Best Spooky Halloween Zombie Door Covers

Spooky Zombie Halloween Door CoversJust imagine a spooky zombie trying to knock down your door. What a scary thought indeed!

But wait, that’s exactly what you want for Halloween night, right? You want to get a creepy zombie door cover for Halloween.

You want a scary Halloween themed zombie home decorations. You want to give your guests a fright and freak them out. That’s part of the scary fun.

Putting up scary Halloween zombie door covers is a great way to get into the spooky mood.

Hanging up these scary Halloween door covers can add a more scary and spooky effect to your creepy decorations.

Trick-or-treaters beware!

It is actually more fun than scary.

So get a scary Halloween zombie door cover for an eerie spooky Halloween.

Door covers are usually 30″ x 60″ or 30″ x 72″.

Besides scary Halloween door covers for the main door, bedroom doors or the kitchen doors, you also get to decorate your bathroom or restroom doors with these spooky bathroom door covers designed specially for the restrooms.

You can also buy in bulk. These come in a pack of 12 nos. of the same design.

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Spooky Scary Zombie Door Covers For Halloween Decorations


Spooky Halloween Zombie Door Cover

Zombie Door Cover Halloween DecorationThis is a plastic door cover with a photorealistic zombie print featuring a gruesome bloody zombie breaking down your wooden door and reaching out to you trying to grab you or maybe your brains.

Designed to be easy to put up as well as remove, this zombie door cover is shipped folded neatly in a small box.

You need to do cut-outs for the door handle and the key hole.

This zombie plastic door poster needs to be taped to the door. It is not self adhesive.

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Zombies Lab Door Cover, Multicolor

Beistle Zombies Lab Door CoverThis plastic door cover for Halloween features a scary door cover with bloody zombie hands and a ‘Do Not Open – Zombies’ black spray paint message.

Well, the spooky zombie hands message does make you think twice about opening the door to go to the other side.

The zombie hands do look real creepy, trying to force open the blood splattered steel lab door.

It measure 30″ wide and is 5′ in height and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Click here for Zombies Lab Door Cover, Multicolor 

If you need a few of these zombie lab door covers, there is also a package for 12 of these items.

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Bloody Door Cover

Bloody Door Cover For HalloweenOne bloody mess of a door cover complete with ‘Beware’ message written in blood and signed with a bloody fingerprint. Murder most foul?

What a suspense! To open or not to open the bloody door? Will you be the next victim? Remember gory zombies are around.

This is a clear plastic 30″ x 60″ door cover that you can easily use duct tape to tape it to your house doors.

Because it is sort of see-through, it looks as if the blood is splattered over your real door.

Scary zombie door covers create the right suspense, eerie ambiance and thrill.

Oh dear, where did the murder happened? Your guests will have to make up their mind whether they dare to enter at their own risks.

Aaaaaah! What hit me!! What spooky fun indeed!

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Spooky Halloween Door Cover Halloween Decoration

Spooky Halloween Door Cover Halloween DecorationThis 30″ x 60″ door cover has a spooky image of wooden barricades attached to the door with a bloody message that say “Do Not Enter” with locks showing on them.

Cobwebs and a ghostly face staring out behind the rusted grills add to the spooky sinister feel.

It does give one the shudders indeed!

The image is only printed on one side.

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Breakout Zombie Door Cover

Breakout Zombie Door Cover Halloween DecorationRun for your life! The zombies are breaking down the door!

Look at all those creepy hands!

Watch the panic look on the unsuspecting faces of your guests.

Yes, it’s frightening indeed.

After all, the zombies feed on brains!

This 30″ x 60″ door cover can be easily put on and removed.

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Zombie Door Cover Halloween Decoration

Zombie Face Door Cover Halloween DecorationMade of plastic (polyethylene), this scary zombie door cover has all the gory details of rotting teeth and bones, wired hair, flesh tearing skin and piercing eyeballs!

Measuring 30″ x 5′, this door cover with the large scary looking hideous zombie face will surely drive all your trick or treaters away!

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Zombie Door Help Me Halloween Door Cover

Zombie Door Help Me Halloween Door CoverThis 60″ x 30″ zombie door cover is covered with blood stained hands pleading for help.

One pair of blood stained hands is terrifying enough, what more so many pairs, with the message ‘Help Us’ written in blood red.

The suspense, the fear is just too much for me!

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Bloody Welcome Door Cover

Bloody Welcome Door CoverThis vinyl bloody welcome door cover measures 60″ x 30″.

Blood splattered all over the white plastic door cover, bloody hand prints, blood dripping down from the top of the door – what a scary welcome indeed!

This gruesome door cover is best used in sheltered areas.

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Scary Skeleton Door Covers For Halloween Decorations

If you are a skulls and skeletons fan, then these scary spooky skeleton door covers would be just perfect for you.

Halloween Door Cover Friendly Skeletons

Halloween Door Cover 30 x 72 Friendly SkeletonsThe plastic hanging haunted door cover measures 30″×72″.

Great for Halloween, Haunted House themed decorations or any scary themed party, the friendly skeletons hanging door cover presents a rather eerie ambiance to the room.

Stick it behind a glass door and you get the impression that the skeletons are peering out from behind the door.

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Besides the skeleton door overs and scary zombie door covers, there are also other creepy Halloween door covers such as the spooky witch door cover, eerie graveyard door cover or spooky ghost door cover.

Zombie Bathroom Door Covers

The zombie restroom door cover will certainly freak out your guests – should I go in? Are there more scary ‘things’ inside waiting for me?

Zombies with their rotting brains have always frightened me.

These zombie bathroom door covers will certainly freak me out.

5 Ft Zombie Bathroom Door Cover

5 Ft Zombie Bathroom Door CoverMeasuring  60”H X 30”L X .05” W, this scary 5′ zombie bathroom door cover is made of polyethylene.

Look at his gruesome face and exposed bones. I shudder with fright.

Stick it on your office restroom door and have lots of fun using the restroom.

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Creepy Restroom Door Cover

Blood seems to be every where!

Blood splattered walls and floor, severed foot and a hand that is in the toilet bowl trying to reach out to you!

This 30″ x 60″ door cover has the gory image printed on one side only.

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Light Up Scary Halloween Door Covers

Then there are those light up scary Halloween door covers.

The lighted Halloween door cover crates an eerie glow that makes your heart beat faster due to its spooky image.

Batteries are needed.

These are usually sound activated.

Check out these light up scary Halloween door covers for that perfect eerie haunting glow

Scary Grim Reaper Light-Up Door Cover Halloween Decoration

Scary Grim Reaper Light-Up Door Cover 30″ x 60″

Light Up Skull Door Cover

Light Up Skull Door Cover 30″ x 60″