Inflatable Halloween Haunted House Yard Decor IdeasHow about organizing a haunted house Halloween party with all the spooky decor items this coming Halloween?

Don’t forget the spine chilling unearthly screams and creepy moaning sounds.

A good Halloween horror sounds audio CD will do the trick.

Of course, the eerie fog with dark shadows lurking in the background adds to the haunted atmosphere.

A fog machine should do the trick here.

Having a graveyard picnic surrounded by your eerie Halloween yard decorations sounds like a hauntingly creepy good idea, especially under the dark shadow of the haunted tree with the dangling decaying corpse.

Inflatable haunted house props are easy to set up and take down.

These offer a quick solution for those with little time to tackle the daunting task of decorating for a haunted house theme.

These props also add a touch of Halloween colors to your yard.

Let’s check out some inflatable haunted Halloween props to transform your yard into a spooky place for some scary fun.

Inflatable Haunted Halloween Props Ideas


Inflatable Haunted House

The airblown inflatable haunted house is the quickest way to set up a haunted house complete with props and ghostly decor items. You can set it up in seconds.

Some are just haunted archways only and do not come with any walls.

However, I find inflatable haunted houses to be more cute than scary.

The kids will definitely have a lot of fun running through the haunted corridors.

Check out these inflatable haunted houses for kids and let them have some shrieking fun this Halloween.

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Inflatable Haunted House Archways

So, do you get the creepy feeling that you are entering the spooky land of the dead?

Inflatable Outdoor Halloween Decoration, Ghost Arch, 8 Feet Tall

8 Foot Lighted Halloween Inflatable Ghosts + Spider Archway Party DecorationThis inflatable ghosts and spider archway measures 87.8″ L x 28.7″ W x 96″ H.

More adorable than scary, the 3 friendly ghosts and green spider archway lights up at night welcoming (scaring) your guests.

Even though it is made of weather resistant polyester, it is recommended not to expose this Halloween inflatable ghost archway to strong winds, storms or temperature below 14ºF.

For storage, it deflates easily and saves storage space.



Inflatable Skulls/Skeletons

Airblown Inflatables Skull Stack

Airblown Inflatables Skull StackStake it down, plug it in and the inflatable skull set self inflates in seconds and lights up.

Yard sticks and tethers are included for easy set-up.

Standing at 8′ tall, it weighs 3.8 lbs.

Kids would surely love these goofy skulls that look more cute than scary.


Pop Up Haunted Ghost Airblown Halloween Decoration

Pop Up Haunted Ghost Airblown Halloween DecorationA tomb with a skeleton’s head, with another skeleton behind the tomb seen from the torso up, arms perched ready to grab anyone passing by.

The inflated pop up haunted ghost with tomb measures 72″ x 36″ x 35″.

The inflated haunted ghost tomb would look spooky placed on your front lawn to greet your guests.


Inflatable 7′ X 6′ Animated Skeleton Hand Halloween Decoration

Inflatable 7 ft X 6 ft Animated Skeleton Hand Halloween DecorationThe skeleton bones can be seen whether daytime or nighttime.

The fingers move with the wind creating a spooky effect.


8′ Inflatable Skeleton and Haunted House-Starspinner

Inflatable Skeleton and Haunted House-StarspinnerSmall beams of light flash as the skeleton stands in front of the haunted house.

The skeleton comes with animated eyes that move back and forth.

If you’re looking for a haunted display of spinning lights, then check this out.

It will automatically light up when plug in.


Inflatable Ghosts/Phantom

Inflatable lighted ghosts that are very tall make for an impressive sight.

It would not be surprising to have groups of people stopping by to take photos.

12 ft. Halloween Light show Airblown Frightening Ghost with Black Overlay

12 ft. Halloween Light show Airblown Frightening GhostThe frightening ghost comes prelit with LED lights and self-inflates in seconds.

Once switched on, you’ll be admiring a short circuit haunting lightshow.

The flickering lights cannot be switched off independently.

Anyway, you wouldn’t want to switch the lights off because that’s the scary part.

Tethers, stakes and a UL listed adapter are included.


12′ Inflatable Female Ghost

12 ft inflatable female ghostThis spooky female phantom at 12′ tall will certainly get your house noticed.


Giant Inflatable Phantom

Giant Inflatable Phantom

The package includes internal lights, ropes, stakes, and fan.

Just plug it in to see it works.


Outdoor Inflatable Ghost with Witch Hat, White, Standard

Outdoor Ghost with Witch Hat, White, StandardStanding at 3.5′ tall, this cute airblown inflatable Halloween ghost is just the perfect height for kids to give it a hug.

The ghost carries a pumpkin bag and cast a lovely glow at night.

It measures 35″L x 18″W x 42″H.

It is made of lightweight durable weather resistant nylon.

An air blower, ground stakes and tethers are included.


Halloween Inflatable Haunted Tree

The Halloween inflatable dead tree is another way to add some cute and adorable ghostly chill to your haunted yard decorations.

