Life Size Santa Claus Decorations – Life Size Indoor Santa

Life Size Santa Claus Decorations - Life Size Indoor SantaAn indoor or outdoor life size Santa Claus would be the epitome of yuletide cheer. If the life size indoor Santa could talk, he would certainly have a lot of joyful stories to share about happy families celebrating Christmas under the beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

An animated life size Santa standing besides the mantle or a sitting life size Santa Claus in a rocking chair on the patio would have the kids crowding around him excitedly and laughing merrily.

Santa Claus and his reindeer have always been a hit with adults and kids alike. Christmas will never be so magical without them around.

I find the jolly face Santa Claus, his reindeer and his sleigh filled to the brim with presents fascinating. With Santa in the house, sending him your wish list is magical and fun.

So, let’s celebrate this festive holiday season with some fun and fabulous life size Santa Claus decorations.

Life Size Indoor Santa Claus

With the life size decorative Santa for indoor decor, you get a choice of animated life size Santa, Santa holding bags of presents, Santa hugging the Christmas tree and holding a lantern, sitting or standing life size Santa etc.

All of them add festive cheer and fun to your holiday decorations.

Animated Life Size Rocking Chair Santa Claus

ROCKING CHAIR SANTA CLAUSDressed in the traditional festive red Santa costume complete with top hat, white beard, black belt and boots, this rocking Santa responds to a pressure pad, infrared sensor or continuous action.

It needs to be connected to a 110V outlet.

Santa is made from latex and foam and wearing polycotton blend costume. Spot cleaning is recommended.

The rocking chair is not included with the package. However, the jolly fellow will sit on any type of chair and not necessary only on a rocking chair.

This animated Santa comes with 3 functions and 3 rotating jolly sayings. You can have him rocking continuously with animated sounds, rocking continuously with sensor pad activated sounds or sensor pad activated with sounds. Sensor pad has to be squeezed for sensor pad activated sound feature to work.

Watch him bend his waist backward and forward in a rocking motion when seated. Depending on the height of your chair, Santa is about 4.5 feet tall when seated.

He can even wish you Merry Christmas.

An animated Santa who ask the kids what they would like for Christmas would have them jumping with joy.

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Huge 70″ Life Size SANTA CLAUS Singing Animated English/Spanish

HUGE 70 inch LIFE SIZE SANTA CLAUS SINGING ANIMATED ENGLISH or SPANISHHe sings, he dances and he offers Christmas greetings! Connect your MP3 Ipod and Santa will dance to your music. Jingle Bells and We Wish You A Merry Christmas are 2 of the included songs that Santa can sing (mouth moves).

Volume is adjustable.

UL listed power adapter is included with this package.

Watch Santa comes to life with this charming animated life size singing and dancing blue eyes Santa Claus. Video your family dancing and singing with Santa and create some happy memories.

Have your singing and dancing life size Santa welcome your guests with Christmas songs and holiday greetings.

He can be sensor activated or by pushing a button located between his boots.

Dressed in his one piece costume, spot or dry cleaning is recommended.

Fuss free assembly and taking down for storage is just as fuss free.

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Huge 6 Foot Life-Size Decorative Plush Santa Claus – Sitting or Standing

Huge 6 Foot Life-Size Decorative Plush Santa Claus - Sitting or StandingStanding at 6′ tall, this life size plush Santa Claus comes with PVC poles to connect the plush parts together.

He stands on a 16″ x 16″ platform.

He cannot sing and cannot move his arms or legs. Stuffing is required for a more realistic looking Santa.

His gold rim glasses have to be bought separately. You can check out Santa’s glasses here

Place him besides your front door to greet your guests, sitting at the piano to play a Christmas song (CD playing and not Santa), sitting besides the Christmas tree or sitting on a rocker on your front porch and waving (arms in waving position) to passers-by.

Yes, you’ll have a lot of fun with this life size decorative Santa Claus.

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More choices of the awesome life size decorative Santa Claus

5′ Life-Size Decorative Santa Claus Christmas Figure with Lantern and Alpine Tree

5 ft Life-Size Decorative Santa Claus Christmas Figure with Lantern and Alpine TreeThis 5′ life size Santa figure exudes old charm.

Dressed in a long luxurious robe with brown faux fur trimmed and a faux fur trimmed hood over his head, he is carrying a black lantern in one hand and an alpine Xmas tree accented with pine cones in the other.

Measuring 60″H x 24″W x 12″D, Santa and the alpine tree stand on a wooden platform.

This 5′ tall Santa figure looks great displayed at whichever part of the house.

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Ditz Designs By the Hen House Nana’s Christmas Santa with Tree

Ditz Designs By the Hen House Nana's Christmas Santa with TreeThis package comes with a 57″ tall Santa together with a Christmas tree, puppy and wooden base.

This beautifully detailed Nana’s Christmas Santa with tree is hand-assembled in the USA.

Father Christmas is dressed in a red coat over a green ensemble and holding a tree decorated with toys with a bag of presents at his feet.

A happy looking puppy completes the scene.

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More choices of life size Father Christmas and the Christmas tree

Perhaps you prefer Santa holding a bag of gifts? Santa and gifts are winning combinations just like Santa and reindeer or Santa and sleigh.

A climbing Santa hanging onto a piece of rope or a life size Santa riding his sleigh pulled by his reindeer are usually outdoor decorations.

Large Life Size Santa Claus With Toy Bag

Large Life Size Santa Claus With Toy BagThis is a 72″ tall by 33″ wide life size Santa carrying a bag of gifts over his shoulder and holding a lantern in the other hand.

Constructed from strong durable chip resistance fiberglass and spray painted over using exterior enamel paint.

The Santa statue is then given a dark matt finish to create an antique look.

This large life size Santa Claus figurine stands on a round black fiberglass base and can be displayed indoors or outdoors.

If using outdoors where Santa would be exposed to the harsh winter weather, it is recommended that quality car wax is applied all over the figurine to protect and maintain its original beauty.

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Kurt Adler Elegant Decorative Santa, 72-Inch, Red

Kurt Adler Elegant Decorative Santa, 72-Inch, RedStanding at 72″ tall, this beautifully crafted Santa with realistic details is designed by renowned artist Jacqueline Kent.

His classic red suit with white fur trimmed is accented by gold stitching and trimming.

His hat comes decorated with the festive holly detailing. His left hand holds his heavy bag of gifts which is tied closed with a gold cord.

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May your wishes come true this festive season. Merry Christmas!