Hanging Skeletons For Halloween

Hanging Skeletons For HalloweenSpooky skeletons and skulls are hot favorites to get into the mood for Halloween.

Be it a barking skeleton dog, full size Halloween skeletons for yard decor, life size hanging skeletons, dangling skeleton garland or dress up in a skeleton fancy dress costume for this scary festive season; all are fun and enjoyable.

Dangle one of these hanging skeletons at the doorway or patio to frighten kids coming for trick or treat.

Animated hanging skeletons that moan, scream and cried for help are really scary stuff.

These might scare all the kids away!

Scare the daylights out of your guests with the moaning and groaning skeletons.

Anyway, what is Halloween without some good old fashioned screaming and laughing throughout the scary night.

Spooky skeletons decorations add some eerie fun to the creepy and haunted night.

Life Size Hanging Skeletons


Check out these life size hanging Halloween skeletons for some spooky ideas.

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Scary Hanging Skeleton Reaper Halloween Party DecorationScary Hanging Skeleton Reaper Halloween Party Decoration

This is a 7′ tall hanging skeleton dress in spooky black.

From afar, it looks as if it is floating about. It does look kind of scary especially in dim light.

This dangling spooky skeleton would definitely add an element of fright to your haunted graveyard decoration or your skeleton party decor.

Click here for handing skeleton reaper Halloween party decoration

Forum Novelties Full Body Latex Skeleton, 5-Feet, BoneFull Body Latex Skeleton, 5-Feet, Bone

This full body latex skeleton prop stands at 5′ tall and hangs from a thick rope.

Create a spooky corner with this hanging life size skeleton, perhaps a small graveyard corner in your yard.

This is not meant to be in a sitting position, however, one customer commented about putting a stick through the ribs thus enabling a sitting upright position.

It can’t really stand either, it’s meant to be hung up.

Click here for the 5′ full body hanging latex skeleton

12′ Hanging Skeleton Prop Halloween Decoration

12 ft Hanging Skeleton Prop Halloween DecorationThis 12′ hanging skeleton comes with a large polyfoam head and creepy hands.

It is covered with a black robe and tattered hanging gauze.

It sure does look scary with its big head, empty eye sockets and yellow teeth.

Shine a dim light on its head to make it look even more terrifying at night.

Check Price for 12′ hanging skeleton

Hanging Rotted Skeleton

Hanging Rotted SkeletonThis 60″ hanging rotted skeleton is wrapped creepy gauze for a more decaying look.

Its head lights up for a more creepy look.

This will look great in your haunted house decor or hang it up in a dimly lit corner of front porch to frighten your guests especially the trick or treaters.

Most people are terrified of ghost, especially a hanging rotting skeleton with a big wide terrifying grin.

5′ Lifesize Black Skeleton

Lifesize Black Hanging SkeletonThis 60″ tall lifesize black skeleton comes ready for hanging with a loop at the top of its skull.

Hang it up in dark corners or place this posable Halloween skeleton on a rocking chair right next to your front door for some shrieking fun.

Add to the spookiness by getting a family of skeletons lounging around your garden instead of just 1 skeleton.

The 5′ spooky life size skeleton makes for a great indoor or outdoor Halloween decoration.

5′ Skeleton Chrome Light-up Halloween Decoration

5 ft Skeleton Chrome Light-up Halloween DecorationThis 5′ tall chrome skeleton comes with posable bones and spooky light up LED eyes.

A spooky eyes hanging skeleton is always a terrifying addition to a haunted house Halloween display, especially spooky eyes that glow eerily in the dark night.

This 5′ tall skeleton is made of plastic.

Make it sit down, stand up or hang it up at the end of the hallway.

It looks realistic enough to scare the little and not so little trick or treaters.

Life-Size Skeleton with Light-Up Lantern Halloween Prop

60 Inch Life-Size Skeleton with Light-Up Lantern Halloween PropThis life size 5′ skeleton prop includes hard plastic skeleton parts with shredded clothes and a light-up lantern.

The lantern requires 3 watch size batteries (included) to cast an eerie glow to the environment.

The eerie glow from the lantern illuminating the torn clothes drape over the skeleton sure does provide a spooky ambiance to your decor.

It is easy to hang up.

Full Body Skeleton with Movable /Posable Joints

Full Body Skeleton with Movable Posable JointsThis plastic posable full body skeleton stands at a height of 4′.

It comes with a rope around its neck for easy hanging.

Prop it up on a chair and share a table together with your guests sounds like a terrific idea.

Use it as one of your front yard Halloween display props.

You can detach and reattach the limbs for that perfect horror posture.

Pirates of the Caribbean – Full size 5′ Tall Jack Sparrow Poseable Skeleton

Pirates of the Caribbean - Full size Jack Sparrow Poseable SkeletonAre you a fan of Jack Sparrow?

You’ll love this 60″ bleach white full skeleton with pirate belt, sash and Jack’s headpiece with faux hair, and beads.

The limbs are posable and the knees lock into position easily.

This will be a great addition to your Halloween pirate party.

Check price for Jack Sparrow full size skeleton


60″ Dungeon Hanging Skeleton –  Halloween Decorations

Dungeon Hanging Skeleton - Halloween DecorationsThe Halloween skeleton package includes one spooky 60″ dungeon hanging skeleton, one resting skeleton that curls up on the floor and a ghostly window – they are over five feet tall and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Turn a bare wall instantly into a creepy corner with these spooky Halloween decoration items.

