Spooky Halloween Tabletop Trees

scary halloween-tabletop-trees-with-lightsHalloween tabletop trees with lights that glow eerily make the perfect table centerpiece or as the star attraction on the mantel or next to your window.

Miniature Halloween tree ornaments such as glittering pumpkins, light up creepy spiders, hanging bats or the spooky black cats decorating the lighted Halloween tree makes it the perfect scary festive gift too.

Some of these spooky tabletop trees come with scary Halloween ornaments whereas some just come fitted with lights that give out a creepy and haunted effect.

These scary black LED Halloween tabletop trees normally feature twisted branches, spider web bases besides looking old and haunted.

Halloween tabletop trees with or without lights make a terror-fic centerpiece.

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Tabletop Lighted Halloween Trees


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15″ Pre-Lit B/O Black Spooky Halloween Table Top Tree with Bats – Orange LED Lights

15 inch Pre-Lit Black Spooky Halloween Table Top Tree with BatsIt comes with 20 LED orange lights that need 3 AA batteries (not included) to operate.

The bulbs are non-replaceable.

The on/off switch is located at the bottom of the base

This spooky Halloween bats tabletop tree measures 15″H x 8.5″W x 5″D.

Hang up more spooky ornaments for a more sinister effect.

24″ Pre-Lit B/O Black Glitter Halloween Cascading Willow Tree with Bats – Orange LED Lights

24 inch Pre-Lit Black Glitter Halloween Cascading Willow Tree with Bats - Orange LED LightsThis black glitter tabletop Halloween tree comes pre-lit wit 24 orange LED bulbs.

Measuring 24″H x 6.5″W x 4″D , it comes with an easy to use switch located at the bottom of the base.

You need 3 AA batteries that are not included in the package of this pre-lit mini Halloween tree.

Hang up some spooky Halloween mini tree ornaments and you have the perfect scary tree decor for your dining table.

Department 56 – Lit Jack-O-Lantern Tree

Lit Jack-O-Lantern TreeThis Halloween tree comes with Jack-o-lanterns bulbs lining the branches and Jack-o-lanterns surrounding the sturdy base of the tree.

It measures 7.48 in H x 3.15 in W x 3.54 in L


Black Tree with Purple Lights

Black-Tree-with-Purple-LightsMeasuring about 24″ tall x 18″ wide, this black Halloween tree comes coated with black glitter and purple lights on its branches.

3 AA batteries (not included) are needed to light up the tree.

Included is a shiny black garland decorated with bats. Drape it round its glittering branches for a more spooky effect.

Light Up Spooky Halloween Tabletop Tree

Light Up Spooky Tabletop TreeThis glittered black lighted tree comes with spooky purple lights on tips of each of its branches.

Standing at 15″ tall and 4.25″ wide, this plastic Halloween tabletop tree is meant for indoor use only.

3 AA batteries (not included) are needed.

Add a spooky effect to your Halloween dinner with this spooky tree.

Halloween LED Sparkle Tree with Cats, Pumpkins And Spiders- 19″

Battery Operated Lighted Resin Haunted Tree

This 18″ spooky lighted Halloween tree comes with bats and pumpkins accessories.

It comes with color changing LED lights and plays spooky wailing ghost sounds.

The brown resin haunted tree measures approximately 11.25″ W x 8.5″ D x 18″ H. and weighs about 5.2 pounds.

It is crafted from polyresin, natural stone and powder.

There’s still plenty of space on the branches if you want to add more miniature Halloween ornaments.

You’ll need 3 AA batteries to operate and these are not included.


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More Halloween tabletop trees to bring a little spookiness and festive cheer to your decor

The orange twinkle bright tree stands at 11″ tall.

Made of steel and plastic, it comes with LED lights.

It is battery operated or you can use a 56.55026 AC/DC adapter (buy separately)

You might also want to check out their multi-color Halloween twinkle bright tree


Snow Village Halloween - Purple Twinkle Brite Tree

Snow Village Halloween – Purple Twinkle Brite Tree

Cast a gloomy blinking purple glow with this Halloween purple twinkle brite tree that comes with purple lights at the tips of every branch.

It is battery operated (2 C battery) but also works with 56.55026 AC/DC Adapter (buy separately).

The 11″ tall tree is part of the collectible Snow Village Halloween village accessories.

The 6″ tall light up scary pumpkins Halloween tree uses 2 C size batteries (not included).

It measures 6″ H x 5″ W x 4″ D.

The pumpkins add a splash of bright orange in an otherwise gloomy tree.

It is made of polyresin.


Spooky Berry LED Tree

Spooky Berry LED Tree

This spooky berry led tree is made of 30% Natural Twig, 20% Plastic, 20% Iron, 15% Paper, 15% Cloth.

Decorate with eerie ornaments and small dangling spooky stuff such as skeletons for a more dramatic creepy effect.

It would look eye catching placed at your front patio to greet your guests or as the table centerpiece for your Halloween party.


Spooky Black Trees For Halloween Unlit

Some of these Halloween trees come with ornaments included.

Add in some spooky lights and creepy ornaments for the perfect Halloween centerpiece.

These can be just as spooky and haunting as the Halloween tabletop trees with lights.

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Jim Shore Shrieking Halloween Tree Set Of 7 Polyresin 4056587

Jim Shore SHRIEKING Halloween TREE SET OF 7 Polyresin Halloween 4056587This wire Halloween tree comes with 6 mini ornaments hanging on its wire branches.

It has a haunted house base decorated with pumpkins and a black cat.

A skeleton head sits right on top.

