Metal Christmas Stocking Holder – Stocking Stands For Christmas

Metal Christmas Stocking HolderHanging up Christmas stockings is a much anticipated happy holiday tradition.

Every one looks forward to getting gifts and Santa’s goodies stuffed into their festive stockings.

For those without a mantel or fireplace, the free standing metal Christmas stocking holder works just great.

In fact some families have a tradition of buying old fashioned Christmas stockings every year.

Stocking hangers or holders add to the festive cheer.

Fancifully decorated ones look great whether on the mantle, besides your fireplace, next to the Christmas tree or in the bedrooms.

With these stocking holders, you can stuff your good old fashioned Christmas stockings with Christmas goodies and add these as part of the festive decor.

You can also use those stocking holder stands for hanging your festive holiday ornaments.

The stocking holders let you hang your stockings in a creative, easy and attractive way to complement your holiday decorations.

There are a few types of stocking holders to cater to your needs.

You have a choice of the wooden or metal free standing Christmas stocking stand, Christmas stocking holders for mantle or fireplace etc.

Add some festive fun and cheer to your stocking holders.

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Free Standing Christmas Stocking Holder Stand


These type of Christmas stockings hangers are great for those who do not have a mantle or fireplace to hang their stockings for Christmas gifts.

It is also great for those staying in small apartments as these stands occupy very little space. It sure does bring some festive joy to a corner of your living room.

The decorative elegant Christmas stocking holder stand looks great as a decorative piece by itself.

It will certainly look great right next to your beautifully decorated Christmas tree – your cheerful festive stocking tree.

It is an efficient way to hang your Xmas stockings without the need to hammer any nails into any part of your house or mantel.

Standing Holiday Stocking Hanger

Standing Holiday Stocking HangerThis free standing metal stand to hold Christmas stockings comes with scrolled details and an attached MDF plaque.

The stocking hanger comes with 6 S hooks for hanging your stockings.

It measure approximately 30″W x 12″D x 38-5/8″H

With scrolled details, the stand looks elegant and decorative.

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Tall Stocking Holder Black Iron Christmas Hanger 60″

Stocking Holder Black Iron Christmas Hanger 60 InchThis free standing black iron stocking holder comes with a weatherproof rust fighting RSF Finish.

It can hold up to 6 stockings.

Weighing 11.25 lbs, this tall metal stocking holder measures W 2″ x D 60″ x H 60″.

Once assembled, the hooks align 90 degrees to each other.

It breaks own into 3 pieces for easy storage.

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Personalized Christmas Metal Stocking Stand ~ Customized Holder Floor Stand

Personalized Metal Christmas Stocking Holder

This metal stocking holder comes in 2 designs – a yellow star topper or a green Xmas tree topper.

The topper space can be personalized with your family name. Just make sure you include the personalized wordings in your order. (Up to 9 characters)

The metal stand stands at 5 feet tall, weighs 5 lbs and can hold up to 6 stockings.

Click here to check out the personalized metal stocking holder floor stand with yellow star or the green tree topper


Stocking Holders For Mantel

Well, still undecided about your free standing stocking hangers?

Then check out these stocking hangers for mantel or fireplace.

The mantelpiece Christmas stocking holders come in many lovely holiday designs perfect for the Yuletide cheer.

You can also choose between personalized Christmas stocking hangers for mantle or just the transparent unobtrusive mantle clips or hooks.

Non-bulky metal clips mantel stocking holders are very versatile.

You can use them for hanging your holiday ornaments, colorful lights or Christmas garlands.

[alert-warning]Do be careful of young kids pulling down the stockings as well as the heavy holder and hurting themselves [/alert-warning]

The Original MantleClip – 4 pack – Antique Brass

The Original MantleClip - 4 pack - SilverThese elegant metal clips come with clear protective rubber gripers or pads that hold tightly onto the mantle surface as well as underneath without scratching it.

Being lightweight, it is safe even for household with kids and pets.

The Original mantle clip makes it possible to hang your holiday stockings safely and securely up to 10 pounds of weight.

These mantel clips come with a few different finishing such as antique brass, brass with non-tarnish finish, brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, pewter and polished silver with non-tarnish finish.

These clips are made with pliable metal and you can adjust them to fit mantel ledges up to 3″ thick.

A simple design to wrap around the mantle edge with a hook at the bottom for hanging your Christmas stocking, these clips will not clash or get in the way with your holiday decor.

