Halloween Spider Web Decorations – Types Of Halloween Spider Webs

Halloween Spider Web DecorationsGiant Halloween spider web decorations and the haunted house decorations are perfect partners in creating fear.

Creepy spiders and Halloween make a nice combination. Setting up large Halloween spiders and spider webs indoors or outdoors in the yard add to the spooky and scary festive mood.

You can easily buy large stretchable spider webs without the spiders or spiders plus webs depending on your decor.

If you are looking for a large spider web decoration for your outdoor bushes, to drape over the staircase banister, around the front doorway, corners, lamps, mirrors etc. then check out these giant Halloween spider webs on sale.

These giant Halloween spiders webs can be used to fill up big empty corner spaces too.

Some large spider webs can stretch over to 200 sq. feet, 400 sq. feet, 800 sq. feet etc. The smaller ones may just stretch to 40 sq. feet in total.

These can be made from polyester or rope.

You have a choice of white or black spider webs.

Then you have the glow in the dark spider webs. These need a black light to shine on it.

Some of these are greenish in color and create a really haunted atmosphere.

Or maybe you prefer the pink or purple color glow-in-the-dark cobwebs to match your pink or purple Halloween theme.

There are also spider webs with colored light bulbs attached to the web for that special spooky glow.

If you would like a glittering spider web decor, you have the black tinsel web to add to your decor.

Decorate your front yard trees, bushes and windows with these spider webs with lights attached for a creepy glow in your haunted house decor.

An enormous spider web that will blanket your trees and shrubs is simply amazingly spooky.

Tell your guests to be careful and not be caught in those webs on Halloween night.

You can also wrap the intricate spooky spider web around your body as part of your Halloween costume.

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Spider Webs Halloween Decorations


Mega Spider Web (Standard)

Mega Spider WebThis giant Halloween spider cobweb measures 23.33 x 18.67 feet and comes with 1 gutter hook and 5 ground stakes.

It doesn’t come with any spiders, you’ll have to buy them separately.

With a black light shining on it, watch it eerily glow at night.

Add in a large spider with LED lights in its eyes and you have a spectacular spooky large outdoor spider web yard decor to spook your guests and entire neighborhood.

Wow! What a huge spider web.

It really creates a most dramatic spider web Halloween decoration.

Click here to buy your giant mega spider web(without big spider)

Click here to buy giant mega web with a giant 9′ black furry spider included

12 ft Super Yard Web

12 ft Super Yard WebThis 12′ super yard spider web includes 1 gutter hook and 5 ground stakes to secure it to your house.

It can be used indoors or outdoors.

Attach a giant spider or 2 with LED eyes to the web for more screams and laughter.

A giant spider web especially one that glows in the dark, will always be an eye catching spooky decoration.

Check out 12 ft super yard web

8.5 Ft Spider Web with Spider – Halloween Decorations

8.5 Ft Spider Web with Spider - Halloween DecorationsThis spider web set includes the web as well as the spider.

Made of PVC, polyester and plastic, the web measures 70.9″ H x 4.7″ L x 102.4″ W.

Hang it up in your yard and have the largest spooky spider web in your neighborhood.

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Corner Spider Web

Corner Spider WebDark corners are where spiders love to hide.

Hang up the corner spider web for that creepy look.

Made of felt, it measures 28.25″ x 29.50″ x 0.13″.

A bigger 60″ corner spider web measuring 120″ x 120″ x 13″ is also available.

Greet your guests with a gigantic spider web at your front door for some awesome fun.

White Superstretch Spiderweb

White Superstretch SpiderwebThis spooky web covers 400 sq ft. and comes with 4 spiders.

Cobwebs add a ghostly and spooky element to your haunted house decorations.

Set the creepy spiders loose with this super stretch spider web.

Adding more black spiders will multiply the creepy effect. The big spooky giant black furry spiders are perfect too.

There’s a slightly smaller size 26′ long black stretchy spider web that stretches to 330 sq ft.

The 16′ long web (2.1 oz) stretches to cover 200 sq ft.

Check out this white stretchy webbing (2.1 oz)that comes with 4 spiders and covers 400 sq ft.

If looking for an even smaller size webbing for a smaller area, then get the 1.5 oz spider webbing with 2 black spiders included.

The super size jumbo pack stretchy white spider web stretches to over 750 sq ft.

Or perhaps you need the stretchy spider web that can cover 800 sq ft.

