40+ Halloween Horror Costume Ideas For Female

Halloween Horror Costume Ideas For FemaleHalloween is all about scaring the daylights out of your guests. So how do you plan to scare your guests this Halloween?

You’ll have to be brave and fearless on that dark sinister night where the Halloween ghosts, zombies, monsters, witches etc are lurking in the shadows waiting for their prey.

Once a year, you can be that evil witch, the sexy zombie cheerleader, bloody nurse, the undead bride pledging your undying love or perhaps the sinister clown.

The evil killer clown is bent on terrorizing every soul in the neighborhood.

Warn your children about this menacing clown – Do not ever follow It into the woods!

Yes, every one wants to be the spookiest person alive on Halloween night.

So what is your most ultimate scary costume for Halloween?

As for me, I’ll be the most horrifying witch alive this October 31st!

Let the screams and fun begin!

Check out these 10 Halloween horror costume ideas for female – scariest Halloween costumes ever.

Click on images for more details.

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Best Horror Costumes For Women


Meet the grotesque clown, Pennywise, lurking in the town’s sewer. It loves to scare kids and eat them as well.

Going to the zombie high school dance or the annual Halloween office party?

Then be the bloody drop dead gorgeous queen.

The homecoming high school costume or the drop dead costume would do the horrible job well.

A blood stained tattered gown, tiara with the murderous hatchet, gorgeous sequin sash, glittering shoes, glovettes – match these with lifeless eyes, ghostly look and an aimless stride – the perfect horror queen.

Don’t forget the zombie make-up for that ghoulish look.

I hope I do not end up in ICU if I bump into these horrifying souls!

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1) Adult Horror Clown Costume

Dressing up as the sinister killer clown with blood red lips, flour white face and an evil smile in a creepy clown costume, you’ll come across as a disturbing villain.

Sexy yet creepy and terrifying, grab attention wearing the twisted clown costume for women this Halloween.

With the scary clown make-up, wig, shoes, stockings and carrying a knife or machete, you’ll have a great night out stalking your victims in the dark narrow alleys.

No one would want to bump into the homicidal terror clown on a dark Halloween night where strange things happen.

Check out these creepy clown costumes and be the most sinister clown in town.

40+ Halloween Horror Costume Ideas For Female


Halloween Evil Clown Adult Costume

Halloween Evil Clown Adult Costume

Sadistic Clown Women’s Halloween Costume

Womens Sadistic Clown Halloween Costume

Women’s 2 PC Creepy Clown Costume

Women's 2 PC Creepy Clown Costume

Twisted Clown Adult Costume


40+ Halloween Horror Costume Ideas For Female

Women’s Evil Girlie Clown Halloween Costume

Women's Evil Girlie Clown Halloween Costume

Killer Clown Women’s Costume

Killer Clown Women's Costume

Freakshow Clown Adult Halloween Costume

Freakshow Clown Adult Halloween Costume2) Women’s Zombie Costumes

Crawling and shuffling, grunting and moaning, the zombie with its rotting flesh, exposed guts and its appetite for human brains not only look scary, they look gross, gruesome and grisly.

Do not leave out the terrifying open wounds, sunken eyes zombie look.

Use zombie makeup, fake blood and even colored contact lens to complete the disgusting look.

Zombie Bloody Sister Mary Adult Costume

Zombie Bloody Sister Mary Adult Costume

Sexy Zombie Nurse Costume



Adult Working Grave Shift Zombie Costume

Adult Working Grave Shift Zombie Costume

Women’s Zombie Pirate Costume

Women's Zombie Pirate Costume

Adult Bloody Waitress Zombie Costume

Adult Bloody Waitress Zombie Costume

Zombie Survivor Costume for Women


3) Women’s Wicked Doll Costumes

Play a creepy character hugging an equally creepy doll, dress up in the wicked doll costume for your haunted house party.

Try dressing up as a spooky possessed Victorian doll swaying around in the most inelegant manner. With a haunted look on your pale face, twisting and turning among the tombstones in your haunted garden, you’ll remind every one present of their haunted past.

Get the wicked doll makeup kit and have the most wicked doll face in town.

