Saint Patrick’s Day Costume Ideas – Leprechaun Outfits

Saint Patrick's Day Costume Ideas - Leprechaun OutfitsWhy do we wear green clothes on St Patrick’s day?

Saint Patrick’s day is a global celebration of Irish culture and heritage.

Green is associated with the Irish and is one of the colors of their flag.

Green and gold are the predominant colors of Saint Patrick’s day’s celebrations.

St Patrick’s day costumes are designed with all things Irish such as Irish beers, their national flower the Shamrock and the Leprechaun fairy in Irish folklore.

Saint Patrick’s Day Clothes

St Patrick’s day funny shirts for adults and kids are hot items on this fun day.

Cute St Patrick’s Day Outfits With Cool Messages

Funny Saint Patrick’s day shirts look real cool and wearing them will surely add fun and laughter to your day.

The St Patty’s day tee shirts with funny messages, fun Leprechaun costumes and images of shamrock are very popular.

Irish tee shirts with messages such as ‘Kiss me I’m Irish, Whiskey made me do it’ etc. make your day memorable and fun.

Those for girls look so cute and adorable.

Let your little girl be an Irish princess for St. Patty’s Day.



St. Patrick's Day Short Sleeve T-Shirt, Leggings and Tutu, 3pc Outfit Set (Toddler Girls)

This 3 piece Saint Patrick’s day outfit for toddler girls includes 1 Graphic Tee, 1 Pair of Leggings, 1 Tutu Skirt.


Saint Patrick’s Day Shirts For Men – Leprechaun Costumes

The Leprechaun tee shirt hold special meaning on this day.

Do not be surprised if you bump into men wearing Leprechaun tuxedo t shirt complete with a Saint Patrick’s day Irish hat and green socks at the annual parade. Looks real smart too.

Wear a leprechaun t shirt with funny sayings and you’ll bring a smile to every one’s lips.

After all, St. Patrick’s day is all about Irish fun.

Below are some very nice Saint Patrick’s day leprechaun shirts with vest and top hat that will make you the center of the party.

Irish Tuxedo Tie Tee Shirts come in short and long sleeve designs.

If you’re not into tuxedo tee shirts, then have fun with these Irish shamrock tee shirts with funny sayings designs.

Typical Saint Patrick’s day sweatshirts come in green with shamrock flower designs.

You can get the 4 leaf clover shamrock pattern t shirts, vests, ties, sweatshirts etc.

Mix and match to win the best St Patrick’s day costume competition and be an Irish star for the day!

Mens Leprechaun Costume

The package includes jacket, pantaloons (pants), hat and shirt front with attached bow tie.

The vest and jacket are actually in one piece and not 2 separate pieces.


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Saint Patrick’s Day Sweatshirts and Hoodie

Keep warm and wear a comfortable St Patrick’s day hoodie for the parade.

These look lovely and festive!

Shamrock Vest

Be a well dressed leprechaun with the shamrock vest, bow tie and hat.

Eye catching and striking in its pattern, you will have a memorable St Paddy’s day wearing the shamrock vest and bow set as a dashing Irish gentleman.

Luck of the Irish Adult Kit

This Luck of the Irish adult kit includes vest, bow tie and hat only.



Leprechaun vs Jackalope t shirt

Get into the mood with the Leprechaun vs Jackalope t shirt featuring 2 mythical beings, the Leprechaun fairy of Irish folklore and the Jackalope creature of North American folklore.

Leprechaun fighting Jackalope shirts combine 2 folklore stories together for mythical fun.

Always Be Yourself Jackalope Mens T Shirt

This 100% cotton men’s crew neck t-shirt, features the words, “Always be Yourself, Unless You Can Be A Jackalope. Then Always be a Jackalope” across the front.


Saint Patrick’s Day Costumes for Women

St Patrick’s day sexy costumes such as the sexy Irish beer costume or the sexy Leprechaun costume will surely make heads turn wherever you go.

Sexy Irish beer dress costume with shamrock applique and bow certainly looks pretty and no doubt you’ll have an exciting Saint Paddy’s day.

How about a sexy green tutu slip dress?

Pair it with matching green shoes and maybe even a green wig for that appealing look.

Complete your St. Patrick’s day outfit with a shamrock tie, green top hat and matching Saint Patrick’s day shoes.

Womens Lucky Leprechaun Costume

This women’s St Patrick day costume includes  a jacket with gold trim, white cuffs, as well as elongated coat tails, shirt with bow and decorative lace trim, skirt with attached belt and a hat.

Stretch knit tank top comes with zipper and adjustable straps.

White socks and green sparkly shoes are not included.


Women's Charming Leprechaun CostumeThis lovely St Paddy costume features a jacket with long coat tails, checkered capri pants, and a snazzy gold buckle belt.

Floppy bow tie comes attached to elastic headband.


Women's St. Patrick's Day Irish Tuxedo Costume Graphic T-Shirt

Ranging in sizes from small to 3XL, this fitted women’s Leperchaun cotton blend t shirt is designed and printed in USA.

It is available in a few different colors.


St Patrick’s day bows and ties

Saint Patrick’s day Irish hats

While you’re at it, why not check out the Leprechaun hats too.

The festive headbands look so cute and adorable!

Green Feathered Mini Top Hat Headband

The green feathered sequined mini top hat with gold details and an inconspicuous headband comes adorned with mesh fabric and feathers.

It’s easy to look glamorous and festive with this cute green feathered mini top hat headband


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And finally put on your best Saint Patrick’s day socks and shoes

Of course, the little ones are not left out on such a fun day. St Patrick’s day clothes for kids are really cute.

Cute tutu skirts and pretty dresses turn your little girl into a beautiful Irish princess or Leprechaun princess.

Match with green beautifully crafted shamrock headbands, head boopers, tights, socks and shoes and you’ll have a gorgeous Saint Patrick’s cute and adorable princess that every one loves.

Dressing up can be so much fun.


More choices of the St Patrick’s day costumes for girls

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St Patrick’s Day Costumes For Boys

How about an Irish boy costume for Saint Patrick’s day party for your little boy?

The Leprechaun costume for boys seem to be popular. A simple green tee shirt with Irish sayings or the shamrock t shirt looks great too.

St Patrick’s Day Costumes for dogs

Bring along your 4 legged friend wearing a dog Leprechaun costume just like yours. Yes, dogs wanna have fun too.

Dress your dog up in a St Patrick’s day dog costume complete with hat and march to the local parade. A simple St Patrick’s day dog bandana looks great as well.

And now let the fun party begins.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!