Life Size Nativity Sets

Complete Life Size Outdoor Nativity Set

Displaying a traditional nativity scene set in your front yard is a wonderful way to reflect the true significance of Christmas, to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Life size nativity sets look awesome and spectacular in your front yard.

The manger scene, celebrating the birth of baby Jesus,

evokes a feeling of calm, peace, love and hope.

Large nativity sets for Christmas with their meticulously hand painted sculpted figures look so life like that you can really imagine yourself joining the 3 wise men bearing gifts in celebrating the birth of baby Jesus.

Display a complete life size nativity set which includes all the nativity figures for that beautiful scene when Christ was born.

Large Outdoor Nativity Sets

Life size nativity sets are perfect for large homes, churches, business premises or hospitals.

A big space is necessary both for display and storage.

When set up, the nativity scene is truly amazingly beautiful and stunning.

You can start with the basic holy manger scene set and slowly add to the set nativity figures such as the angels, 3 wise men, shepherd with his sheep or the nativity camel.

Or you can just buy the complete nativity scene set to put up in your large front yard to usher in the joy of Christmas.

Add straw under the nativity set to complete the scene or as some customers suggested, add hay or burlap instead.

Who Are The Characters To Display In The Nativity Scene

The main characters are baby Jesus, his parents Mary and Joseph.

Baby Jesus was also visited by the shepherds in the manger.

Then the 3 wise men or kings came bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Mary and Joseph are placed on either side of the manger, with Mary placed nearest to baby Jesus.

The angels, shepherds and wise men are placed around the manger, with the wise men being placed further away as they arrived later.

The sheep are placed near the shepherds and the camels near the wise men.

You can also add in the ox, donkey, goat.

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Here are some beautiful life size nativity sets for your Christmas decor.

Teak Isle Christmas Outdoor Nativity Set | Weatherproof Outdoor Nativity Scene for Yards and Lawns

Teak Isle Outdoor Nativity Set Weatherproof Outdoor Nativity Scene for Yards and LawnsMeasuring 50″ tall (to top of the star) x 46.5″ wide x 23″ deep, the standard size silhouette style outdoor nativity scene set is constructed from durable UV stabilized marine grade 1/2 inch plastic sheets designed to last many years.

Includes powder coated bracing on back to withstand harsh winter conditions.

UV stabilized ensures that no discoloring or warping will occurred, always remaining a pristine white color.

The nativity set comes with 4 brackets and 2 aluminum rods that extend up the nativity side walls to ensure stability whether under heavy rain or snow.

2 tent stakes are also included to hook over the back of the side fences as additional support against strong winds.

Do take note of storage space needed after taking it down. Make sure you have space enough for storing 2 compact boxes 45″ x 30″ x 3″.

This Holy Night nativity scene silhouette set is made in USA.

Outdoor Nativity Set | Weatherproof Holy Family Outdoor Nativity Scene for Yards and Lawns

Outdoor Nativity Set Weatherproof Holy Family Outdoor Nativity Scene for Yards and Lawns

This Holy Night scene includes the holy family at the forefront with a simplified stable behind them.

This holy family silhouette outdoor nativity set measures 46″ tall and has a width of 43.375″.

Assembly is easy. All it takes is just a screwdriver for the simple bracket assembly.

The storage box measures 33″ x 21″ x 3″.

Made in USA, the set uses 1/2″ thick durable marine grade PVC and aluminum stability rods.

Lighted Life Size Nativity Sets

72″ Crystal Nativity Scene

National Tree 72 inch Crystal Nativity

Measuring 72″ in height, this bright crystal nativity scene comes pre-lit with 250 UL listed clear lights.

This hand crafted nativity manger scene looks lovely whether displayed indoors or outdoors.

Not to worry about stability when displaying outdoors as ground stakes are included for your outdoor display.

You’ll need to assemble the roof of the stable and the 2 walls.

The measurements are 72″ H x 72″ W x 13″ D.

The shining bright star of Bethlehem will surely guide the shepherds and wise men to your crystal nativity scene!

Nativity Scene Hut LED Light

Nativity Scene Hut LED Light

This nativity scene hut is lighted up using 340 LED yellow rope lights.

It measures 72″ in height and has a width of 144″.

The overall product weight is 36.8 lbs.


Life Size Angel for Outdoor Nativity Scene

Life Size Angel for Outdoor Nativity Set

Life Size Angel for Outdoor Nativity Set

Adding a beautiful angel to your nativity set makes the whole manger scene with its shining star of Bethlehem even more blessed and sacred.

The angel is the one who announces the birth of Christ to the shepherds.

The life size angel by Mynativity measures 46″ wide x 78″ tall, and made using 16mm PVC. If you are looking for a slightly smaller size, then the large size angel is cut from 13mm PVC and measures 32″ wide x 52″ tall.

It is made of the highest quality, UV protected, marine grade PVC just like their outdoor nativity sets.

Clips and screws are included for easy assembly but you will need a rod or stake to made it stand.

Click here for large or life size angel for outdoor nativity scene 

Life Size Wisemen for Outdoor Nativity Scene

Life Size Wisemen for Outdoor Nativity Set

Life Size Wisemen for Outdoor Nativity Set

Three humble wisemen with a camel come to worship the baby Jesus in the manger bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

The Lifesize wisemen are cut from 16mm PVC, Screws and clips are provided for quick assembly.

Click here for large or life size wise men for outdoor nativity set


Christmas Joy Nativity Yard Sign

Christmas Joy Nativity Outdoor Yard SignAn unmistakable joyful holy manger scene by Teak Isle, this made in USA set is made of 1/2″ marine grade plastic sheet that will not rot or delaminate.

It doesn’t require painting and is designed to last many years.

This set assembles in minutes with a few bolts and wing nuts.

Stakes and brackets are also provided for easy assembly.

The tallest part to the top of the star measures 45.5 inches, with the 3 letters each measuring 35.5″ tall x 23.5″ wide.

What a joyful ‘JOY’ nativity sign on your front lawn to bring in joyful tidings for the Christmas season!

The Joy Of Christmas Nativity Sets

Share the joy of Christmas with the life size nativity sets that are bound to touch the heart of anyone who believes in the birth of Christ and the joy he brings.