Adult Voodoo Doll Costume

Adult Voodoo Doll Costume

Victorian Doll Women’s Adult Halloween Costume


Victorian Doll Women's Adult Halloween Costume

Wicked Doll Adult Costume

Wicked Doll Adult CostumeAdult Deluxe Annabelle Doll Horror Costume

Adult Deluxe Annabelle Doll Horror Costume

Women’s Sexy Voodoo Dolly Costume

Women's Sexy Voodoo Dolly Costume

4) Wicked Witch Costumes

Turn into a glamorous sultry wicked witch in your black witch costume complete with green make-up, broom, shoes and stockings.

Remember to cackle with laughter and cast your evil spells as you zoom around on your flying witch broom through the dark night.

Witches costumes are stylish, elegant, beautiful, glamorous, sexy, feminine and flattering indeed. Put on the classic conical witch hat with the rest of the accessories and you’ll end up as a beautifully bewitching evil witch.

Dark Witch Sexy Costume

Dark Witch Sexy Costume

Elite Adult Wicked Witch Costume

Elite Adult Wicked Witch CostumeWomen’s Rich Witch Costume

Women's Rich Witch Costume

Midnight Witch Deluxe Costume

Midnight Witch Deluxe Costume

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5) Spooky Vampiress Costumes For Women

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of vampires draped in black and red would their sharp fangs and their thirst for human blood.

They can be killed with a stake through their heart, provided you’re brave enough to go near them!

Gothic vampiress costume, Victorian vampiress costume, classic vampiress costume – you’ll look vicious in a glamorous way.

However, modern vampiresses are a beautiful lot. I wouldn’t mind sitting down together with them for dinner – minus the glass of blood of course.

Just check out those beautiful vampiress costumes below.

Women’s Classic Vampire Costume

Womens Classic Vampire Costume

Women’s Delightfully Dreadful Vampiress Costume

Women's Delightfully Dreadful Vampiress Costume

Sexy Dark Vampire Costume

Sexy Dark Vampire Costume


6) Spooky Skeleton Costume

Glow in the dark skeleton bones costume is really cool. When darkness falls, people from afar will see a spooky human skeleton walking eerily around.

Bumping into one such human skeleton while roaming the dimly lit hallway decorated with a skull centerpiece can be quite an unnerving experience.

3D Skeleton Adult Costume

3D Skeleton Adult Costume

SKELELICIOUS Adult CostumeSKELELICIOUS Adult Women Costume

Voodoo Skeleton Women’s Costume


Adult Skelequin Costume

Adult Skelequin Costume


7) Mystical Mummy Costume

Watch out for the mystical spooky mummy wearing a tattered mummy costume with the trendy distressed look, tattered cloth dangling from the arms giving the impression she’s going to unravel any minute.

Remember, you have just risen up from your tomb, ready to haunt your loved ones.

So, make sure your hair looks messy, plaster on white cream makeup and black eye shadow.

Adult Zombie Mummy Costume

Adult Zombie Mummy Costume

Women’s Full Length Mummy Costume



Women’s Mystical Mummy Costume


40+ Halloween Horror Costume Ideas For Female40+ Halloween Horror Costume Ideas For Female

8) Horror Film Costumes For Women

Fancy dressing up as the horror female character in your favorite horror film? You’re not alone.

In the make-believe world of Halloween, you can be anybody evil as well as vicious and you will be forgiven your evil ways when the sun shines the next morning.

Remember to pair up with the gory accessories for a more menacing look.

Morbid and hideous, horror film costumes for women can give you the sickening feel.

Women’s Sexy Bride of Chucky Costume

Women's Sexy Bride of Chucky Costume

American Horror Story The White Nun Deluxe Women’s Costume


Miss Edward Scissorhands


Women’s Sexy Chucky Costume

Women's Sexy Chucky Costume

Women’s Carrie Costume

Women's Carrie Costume

Miss Krueger Costume

Miss Krueger Costume

Sally Nightmare Before Christmas Prestige Costume

Women's Sally Prestige Costume

Women’s Jackie the Ripper Costume

Women's Jackie the Ripper Costume

Womens Its Time Costume

Womens Its Time Costume

Horror Costume Accessories For Female

Costume accessories are an important part of the costumes. Add them in for a more dramatic effect.

Think of vampire fangs, black choker, bite marks on your neck , a bloody weapon, fake blood, bride of chucky wig etc.

Have a frightening wonderful time freaking everyone out in your horror costume for just one wicked night.

Bumping into one of these horror creatures would have your hairs standing on ends – mission accomplished for the female in horror costume this Halloween.