% styrofoam.

Mayor of Halloween Town Door Greeter

Mayor of Halloween Town Door GreeterThe mayor of Halloween town is a man with 2 faces.

This officially licensed Halloween door greeter measures 27” H x 12.9” W.

It is made of fabric, plastic, stone powder.

Oogie Boogie Halloween Greeter Decorations

Oogie Boogie Door GreeterLooks like the horrible Oogie Boogie is in town!

The burlap sack boogie is filled with bugs! Shudder!

Oogie Boogie measures 21.26”H X 7.8” W and weighs 2.84lbs.

Put him at your front porch and let your kids check out this Oogie Boogie door greeter.

Michael Myers Greeter – Halloween

Michael Myers Greeter - HalloweenThis officially licensed Michael Myers door greeter package includes the greeter and the bowl (popcorn is not included).

The infamous psychotic murderer holding his butcher knife measures 20.5” H x 5.51” W.

Although looking rather unfriendly with his raised butcher knife, I’m sure the kids will still try to grab his popcorn.


Door Greeter Ghoul Haunted House Halloween Prop Decor Welcome Scary Graveyard

DOOR GREETER GHOUL HAUNTED HOUSE HALLOWEEN PROP DECOR Welcome Scary Graveyard24″ in height, this scary ghoul door greeter is made of hard resin.

Hand painted in great details, the skeleton head and hands look really realistic. The basket can be used to hold candies for the children.

I’m sure the kids will have a fun time daring each other to grab some candies.

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Frankenstein Porch Squatter

frankenstein-porch-squatterThis spooky porch squatter or greeter comes with blinking red eyes.

He can sway and make angry noises when switched on. 3AA batteries (included) are needed.

Put this Frankenstein guy and his frightening noises on the front porch and frighten your guests when they approach your door.

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Disney Porch Halloween Greeter

Disney Minnie Mouse Witch Halloween GreeterDisney Halloween greeters are popular among kids. They’re not scary and are much loved instead.

The Minnie Mouse witch Halloween greeter and the Minnie Mouse pirate door greeter look lovely and cute standing at your front door greeting your visitors.

The pirate mouse is 23″ tall whereas the pretty witch is 21″ tall.

You might have the most popular Halloween door greeter in the neighborhood!

You can check out the pirate Minnie Mouse Halloween greeter here

The Holiday Aisle Standing Ghost Costume Greeter Figurine

The Holiday Aisle Standing Ghost Costume Greeter FigurineLet the little trick or treaters encounter this ghostly Halloween greeter when they approach your front door or porch.

With a white sheet draped over its head and body, this Halloween ghost greeter stands at 36″ tall.

The wired arms can be positioned in any way that you like.

The scary white ghost will surely look spooky at night.

If you prefer a less spooky Halloween costume greeter, then the standing pumpkin costume greeter would be just perfect.

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Star wars Halloween Door Greeter

Star wars fans would be very happy with the many choices of characters available as Halloween porch greeters.

Star Wars – Yoda Candy Bowl and Holder Halloween Porch Greeter

Star Wars - Yoda Candy Bowl and HolderCrafted from heavy duty foam, this festive Yoda Halloween greeter stands holding a plastic bowl filled with treats and candies to greet your little guests.

Yoda measures 10-inches long by 11-inches wide and 20-inches high.

Holding the bowl of candies to celebrate Halloween, Yoda looks friendly and happy greeting your guests.

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Happy Haunting Door Greeter

Happy Haunting Door GreeterThe 4 ghouls light up when the push button is pressed.

They will also make spooky sounds and wish your guests a happy haunting.

This door greeter would make a lovely addition to your haunted house decor.

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2 Headed Greeter Prop

2-Headed Greeter PropMeasuring 24L X 18W X 66H, this animated 2 headed door greeter lights up and can make frightening noises when approached.

Being greeted by this spooky thing holding a head is certainly a scary thought.

Your guests would be walking on tip-toes so as not to alert this 2 headed greeter!

Metal Standing Halloween Creatures Set Of 3

Metal Standing Halloween Creatures, Set of 3Startle your guests with these 3 bony, skeletal bodies crafted from metal with a distressed finish, each one with its own unique head – a skeleton head, a witch’s head and a pumpkin head.

The one with the skeleton head carries a jack-o-lantern for treats.

Each one measures about 11½”W x 31″H x 5½”D.

Put them on your front porch and watch your guests startled response when within sight of these 3 spooky creatures standing guard near your front door.


Animated Candyman Greeter Halloween Prop

Animated Candyman Greeter Halloween PropThe foam filled body and metal arms Halloween candy man greeter looks scary and sinister even though holding a hat of candies.

He shakes, groans and moans in an evil way, most probably not a favorite candy man among the kids.

The heavy duty motor is included.

The CD soundtrack is also included but not the CD player. Candy is also not included.


72″ Winged Gruesome Greeter Decoration – Gauze Demon With Wings

Gauze Demon Greeter With Wings PropA 72″ tall angel of death to greet your guests – what a scary welcome indeed!

Tall and imposing, the spooky skeleton angel with long white messy hair, comes draped in a torn and tattered gauze gown with torn and tattered wings attached.

Wings and arms are posable so that means you can move her arms to look as menacing as possible.

Hang a Jack-o-lantern bucket on her arms, fill it up with candy for trick-or-treaters. Now, you have a haunted demon porch greeter that will be the star attraction on your front porch.

You can get the angel of death greeter in ivory or black color.

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Halloween Butler Door Greeter

Halloween Decor Animated Butler with Candy TraySpook your trick-or-treaters with this sound activated animated Halloween butler door greeter.

Standing at 5 feet tall, this butler would do a great job at thrilling your guests.

Would the little trick-0r-treaters dare to reach out for the candies on the tray?

There will be much fun and laughter for sure.