Lighted Christmas Mantel Scarf Decorations Ideas

A mantel scarf with vivid festive Christmas colors or one with colors to match the holiday theme in my room for eg. a red or velvet Xmas mantel scarf decoration, one which comes with lights or perhaps a quilted mantel scarf – now, which one should I get?

Well, if you are also looking for some lighted Christmas mantel scarf decorations ideas, I came across these in my search online. They are beautiful!

Fireplace Christmas Mantel Scarf With Lights

Lighted Christmas Candles Mantel Scarf Decor

Lighted Christmas Candles Mantel Scarf DecorA beautiful festive red mantel scarf with embroidered poinsettias and lighted candles feature.

The yellow LED lights from the candles give out a warm glowing effect. The lights come with an on/off switch. You’ll need 2 AA batteries (not included) for the lights to work.

The non-fitted red scarf measures 70″L x 17-1/2″W.

This red festive mantel scarf brings out the joyful holiday mood and adds to the festive cheer.

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If you would like to check out an unlit Christmas candles mantel scarf, I came across this fireplace mantel scarf with red embroidered poinsettias, plus bows, candles, intricate lacy cut-outs and a scalloped edge.

Lighted Winter Snowmen Mantel Scarf

Lighted Winter Snowmen Mantel ScarfIf you’re a fan of the adorable snowman, then you’ll really love this fireplace mantel scarf.

This scalloped edge scarf with intricate cut-outs has images of 3 lovely cute embroidered snowmen complete with top hats, twig arms and carrot noses.

The beautiful illustrations of Christmas pine trees and sparkling snowflakes make this scarf most suitable as part of your winter themed decoration.

Led lights located at the center of each snowflake gives a twinkling effect. You’ll need 2AA batteries (buy separately) for the lights to work.

Made of polyester, this snowman mantel scarf measures 69″L x 17 1/4″W.

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Here is a cute snowman Christmas mantel scarf that comes without lights if you’re still undecided whether to get one with or without lights.

Christmas Mantel Scarf with Lights

Christmas Mantel Scarf with LightsThis beautifully detailed lace mantel scarf is made from 100% polyester.

It has a length of 96″ and a tapered width of 9.25″ to 20″.

The lighted mantel scarf is illuminated by a string of 10 clear UL lights. 8 extra bulbs are included free with the package.

You’ll have to push the light bulbs through specially sewn openings in the scarf, plugin and then switch it on. You’ll be rewarded with the sight of a lovely lighted mantel scarf.

Those with wide mantels will appreciate the tapering width that max. at 20″.

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Lighted Holiday Velveteen Mantel Scarf

Lighted Holiday Velveteen Mantel ScarfAn elegant Christmas mantel scarf in dark red velvet covered with an embellished golden sheer fabric.

Its gold trimmings and tassels glow with the help of white LED lights. You’ll need 3AAA batteries (not included) to work the lights.

Measuring 89″L x 24″W, it is meant to be spot cleaned only.

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Here is one made of 100% cotton velvet with emerald background and a gold trim. It does not come with lights. You can check it out here.

Lighted Embroidered Cardinal Mantel Scarf

Lighted Embroidered Cardinal Mantel ScarfIf you like embroidered fireplace mantel scarf, then you should check out this lovely scarf with its red embroidered cardinals, holly leaves and berries, pine cones, intricate lacy cut-outs and LED lights inside.

Red trimming and a cream colored background make the 2 red cardinals stand out and capture the spirit of Xmas.

2AA batteries are required and these are sold separately.

It is made of polyester and measures 69″L x 17″W.

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Here is one cardinal mantel scarf that comes without lights. This embroidered snowman cardinal mantel scarf has lovely images of gold snowflakes, green pine trees, red bows plus holly berries, pine cones and snowman holding a red cardinal.

Lighted Christmas Poinsettia Mantel Scarf

Lighted Christmas Poinsettia Mantel ScarfThis is a Christmas mantel scarf with lights featuring red poinsettias with embroidered leaves in green and gold as well as a scalloped edge.

The sparkling LED lights are located in the center of the flowers and can be removed when your scarf needs cleaning. Hand washing is recommended.

You’ll need to buy separately 2AA batteries as these do not come with the package.

This polyester mantel scarf measures 69″L x 17 1/4″W.

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If you are looking for Christmas Poinsettia Fireplace Mantel Scarf without lights, then this unlit poinsettia mantel scarf looks really beautiful and elegant.

98″ Lighted Lace Holiday Mantel Scarf

98 inch Lighted Lace Holiday Mantel ScarfMeasuring 98″ long and 20″ wide, this lighted lace holiday mantel scarf comes with 10 crystal clear UL listed white lights.

Designed with a wreath and bow in the center as well as snowflakes all over the polyester lace scarf.

You need to plug in to socket for the lights to work.

The lace mantel scarf is meant to be hand washed only.

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For those who prefer lace fireplace mantel scarf without lights feature, there is this beautiful detailed Silent Night Nativity white lace mantel scarf or this middle gauge lace Heritage Lace Woodland 20-Inch by 88-Inch Mantle Scarf, White.