63″ Black Glitter Skeleton

63 Inch Black Glitter Halloween SkeletonThe skeleton is sent in 5 pieces.

You get 2 arms, 2 legs and the body.

Don’t worry, assembly is simple and instructions are given.

A skeleton covered in glitter is a great addition to your Halloween party.

Check price

Hanging Skeleton CoupleHanging Skeleton Couple 63″ tall

Measuring 63″ x 17″, this hanging skeleton couple is made of plastic.

Hugging each other in a deadly pose with their long skeleton fingers clinging to each other, they look splendid indeed.

The skeleton bride in her tattered white gown and gray tattered veil together with the skeleton groom in his spooky black gown as well as a black satin hat make a deadly couple in life and in death.

They come with red LED lights for eyes and when switched on, looks so creepy.

You’ll need to buy 2 AA batteries separately.

Click here for hanging skeleton couple

Small Halloween Hanging Skeleton Decorations – Hanging Skeleton Ornaments

Smaller plastic hanging skeletons range in size from about 13″ to 36″ tall.

Then, you have the smaller size hanging skeleton ornaments.

Some are battery operated and come with LED lights, moving parts and can even make scary sounds.

You also have choices of hanging skeleton doctor, skeleton groom etc with posable legs.

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Skeleton 13″ Hanging Decoration, Silver Grey

Skeleton 13 Inch Hanging Decoration, Silver GreyRealistically painted silver with a black finish, this 13″ tall skeleton can be hung up or used as a spooky table centerpiece.

This looks great as a haunted or skeleton party props where you might have to hang a few for a more spooky skeleton atmosphere.

Or prop it against the wall on the mantel or shelf for a more spooky decor.


3 ft Head Dropping Skeleton Reaper Halloween Decoration – Hanging Skeleton Decoration (36 Inch)

3 ft Head Dropping Skeleton ReaperThe animated skeleton grim reaper is covered in a creepy cloth and has long spooky hair.

It is made of 70% Polyester, 20% Plastic, 10% Foam.

It comes with red LED eyes and a head that can move move up or down.

This sound activated skeleton reaper is able to scream out some spooky Halloween sayings too.

The skeleton arms and jaw are movable.

It measures 36″ H x 6″ D x 28″ W.

A creepy smile on its face complete its spooky look.

Click here for 3 ft head dropping hanging skeleton reaper

Halloween Hanging Pirate Skeleton 16 Inch

Halloween Hanging Pirate 16 InchThis is a 16″ hanging pirate skeleton with movable joints.

Its bony body is covered in a cloth vest and its head wrapped in a bandana.

This makes a lovely hanging Halloween decoration for your haunted house or graveyard decor.

20 Inch Two-Headed Skeleton

20 Inch Two-Headed SkeletonMeasuring 20″ H x 4″ W x 2″ D, this 20″ 2 headed skeleton is made of plastic and weighs about 0.3 pounds.

You will surely have lots of fun with this eye catching 2 headed skeleton.

It is recommended for indoor use.

Click here for more info

33″ Plastic Hanging Skeleton Prop Decoration

33 Inch Plastic Hanging Skeleton Prop DecorationThis hanging plastic jointed skeleton measures 33″ in height and 9.5″ in width.

Limbs and joints are adjustable and you can easily arrange it in any spooky position to fit into your haunted display.

This authentic looking plastic hanging Halloween skeleton comes complete with rib cage, spine, arms, legs, skull and jaw.

36″ Hanging Props Reaper In Chains

Hanging Props Reaper In ChainsThis 36″ hanging reaper comes with a skull and skeleton hands draped in black robe with chain attached to wrists.

The eyes light up using 3 AG13 watch batteries (not included).

What a scary sight – glowing eyes, skeleton hands in chain and a tattered black robe hanging reaper with a skull head!

The hanging reaper measures 36″ x 26″ x 3″.


36″ Skeleton Halloween Prop

36 Inch Skeleton Halloween PropDecorate your Halloween party with a few of these 36″ hanging skeletons for a really spooky feel.

Glow in the dark skeletons are also available.

The 36″ glow in the dark skeleton is made of blown molded plastic.

These come fully assembled and ready for hanging in the dark corners of your rooms or hallway.

Check price for 36″ skeleton

Check price for glow in the dark 36″ skeleton


Dangling Skeleton Garland Halloween Decoration Ideas

Besides decorating with a single hanging skeleton, there are also lovely dangling skeleton garlands that make a great scary statement.

3D Skeleton Garland Halloween Decoration

Dangling Skeleton Garland - Halloween DecorationsThere are altogether 4 plastic bony skeletons in this long cord of 60″ which can easily stretch across 2 normal sized doors.

The small bony tan skeletons stand at a height of 6″ and are tied to the 60″ cord by the neck.

Even though only 6″ in height, these skeletons come with great details, showing clearly the bones and ribs position.

These make a great spooky addition to your creepy decor – add it to your skeleton wreath or anywhere spooky details are needed.

Click here for dangling skeleton garland

Ideas For A  Spooky Halloween Skeleton Decor Scene

Do check out these spooky skeleton decor scene ideas to spook up your home this Halloween.

Skeleton Birdcage Scene
Skeleton Birdcage Scene
Hanging Skeletons For Halloween

Skeleton Croquet Scene
Skeleton Croquet Scene
Hanging Skeletons For Halloween

Spooky Nights Graveyard Scene
Spooky Nights Graveyard Scene
Hanging Skeletons For Halloween