10+ Halloween Hanging Bats With Flashing Eyes

Halloween Hanging Bats With Flashing EyesHear the terrified screams of trick or treaters when they bump into your creepy scary Halloween hanging bats with flashing eyes hung right at your front patio.

If your spooky bats decor include those animated scary creepy spooky Halloween hanging bats upside down with moving wings, LED eyes and can make howling sounds, then you will most probably hear lots of screams and yells throughout Halloween night and of course much frightful fun and laughter as well.

Hanging Bats With Led Lights Halloween Decor


Let’s check out these scary hanging Halloween bats with eyes that flash with an eerie glow.

Animated slashing bats with red light up eyes add horror to your themed Halloween decor.

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35″ Sound Activated Animated Flying Bat

35 Inch Sound Activated Animated Flying BatThis 35″ giant animated hanging bat can move its head and flap its wings while at the same time making creepy maniacal howling sounds and screams.

It also has red LED lighted eyes glowing in an eerie way. It is best suited for a dark environment for the glowing red eyes to give a spooky feel.

It is battery operated, using 3 AA batteries which are not included. You’ll have to buy your own batteries.

You can also set the bat to automatically turn on when there are nearby screams or sounds.

It comes with a built in motion sensor that is responsive to noise vibrations and will respond with its maniacal screams and creepy laughter.

Or you can just switch on the button for voice activation. It is located on the back of the bat.

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Animated Flying Bat Lighted red Halloween Decoration 14-1/2 in. H x 11-7/16 in

Animated Flying Bat Lighted red Halloween DecorationThis animated flying bat comes with light up eyes.

It measures 14.5″ x 11.43″ x 36.25″.

Flying bat with red eyes will surely add some spookiness to your Halloween decor whether indoors or outdoors.

3 Ft Tall Hanging Slashing Bat Animated Prop

3 Ft Tall Animated Slashing BatThis scary animated Halloween bat prop measures 36″ high x 28″ wide x 7″ depth.

It is made of plastic and polyester.

It has a built-in sound sensor and has red light up eyes, hands that move up and down as well as a spooky laugh. You can adjust the arms any way you wish.

It needs 3 AA batteries (not included) to operate and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Hang it near a door and the opening or closing of the door will activate the sensor.

Or hang it up in a dark corner and watch out for the screams and running footsteps whenever anyone approaches it.

This animated creepy bat with scary movements is a great addition to your haunted Halloween setup.

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48″ x 50″ x 8″ Hanging Bat With Wings Halloween Prop

48 Inch Hanging Bat With Wings Halloween PropThis 48″ animated hanging bat with wings Halloween prop is motion activated.

Its spooky light up eyes and head as well as its flapping wings create an atmosphere of fear, perfect for your haunted house props.

It can also make scary Halloween sounds when activated.

3 AA batteries (not included) are required.

Light-up Demon Bat Halloween Decoration

 Light-up Demon Bat Halloween DecorationThis scary light-up demon bat comes with a long 4′ wing span.

It needs 3 AG watch batteries (not included) to work its scary effects.

It measures 14″L x 48″W x 3″H.

It is meant for indoor use only.

Animated Life-Size Rocking Bat – Decorations

Animated Life-Size Rocking Bat - DecorationsWhat can this scary bat do when unsuspecting guests walk near?

Well, it can sway and rock, flash its red LED eyes and let out spooky noises.

It is sound activated.

The animated bat measures 10.24″ x 8.66″ x 19.69″.

Batteries are not included.

Set it up at your front door and you’ll hear screams all night from those who come trick or treating.

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Flapping Upside Down Bat Animatronic

Flapping Upside Down Bat AnimatronicA spooky bat with red flashing eyes that flaps its wings and makes realistic screeching sounds to frighten your guests sounds like a great addition to your haunted house decor.

It can be in a sitting position or you can hang it upside down.

Look at its big red eyes and horrible teeth!

Measuring 14″H X 7″L X 7″W, the spooky bat is made of plastic, latex and plush fur.

Batteries and an instruction manual are included.

Put it in your front porch and scare your trick 0r treaters.

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4.9 Ft Screeching Bat Animatronics – Decorations

4.9 Ft Screeching Bat Animatronics – DecorationsThis is one awesome giant spooky screeching Halloween bat indeed.

Look at its gleaming red eyes and creepy sharp vampire-like teeth.

It screeches and moves its wings when activated by approaching sounds or movements.

It can be activated by batteries (not included) and is step pad as well as adapter compatible.

A 10′ long power cord is also included.

It measures 19” H x 59” W x 13” D.

72 inch Wing Span Hanging Bat Decor With Red Gem Eyes

72 inch Wing Span Hanging Bat Decor With Red Gem EyesThis 72 inch wing span bat with red gem eyes creates an imposing sight.

Made from paper and looking realistic with cotton fiber hair, foam head, realistic mesh wings and plastic fangs with gem eyes, no doubt it will scare your little trick or treaters.

It comes with a cord for hanging.

Yes, it will create an awesome scary effect to your Halloween decorations.

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Gray Upside Down Mesh Bat Halloween Decoration

Gray Upside Down Mesh Bat Halloween DecorationMeasuring 22″ x 7.5″ x 3″, this gray mesh hanging upside down bat with red eyes sure does give me the creeps.

Just imagine bumping into it in a dimly lit hallway with its gleaming red eyes glaring at you – what a terrifying thought indeed!

Check out the upside down mesh bat here

Scary Electronic Hanging Bat Halloween Accessory

Scary Electronic Hanging Bat Halloween AccessoryThis hanging Halloween bat comes with a 68″ wide wing span.

Made of plastic and vinyl, its wings flap as if flying when motion activated.

Looking life size and creepy, it makes a great scary Halloween decoration.

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Animated Flying Bat, Black

Animated Flying BatIts head moves, its wings flap and its eyes light up. On top of those, it can make howling sounds.

It can fly around in circles.

This animated flying bat adds a great terrifying touch to your haunted house or vampire Halloween decor.

It’s glowing eyes look real scary in the dark.

2 AA batteries (not included) are required for the animated flying bat to work its scary effects.

With its creepy scary look guarding your front porch, trick or treaters would have to approach with care.

Halloween hanging bats with flashing eyes are creepy, they are fun. Check them out.

Halloween yard decorations with scary hanging bats with flashing red eyes and moving wings create sudden scary movements for adding the spooky touch.

You can also decorate scary Halloween hanging bats on walls as scary decor or perhaps add a Halloween hanging bat quilt to your bedroom for more spooky Halloween bat effect.

Hanging Bats With Flashing Red Eyes – Video