How To Look Like A Witch?

How To Look Like A WitchHow to look like a witch? Get yourself a long gray wig, crocked hooked nose, black or gray lipstick, pointed crocked conical black witch hat with wide brim, black shoes, long black cloak and the fabulous witch costume.

The witch’s broom is important too, so is the boiling cauldron filled with the witch’s brew of snakes, frogs and other horrible stuff.

Wicked witches are feared on Halloween night, especially wicked witches in haunted houses under a full moon.

So, do you feel like a gleefully happy wicked witch waiting to cast your evil spells on the innocent trick or treaters making their rounds tonight?

Halloween is all about having fun dressing up and scaring people.

How To look Like A Witch For Halloween


Halloween Witch Costumes For Adults

You get a choice of the old school traditional flowing witch costume that covers you from top to bottom in black or the sexy, glamorous figure hugging modern witch costume.

Then there is the crazy witch from Harry Potter, the Salem witch with her blood stained costume or the brain seeking zombie witch.

Instead of the classic black witch gown, you can dress in red, wearing a red wig and be the Red Witch from Game of Thrones.

The adorable witch in an equally adoring cute glittering witch costume – glamorous and sultry.

The good fairy witch, the flirty witch, the Gothic witch, the glamorous witch, the Oz witch, Hocus Pocus witch, purple moon witch – yes, it feels great to be a witch on Halloween night.

Just for some scary fun, just for laughs, just for some spine chilling festive cheer – Be a scary Halloween witch.

Have fun navigating through the haunted house, the bloodbath massacre trail, the tombstones and scare zones.

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Fun Accessories To Complete The Witch Costume

Witch Broom

The wicked witch broom comes in various designs.

It comes with a straight handle or a crocked handle with black straw bristles.

The crooked witch broom makes for a fun and unique witch accessory indeed.

Prop it up against the wall next to your animated hanging witch for a more bewitching appeal.

Costume Discounters

Green Makeup

No one will recognize you after painting the green creamy stuff on your face, neck and hands. With your terrifying green face and a latex crooked long nose attached to your own nose, you can now call yourself a wicked witch.

Check out the witch face makeup kit

Get it from Walmart

Witch hat

Wicked Witch HatYou can get the plain black conical witch hat or a more fanciful one that comes with spiders, feathers and netting.

Witch wig

For a more dramatic look, put on the long black witch wig or perhaps you prefer the silver gray wig that comes with a bit of greenish tint.

Green/Black Striped Tights

Depending on which type of witch you intend to be, these wide striped tights are available in green/black, purple/black, orange/black or red/black.

Theses would be perfect for witch’s legs display too.

Halloween Witch Shoes/ Witch Shoes Cover

Slip on the witch shoes or witch shoes cover with the big buckle to complete your witch outfit.

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Wicked Witch Cauldron

Halloween Witch CauldronA black cauldron bubbling with the witch’s potion adds to the scare.

Fill it with Halloween skeletons, snakes, rats, frogs etc and you have the most disgustingly foul brew in your neighborhood.

Or you can fill it with candy for trick or treaters and be the most popular witch around.

The smoking cauldron that comes with a mister unit as well as an electrical adapter creates a spooky and eerie mist – perfect for your witches decor.

How to look like a witch?

Get the right makeup and costume  – as simple as that.

Hiss, snarl, stalk and look real nasty.

Remember to give out a maniacal cackle every now and then.

Have a Happy Witchy Halloween every one!

Video On Scary Witch Makeup


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