Spooky ornaments such as the owl, skeleton head, witch, ghost, eerie black cat etc. (check image) are included.

It will certainly brighten up your dining table Halloween decor.

The wire tree measures 9″ H x 2″ W x 4″ L

Dept 56 Halloween Village 4054270 Skull Tree

Dept 56 Halloween Village 4054270 Skull TreeSpooky Black Halloween Tree With Ornaments (No LED Lights)

A tree with skulls hanging on its branches is indeed a spooky sight.

The skull tree measures 6.3″ H x 4.72″ W x 6.69″ L.

It is made of paper, metal and polyresin.

This Halloween skull tree would look great on your haunted house mantel or tabletop.

Oh dear, I don’t think I’ll enjoy my dinner with all these skulls staring at me!

Halloween Accessories Haunted Spider Tree

Halloween Accessories Haunted Spider TreeSpider web and a large spider are the stars of this creepy unlit haunted Halloween tree.

It measures 7.68 in H x 2.95 in W x 3.94 in L

Add in more creepy spiders for a more haunted desolate feel.

Halloween Black Glitter Twig Tree/Halloween Decor

Halloween Black Glitter Twig Tree/Halloween Decor

The Halloween black glitter twig tree measures 25″ H x 16.5″ W x 18.5″ D.

Decorate the black twig tree with spooky lights and ornaments for a spooktacular Halloween display.

31″ Silver Glitter Twig Tree Halloween Table Top Decoration

31 inch Silver Glitter Twig Tree Halloween Table Top DecorationThis spooky tabletop tree does not come with LED lights or ornaments. You have to get your own.

Measuring 31″H x 8″W x 6″D, this is a twisted twig tree for Halloween.

It comes with dark spooky twisted branches where you can hang your scary ornaments.

It has the haunted desolate look, perfect for a scary and creepy decor.

Its cube base is also embellished with glitter.

Halloween Accessories Murder Of Crows, Tree

Halloween Accessories Murder Of Crows, Tree

The Halloween Murder Of Crows Tree measures 2.56in H x 2.56in W x 10.04in L.

Handcrafted from plastic, paper, metal and wire, the tree is part of the Haunted Rails series from the Department 56 Halloween Village.

Black Tinsel Tree

Black Tinsel TreeThis black Halloween centerpiece tree comes with wire branches of black tinsel that can be bend and twist to your liking.

Decorate it with spooky ornaments and you have a glittering tree centerpiece.

This 28″ tall tree is made of metal and plastic.

Check price of black tinsel tree

Lemax Spooky Tree Monster

Lemax Spooky Trees MonsterThis mini 7.6″ x 7.8″ x 5″ spooky tree monster tree is made from polyresin.

Its 2 spooky hollow eyes and big hollow mouth reflecting emptiness and doom do project a rather eerie atmosphere indeed.

Add in the Help! headstone, the intimidating outstretch monster hands as well as scattered skulls and you have a great haunted centerpiece decor for your table, window ledge or shelves.

Put this small haunted tree in any dark spooky corners and give everyone a fright.

The spooky monster tree is part of the spooky town collection by Lemax.



Halloween HAUNTED HALLOWEEN TREE Polyresin Skeleton Pumpkins Gravestone

Halloween HAUNTED HALLOWEEN TREE Polyresin Skeleton Pumpkins GravestoneThe haunted Halloween tree measures 22.5″ H x 5.5″ W x 5.5″ D.

Vivid orange pumpkins, gravestone and a polyresin skeleton add to the interesting decoration at the base of the haunted tree.

Decorate the bare branches with ornaments reflecting the spirit of Halloween and you’ll get a lovely spooky table centerpiece.

Owls Perched on a Spooky Pumpkin Tree Halloween Table Top Decoration 16.5″

Owls Perched on a Spooky Pumpkin Tree Halloween Table TopEmbellished with sparkling glitter, this Halloween pumpkin tabletop tree measures 16.5″H x 12.5″W x 5.75″D

2 wizardly owls, dangling candy corn candies and a “Whooo’s There” sign make this a cute tabletop decor for Halloween.

This adorable Halloween pumpkin tree will make a great gift for owl lovers.

Department 56 Accessory TREE OF TERROR Halloween Accessory Arms Hands

Department 56 Accessory TREE OF TERROR Halloween Accessory Arms HandsThe branches of this creepy tree of terror look like spooky hands trying to grab you as you come near!

Measuring 6″ H x 3.75″ W x 4″ L, the creepy tree is made of polyresin.

This would certainly make a terrifying table centerpiece especially when decorated with spooky Halloween ornaments.

Stormy Night Tree

Stormy Night TreeThis stormy night resin tree reminds you of a dark night with strong winds and thunderstorm.

You wouldn’t want to venture out on such a dark stormy night.

Hand painted and hand crafted with great details, it looks spooky and eerie with Halloween ornaments hanging on its spooky branches.

The tree is about 6″ tall with bendable tips. It has a 3.25″ wide base.

This spooky Halloween tabletop tree would make a great addition to your Halloween village decor.

Mini Halloween tree ornament sets such as black bats, Jack-o-lanterns, skeletons, ghosts or even hanging Halloween eyeballs add to the creepy atmosphere of this spooky stormy night tree.

More Spooky Haunted Tabletop Halloween Tree Sets

Here are more choices of spooky haunted tabletop Halloween tree sets that bring to mind graveyards and the spooky darkness of the night.

These do not come fitted with lights.

Spooky Halloween tabletop decor such as the spooky tabletop Halloween trees bring out the fun festive mood in your celebrations.

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