Pink Christmas Tree Skirt

Pink Christmas Tree SkirtsSeasonal unique designed tree skirts such as a pink Christmas tree skirt make your tree unique and special.

It completes your Xmas theme decoration and sets a great atmosphere for your Christmas gifts, a mini Christmas wonderland right inside your home.

Traditional colors of red, white, green and gold will always look great.

A more personalized tree skirt such as a pink one can be very eye-catching too besides giving a unique finishing touch to your tree decor.

If pink is your theme, then you’ll need to decide on the type of fabric.

Velvet, silk and satin look gorgeous and has a shining  luxurious feel.

Quilted and knitted ones are truly unique.

The tree skirt with a pink edge is great for those who do not wish to have a completely pink one.

Pink is so sweet, reminds me of princesses and fairyland.

Your Xmas tree with the beautiful skirt looks refined and elegant while waiting for Santa to deliver the presents on Christmas eve.

You can also use these tree skirts as the bottom layer of your Christmas table centerpiece.

Let’s take a look at these beautiful pink Christmas tree skirts or those with shades of pink and their unique designs.

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Beautiful Pink Christmas Tree Skirts


Iridescent Mermaid Tree Skirt

Iridescent Mermaid Tree Skirt

This Christmas tree skirt features pink-to-teal ombre fabric with an iridescent scale pattern and white faux fur trim.

This tree skirt has a diameter of 16″.

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20″ Decorative Pink Sequin Snowflake Pattern Mini Christmas Tree Skirt

20-inch-decorative-pink-sequin-snowflake-pattern-mini-christmas-tree-skirtPink sequin snowflakes accenting a pink sheer mesh overlay tree skirt adds to the festive cheer.

Hook and loop fasteners closes up the round skirt.

This polyester pink skirt has a 20″ diameter.

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20″ Pink Glittered Mini Christmas Tree Skirt with Faux Fur Trim

Pink Glittered Mini Christmas Tree Skirt with Faux Fur Trim

Lovely pink Xmas tree skirt embellished with glitter and has a white faux fur trim.

This 20″ diameter tree skirt is pink glittered base with a mesh lining.

It comes with 2 hook and loop fastener fasteners for stability.

Faux fur tree skirt look so adorable.

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47″ Pink Paillette Sequins Round Christmas Tree Skirt with Sherpa Border

47 inch Pink Paillette Sequins Round Christmas Tree Skirt with Sherpa BorderThis pink paillette sequin 47″ diameter Christmas tree skirt comes with a white fur trim.

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Christmas Plush Long Haired Christmas Tree Skirt

Christmas Plush Long Haired Christmas Tree Skirt


Round 29.5 inch tree skirt in a light pink color, perfect for a sweet pink theme.

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Short Plush Faux Fur Christmas Tree Skirt, 31″ diameter

Short Plush Faux Fur Christmas Tree Skirt, 31 inch diameter

Luxurious faux fur tree skirt is made from short plush fabric – soft and comfortable to the touch.

Do not be surprised to find your pet always sleeping under your Christmas tree!

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More beautiful Christmas Tree Skirts Pink

Cute tree skirts with Christmas theme designs such as Santa, reindeer, snowman or snowflakes will always be loved by children. Santa, reindeer, snowman and snowflakes means fun, presents, laughter, magical holidays.

For the adult, Christmas tree skirts under the beautifully decorated Xmas tree bring back fond holiday childhood memories.

Baby’s First Christmas Tree Skirt

Baby’s first Christmas is always special.

Baby deserved a beautifully designed personalized tree skirt for her/his first Xmas celebration.

I came across these 2 beautiful Christmas tree skirts specially designed just for baby’s first Xmas.

44 inch pink personalized baby girl’s first Christmas made from 100% brushed polyester.

Retro style Santa owls and snowflakes surrounding the Christmas tree with your baby’s name for that special day, 44 inch in pink and magenta colors and 100% coral fleece polyester.