10+ Scariest Halloween Animated Props Ever

Scariest Halloween Animated Props EverHow are you going to decorate your house for Halloween? This fun tradition has every one trying to have the creepiest and scariest holiday decor in the neighborhood.

Check out the scariest Halloween animated props ever for the perfect scare effect.

Yes, Halloween is the only time of the year where you can freak out your neighbors without the police being called.

After all, it is all in good old spooky fun.

Get into the spirit of Halloween with these life size spooky skeletons, sinister Jack-o-lanterns, wicked witch props, evil Dracula, spooky giant spiders and their webs and lots more.

Ghoulish skull-shaped decor, ‘Help Me’ Halloween decorations written in the blood color of red – eerie and creepy!

Create an eerie ambiance of doom in your backyard, the macabre haunted yard with its spooky tombstones, hanging ghosts and the scariest animated vampire prop in the neighborhood.

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Don’t forget the screams, the howls and the sounds of rattling chains – setting up the haunted sound FX box will do the trick.

Make your guests walk with fear in each and every step!

Oh, my heart is failing me! Such dreadful delight and Halloween fright!

Walk straight into the wrath of deranged serial killer Michael Myers – I’m trembling in fear just thinking about it.

If you’re looking for inspirations and ideas on how to decorate your home for a scary Halloween celebration, then scroll on and be prepared to shrink back in horror at these frightfully festive touches.

Halloween is definitely more than just sinister pumpkins smiling creepily at you.

Have fun putting up these scary stuff and have even more fun hearing the terrifying screams!

Scariest Halloween Decorations Ever

Scariest Halloween Animated Props That Have You Shivering In Fear

How should I describe these ‘creatures’ that go bump in the night?

What evil is hiding out there in the dark bushes ready to pounce on the poor unsuspecting guests?

7 ft Animated Slim Soul Stealer Prop
7 Ft Animated Slim Soul Stealer Prop

Oh, please be careful, do be extra careful of the evil soul stealer lurking behind the trees in the dark backyard.

He has a pale featureless face with glowing-white eyes and long black stringy hair.

His two extra-long arms with creepy elongated hands give me the shudders.

His eyes light up a spooky glowing white when you approaches.

He turns his head and twists at the waist while saying one of three sayings (“Come to me my children, I will take you away. Come with me. You are all my children now.”, “Why worry about what lies ahead? I can ease your pain–ease your suffering. You have nothing to fear.”, “I am everywhere. I am always here. Watching. Waiting. Waiting for you.”).

Flee when he comes near before he grabs your soul!

Animated Twitching Ghoul Prop
Animated Twitching Ghoul Prop

What are the horrifying things this 72″ ghoul can terrify you with?

This rotting ghoul twitches and flops around as he rotates at his waist in a jerking movement.

His eerie lighted blue eyes together with the horrible sounds of the undead that he makes will surely send your guests fleeing.

You can get this animated rotting ghoul at Walmart

7ft. Sweet Dreams Animated Prop Halloween Decoration
7′ Sweet Dreams Animated Prop Halloween Decoration

This motion activated animated towering 7′ tall sweet dreams clown prop has long black hair, black & white striped costume and large black clown shoes.

There are ‘blood’ stains on his costume.

He is holding a small screaming child by her feet, oh how could he be so cruel!

The cruel clown’s eyes glow with wickedness as his head and torso turns from side to side.

He says one of 3 terrifying sayings (“maniacal laughter”, “Oh look what I have here (child screams), a new volunteer for my juggling act! (child screams) Looks like I have a live one (child screams) – but not for long hehehe! (child screams)”, “Wakey wakey, rise and shine sleepy head! (child screams) This should teach you to always look under your bed! (child screams) And in your closet hahah! (child screams)”) as the screaming child he’s holding by the feet screams and flails about!

Stop! Stop! Stop the little trick or treaters from running towards him. He’s not a friendly clown!

Check him out at SpiritHalloween

6.5 Ft Towering Boogeyman With Kid Animatronics - Decorations
6.5 Ft Towering Boogeyman With Kid Animatronics – Decorations

Evil laughter, terrified screaming child – the stuff that nightmares are made of.

This terrifying skeleton bogeyman in tattered clothing stands at at an intimidating 6.5′ tall.

Run little kids run! The bogeyman is on the loose.

You can also get it at HalloweenExpress

Wicked Frightronics Prop
Wicked Frightronics Prop

OMG Look at the way this wicked frightronic witch prop is looking at me, piercing my heart with her evil stare.

This animated wicked witch rocks back and froth casting her evil spell. Put her on a rocking chair (not included) for a more dramatic effect. Sound track is included.

I feel overwhelmed with fear, I need to lie down but where?

No place is safe when it is Halloween.

You can also get it at Walmart

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76 Inch Towering Wailing Soul Halloween Decoration
76″ Towering Wailing Soul Halloween Decoration

The wailing soul stands at over 6 feet tall and features a light-up face and chest, moving arms and turning torso, and a wailing shriek.

She looks like one tortured soul.

Aaah!! All this wailing and shrieking is making me a nervous wreck.

I need to lower the volume (It comes with volume control).

You can also get it at HalloweenExpress

Heartless Full Size Frightronic Animated Prop
Heartless Full Size Frightronic Animated Prop

Who is so heartless indeed to do this to her – taking out her heart and leaving her in one bloody mess.

Her left arm is ripped out, bits of busted ribs can also be seen jutting out from her chest and blood is dripping from her mouth and nose.

She moves and shakes in agony – such a gruesome and heart wrenching sight.