An 8′ tall airblown inflatable dead tree with ghosts would have your kids squealing with fright – I mean delight.

A scary spooky lighted Halloween tree that moans is a great addition to your haunted house outdoor decor.

When lighted up at night, it will cast an eerie haunted glow in your front porch.

Halloween Inflatables 8′ Tall Inflatable Dead Tree with Ghost on Top and Pumpkins at Bottom

Halloween Inflatables 8' Tall Inflatable Dead TreeThe Halloween inflatable spooky tree with friendly ghosts come with lights for a more visible spooky look at night.

It will certainly be an eye-catcher, more cute than scary.

The air blown lighted spooky tree definitely adds to the festive atmosphere in your lawn or garden, no doubt attracting all the neighborhood kids.

You can easily deflate it by unzipping the tree to let the air out.


10 ft Water-proof Inflatable Dead Tree Lantern with Horror Ghost Pumpkins Halloween Decoration

10 ft Water-proof Inflatable Dead Tree Latern with Horror Ghost Pumpkins Halloween Decoration

This dead tree set comes fitted with 5 super bright LED lights.

Ropes, ground stakes and UL certified adapter are included.

The whole prop measures 8.5′ L x 6.3′ W x 10′ H, the 3 pumpkins (from left to right) measures 23.5” L x 21.5” W x 23.5′ H, 30.5” L x 29.5” W x 30.5” H and 23.5” L x 23.5” W x 34” H.



Life-Size Airblown Animated Haunted Tree Halloween Prop
Life-Size Airblown Animated Haunted Tree Halloween Prop

This 7.5′ tall haunted ghost tree self inflates in seconds, very easy to set up.

This is an animated haunted swing tree with fabric that shakes and swings.

It is made of vinyl and plastic.



7′ Inflatable Haunted Tree

7 ft inflatable haunted tree

This 7′ tall haunted tree with a spooky fiery glow sure looks frightening.

Look at its long claw like fingers or are those creepy branches?



8 ft Lighted Inflatable Outdoor Halloween Yard Decoration – Scary Ghost Tree

8 ft Lighted Inflatable Outdoor Halloween Yard Decoration - Scary Ghost TreeIt self inflates using the inflator fan and stakes as well as tethers are provided for additional stability.

Standing at 8′ tall, the haunted inflatable tree comes with glowing LED internal lights.

Glowing yellow eyes and a spooky ghost in the center of the tree completes the haunted look.

It has a cord length of 10′.

Just imagine bumping into them in the dark moonless night.


Halloween Inflatable Haunted Forest with Lurking Ghosts – 7.5 Foot

Halloween Inflatable Haunted Forest with Lurking Ghosts - 7.5 FootThis set features a grumpy old tree haunted by two mischievous ghosts.

At the bottom of the dead tree, a mischievous pumpkin lays secretly amused.

When plugged in, the embedded LED lights ensure that this haunted forest is visible day or night.


Inflatable Tombstones

A lighted Halloween ghost at night adds the right ambiance for a scary party celebrations.

Add in a tombstone for a more eerie feel.

Airblown Inflatable-Tombstone

Airblown Inflatable-TombstoneIt lights up with energy efficient LEDs when plug in.

It is made of 80% fabric, 10% electronics and 10% plastic.


8’W x 3.5’H fun ghost and tombstone inflatable Halloween decorations indoor/outdoor yard decor with energy efficient led lights

8 ft W x 3.5 ft H fun ghost and tombstone inflatable halloween decorations indoor outdoor yard decor with energy efficient led lightsThis one-piece inflatable scene features two ghosts, three tombstones, and two pumpkins all with fun designs.

The decor comes with 7 internal energy efficient led lights for displaying at night.

The whole scene measures 8′ wide by 3.5′ tall by 1′ 11″ deep.



Other Cool Outdoor Inflatable Haunted Halloween Props

The creepy tombstone is part and parcel of a haunted house yard decor for Halloween. RIP brings up spooky images especially on a dark night.

Drape it with some creepy cloth or spider webs and you’ve added in the fear factor, perfect for your haunted house theme.

Add the inflatable grim reaper, lighted Halloween skull with spinning eyes, ghost in pumpkin etc for extra spooky fun and creepy laughter.

2′ Projection Airblown Green Spider on the Web Halloween Inflatable

2 ft Projection Airblown Green Spider on the Web Halloween Inflatable

When fully inflated, the prop measures 23″ x 72″ x 69″.


Giant Hanging Animated Spider Inflatable with Lights

Giant Hanging Animated Spider Inflatable with LightsThis giant inflatable hanging spider comes with internal lights, fan, cord and tether stakes.

It measures 46.85″ H x 138.19″ W x 138.18″ D.


Inflatable Halloween Tombstone

Inflatable Halloween TombstoneThis inflatable tombstone can be used indoors or outdoors.

It measures 36″ H x 15″ W x 5″ D.

You can easily deflate and fold it when storing.

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