The Original MantleClip is a registered trademark of Haute Decor

Click here for Original metal mantel clips

Candy Cane Stocking Holder – 4 Pack – Classic Red & White

Candy Cane Stocking Holder - 4 Pack - NEW - Dark Red & WhiteMade of steel and polyester, this festive lightweight candy cane stocking hanger fits most mantel.

They measure 9″ tall and can carry up to 10 pounds weight.

These lightweight stocking holders secure tightly and are safe even when you have children or pets in the house.

Just by hanging up the empty stocking, this will help to secure the hook properly onto the mantel.

These candy cane holders come with good-grip plastic material on the ends offering good traction and help attach to the mantel better.

These stocking holders are just perfect for those looking for hangers that do not occupy a lot of space and yet can hold a lot of weight.

Bright, festive and cheerful with plenty of nostalgic memories too.

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Cast Iron Pinecone Stocking Holder

Pinecone Holiday HookA realistic looking pinecone stocking holder made from cast iron with a painted finish.

It has height of 4.5″ and has a width of 5.5″.

It has a weight of 3 lbs.

You can get it in rust or white finish.

You might also like to check out this brown cast iron pinecone stocking holder made of resin with a cast iron finish.

Pine cones as stocking holders on your mantel shelf remind you of Christmas trees, of Santa and Xmas gifts, of the fun holiday season, of rustic charm.

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Christmas Marquee LED Lighted “JOY” Stocking Holder Set

Marquee LED Lighted JOY Stocking Holder SetStanding at a height of 8.5″, the marquee sign is made of MDF,Iron and Plastic.

2AA batteries (not included) for the lights to work.

The red marquee sign is lighted at the top.

The bottom features iron hooks for hanging your Christmas stockings.

Yes, the LED lighted Joy stocking holder set gives you such warmth and joy for Christmas.

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Vintage Angel Christmas Stocking Holder

Vintage Angel Stocking HangerThis black cast iron angel stocking holder measures 6.5″ Tall x 5″ Wide x 3″ Deep.

It weighs about 1.4lbs.

Angels on your mantelpiece blessing you and your loved ones – how lovely indeed!

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Kurt Adler 7-Inch Silver 3-D Snowflake Stocking Holder

Kurt Adler 7-Inch Silver 3-D Snowflake Stocking HolderAdd some 3-D snowflakes to your mantel or interior decoration with these 7″ silver snowflake Christmas stocking holder.

This 3 dimensional snowflake comes with a curved brace at the back that connects the top to the bottom rectangular base.

A hook at the front center of the base holds your stocking securely. The snowflake spins when given a gentle push.

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Gold Snowflake Christmas Stocking Holders (Set of 2), 6.25 in

Gold Snowflake Christmas Stocking Holders (Set of 2), 6.25 inThis 2 piece iron snowflake stocking holder in matte gold has a height of 6.25″.

Hang up these gold snowflake stocking holders for that extra festive elegance to your Christmas holiday decorations.

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Cast Iron Snowflake Christmas Stocking Holder

Christmas Stocking Holder, SnowflakeThe gorgeous snowflake stocking holder with the antique black or white finish is crafted from heavy-duty cast iron.

It comes with a curved hook to hang your stocking.

It is designed to rest on the edge of a shelf, mantle, or ledge without any danger of tipping over even when your stocking is full.

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Santa Stocking Holder

Santa Stocking HangerThis Santa stocking hanger features Santa wearing traditional Santa hat and large beard with a gift next to him.

Made of resin, it comes in the jolly colors of red and white.

It measures 5.25 x 5.25 x 3 inches.

Old and young love jolly Santa Claus.

This Santa stocking hanger would make a lovely Christmas gift too.

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Glittered Santa and Reindeer Christmas Stocking Holder – Set of 4

Glittered Santa and Reindeer Christmas Stocking Holder - Set of 4These 4 lovely stocking holders with glitter and ornate details would surely add a splash of bright festive colors to your holiday cheer.

Each stocking holder has a weighted base, an attached hook for hanging stockings, and a Santa or reindeer figurine affixed to the top of the base.

Made of polyresin, you get Santa riding his sleigh and 3 reindeer dancing over presents and ornaments.

The Santa stocking holder measures 6.5″ W x 3.5″ D x 9.5″ H.

Each reindeer stocking holder measures 5″ W x 4.5″ D x 9.5″ H.

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Metal Christmas Stocking Holder - Stocking Stands For Christmas