This full-size 18 x 22 x 40 inch kneeling heartless prop with her bloodied dress comes with soundtrack filled with her agonized screams (CD player not included)

You can also get it at CostumeDiscounters

Full Size La Llorona Frightronic Prop Sobbing Ghost
Full Size La Llorona Frightronic Prop Sobbing Ghost

A murderous banshee ghoul banished to haunt the world forever after killing her children.

The 5.5′ tall sobbing ghoul is dressed in white robes and has black blooded tears flowing out of her empty white eyes, a truly eerie sight.

CD soundtrack is included but not the CD player.

The full size sobbing ghost spooky decor set the festive tone for the evening – a night filled with spooky sights and dreadful delights – and some tears too?

Also available at Walmart

2.2 Ft Bloodthirsty Betty Animatronic - Decorations
2.2 Ft Bloodthirsty Betty Animatronic – Decorations

Terrify your guests with this 2.2 Ft Bloodthirsty Betty Animatronic.

Bloodthirsty Betty shakes intensely, growls deeply, and then her neck pops up, revealing her demonic face and glowing red eyes.

The scary animated Halloween prop measures 26” H x 28.30” W x 30.5” D.


5Ft Animated Faceless Nurse
5 Ft Animated Faceless Nurse

This creepy faceless nurse prop moves side to side, makes creepy noises and the spooky eyes light up.

The sudden movements add to the heart stopping fright.

Check it out at Walmart

Check it out at CostumeDiscounters

Check it out at CostumeSupercenter

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5 Ft Electrified Corpse Animatronics - Decorations
5 Ft Electrified Corpse Animatronics Halloween Decorations

The terrified screams and agonized groans of the electrified corpse as he is being tortured and electrocuted is too painful to listen.

The flashing LED lights and horrifying electrocution sounds raise the fear factor several bars higher.

Eyes have LED’s behind caps, Mouth has an LED in roof of mouth and two of the metal look wires have LED’s in ends.

Measuring 49″ H x 24″ L x 9″ W, this dangling animated corpse will surely make your haunted house the most feared in town.



Maniac Halloween Prop
22 Inch Maniac Halloween Prop

Curled up on the floor, biting your arm, pulling out your hair with the eye balls almost popping out of the sockets – do these sound a bit familiar to you?

Made of nylon and latex, this maniac prop measures 22″ Wide X 28″ Tall X 22″ Deep.

This would make a scary Halloween door greeter too.

Check it out at Walmart

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It’s also available at CostumeDiscounters


Lil Sweet Vengeance Doll
Lil Sweet Vengeance Doll

The vengeful eyes of this scary Halloween doll really freak me out.

Standing at 32″ tall, the dreadful doll comes with fade on/off light up eyes.

As you walk near, she’ll frighten you with one of three 0:09-second phrases with each activation of her motion/light sensor such as- “Now that you’re here you better be afraid”

3 AAA batteries are required (not included).

She’s the creepiest doll ever, especially the eyes.

You can get it at Walmart

Wake Up Dead Frightronic Animated Halloween Decoration
Wake Up Dead Frightronic Animated Halloween Decoration

 The wake up dead animated prop includes a bloody sheet covering a body shape, with feet sticking out at one end and hair at the other.

When activated, the figure shakes and it makes a rasping gurgling sound. Soundtrack CD is included.

The animated haunted prop measures 61″ L X 20″ W X 7″ H.

You’ll need a plug in power supply.

The table is not included.

Also available at CostumeDiscounters


Animated Corpse With Blood Bath Mix
Animated Corpse With Blood Bath Mix

How terrifying! There’s a murdered corpse in the bathroom!

The bathtub is almost overflowing with ‘blood’.

What is even more horrifying is when the corpse slowly rises from the bloody water (when activated).

Can you imagine the extreme shock and horror on your guests’ faces when the corpse slowly emerges from underneath the water?

This animated prop requires a 110v air compressor (not included) for it to work.

The package includes the corpse, coloring and thickener for the bath, and controls with sound.

You can also check it out at CostumeDiscounters


6 Ft Spooky Ghost Trio Animatronics – Decorations
6 Ft Spooky Ghost Trio Animatronics – Decorations

One animated ghost is spooky and scary enough, what’s more 3 of them.

Their motion-activated faces and chests light up as they sway side to side in a spooky manner.

Measuring 72”H X 40”L X 12”W, these 3 scary ghosts do a good job of frightening your guests with their ghostly moans and movements.

It’s also available at Walmart

Lunging Mad Dog Halloween Decoration
Lunging Mad Dog Halloween Decoration

A mad demon zombie dog on the prowl is not exactly a comforting thought even though you love all kinds of dogs.

Suddenly out of nowhere the mad dog makes a lunge at you almost scaring you to death.

Actually, the dog is rather small in size measuring 10″ x 6″ x 6″ and is attached to a slightly larger base.

It comes in a fabric costume, blow-molded head, bendable wire arms with latex hands, yellow LED eyes and sounds.

It growls with eyes glowing, makes a deep guttural laugh followed by a high pitched scream before lunging out.

This makes a great scary Halloween yard prop as your unsuspecting guests would be looking out for the tall life size props and might not expect this small animated dog to lunge out at them.

Windy City Novelties

Frankenstein's Assault Deluxe Prop
Frankenstein’s Assault Deluxe Prop

The Frankenstein monster shakes violently and suddenly bolts forward (6′ from table) scaring the hell out of everyone present.

The setup measures 72″ X 40″ X 84″ and includes the decorated table, fog machine and controls with sounds.

You’ll need a 110V air compressor (buy separately).

Check out Frankenstein’s Assault Life Size Prop  Also available at Costume Discounters


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