Check price of 400 sq ft stretchy spider web

You can also get it at Walmart

Giant Spider With Web

Giant Spider With WebMade from 50% Terylene, 30% Styrofoam, 20% Iron Wire, this giant spider with web has a length of 94.49″ and a width of 94.49″.

The package comes with the giant spider as well as the giant web.

Scare your trick or treaters with this black giant spider guarding your front porch.

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Stretchable Black Spider Web


This package of poly-cotton constructed, stretchy black spiderwebs can be used indoors or outdoors.

Spiders are not included.

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Halloween Cobwebs

Halloween CobwebsThis 2.1 oz package includes 6 cobwebs.

The spider webs are made of polyester.

Do take note that spiders are not included.

Buy some fake spiders (big and small) and put the on the web for a creepier effect.

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Halloween Spider Web Rope, Black

Halloween Spider Web Rope, BlackThe black spider web’s classic pattern comes with intricate details and loops on each end for easy hanging.

This 9′ diameter black spider web is made of 4mm rope.

It measures 108.0” x 108.0” x 1.0”.

Spiders are not included.

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9.5′ ft Deluxe Giant Spider Web (Black) – Halloween Decoration

9.5' ft Deluxe Giant Spider Web (Black) - Halloween DecorationThis giant spider web measures 9.5′ in diameter.

It is made of quality black chenille like material.

Attach creepy spiders (buy separately) for a totally spooky feel.

It’s large enough to be visible from the street if placed in your front yard – a great haunted outdoor Halloween decoration.

Check price for black chenille spider web 9.5′

Glow In The Dark Spider Web

Glow in the Dark Superstretch SpiderwebMade of fabric, this superstretch glow in the dark spider web is 26′ long.

It comes with over 13,000 individual filaments.

Watch the web glows in an eerie green light in the presence of black light.

Large 60 Grams Green Glow Spider Webbing

Large 60 Grams Green Glow Spider WebbingThe green glow spider webbing stretches 13′ long and comes with 4 spooky spiders included.

Made of polyester, this spider web glows in the dark creating a creepy ambiance.

Check out this creepy green glow spider webbing

Glitter Spider Web For Halloween

The giant glittering and shimmering spider web sets a spooky fun party-like atmosphere to your Halloween decorations.

Light Up Spider Webs Halloween Decoration

The creepy Halloween lighted spider web looks great in the dark spooky corners of your haunted house decor.

Usually these spider web Halloween lights come with suction cups for easy attachment to windows or glass panes if that’s where you planned to display them.

Check out these Halloween spider webs with lights for that eerie spooky glow

3′ x 3′ Lighted Black Web with Spider Halloween Decoration – Orange Lights

3 ft x 3 ft Lighted Black Web with Spider Halloween Decoration - Orange Lights54 mini orange bulbs, an orange spider and a black web turns this into a spooky orange glowing Halloween web perfect for your spooky themed decor.

If one bulb burn out, the rest will still stay lit.

Replacement bulbs and spare fuse are included.

Check it out here

35 Lights 18 Inch LED Outdoor Window Spider Web Decor

35 Lights 18 Inch LED Outdoor Window Spider Web Decor35 UL listed LED lights on this 18″ black spider web make this a spooky decor on your outdoor window.

There is a 24″ lead wire.

This lighted spider web comes with white, purple and green LED lights.

Spider Web Net Light, 3′ x 3′, Orange

Spider Web Net Light, 3 ft x 3 ft, OrangeAn orange spider web net light placed on your window or wall creates a spooky effect, great for a haunted Halloween.

There are 54 orange lights and a 60″ lead wire.

1 spooky spider is also included.

2 additional regular bulbs and 2 spare fuses are also included.

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Halloween Orange 4 Ft Spider Web Set with 100 Lights

Halloween Orange 4 Ft Spider Web Set with 100 LightsThis lighted Halloween spider web comes with 100 orange mini lights creating a total lighted diameter of 4′.

To light up a large area, it is possible to connect up to 5 sets of this orange light spider web set as these Halloween lights come with end to end plugs

The electric cord is 5 feet long. The set also comes with 2 light up spiders.

1 spare fuse and 2 spare bulbs are also included.

It is also available in equally spooky purple or green lights.

Check out UL listed spider web light set

If you’re into spider webs theme Halloween decor, then there are cool stuff like the spider web ornaments, Black Lace Cobweb Mantle Scarf or kitchen items like a spider web black lace table cloth or salt and pepper shakers etc.

The more spooky and scarier the better, you get more screams and also more laughs.

And of course more spooky fun.