Scary Vampire Props Decoration Ideas

Scary Vampire Props Decoration IdeasA blood sucking vampire is scared of garlic and sunlight, wears a long cape, has long sharp teeth and has a coffin nearby.

The vampire is on the loose, looking to suck someone’s blood and soul.

In fact, there’s one right in your own backyard! Trying to escape the horror is impossible.

Thank goodness, it’s only Halloween’s night.

So what are the creepy terrifying accessories/props to pull off a vampire themed horror Halloween party?

Let’s have a spooky vampire haunted scare zone in your front yard complete with all the eerie devilish as well as gruesome gory details.

Scary Vampire Props Decoration Ideas


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The Creepy Haunted Macabre Backyard – Inflatable Vampire Props

7 Foot Inflatable Dracula Vampire Yard Prop Decoration with LED Lights - Spooky Demon Devil

7 Foot Inflatable Dracula Vampire Yard Prop Decoration with LED Lights – Spooky Demon Devil

4 Foot Halloween Inflatable Dracula Vampire LED Lights

4 Foot Halloween Inflatable Dracula Vampire LED Lights

4 Foot Inflatable Black Coffin with Dracula Vampire Yard Prop Decoration with LED Lights

4 Foot Inflatable Black Coffin with Dracula Vampire Yard Prop Decoration with LED Lights

Halloween Airblown Inflatable Vampire with Cape 12FT Tall

Halloween Airblown Inflatable Vampire with Cape 12FT Tall

Animated Vampire Props – Life Size

Try to frighten your unsuspecting guests with a giant life size animated vampire prop as they made their way around the yard or lawn.

No doubt, your friends would be ‘thrilled’ to be part of your vampire ‘victims’ for this one freaking scary night.

The tall animated skeleton vampire with its large bulging LED light up eyes and moving jaws would surely frighten any trick or treaters that dare to cross its path. Spooky Halloween sounds add to its scary effect.

As for the 6′ tall animated vampire with lighted eyes that look so sinister and eerie, watch out for its outstretched creepy hands.

It can even turn its head to take a closer look at you and gives out creepy haunting moaning sounds that send shivers down your spine.

The life size airblown inflatable vampire makes an impressive sight in your front yard.

Even the 3.5′ tall inflatable bloodsucking skinny vampire looks evil.

Be careful when approaching the vampire tombstone. What eerie darkness lies underneath, I wonder.

Then, there’s the danger from the dracula grave walker prop. It is hungry for blood – your blood!

The 8′ vampire bat hiding in the dark yard is another scary encounter you’ll want to avoid.

Scary bloodshot eyes, sharp fangs, scary vampire hands, equally eerie looking black cat – what a wickedly fun way to scare your trick-or-treaters.

Would the little ones dare to approach near to take those lovely candies on the tray?

Bloodthirsty Vampiress Animated Halloween Prop

Bloodthirsty Vampiress Animated Halloween PropWith a stake in her heart, the vampiress shakes and screams in agony.

Look at her face, twisted in pain and obviously in great misery.

The foam-filled body comes with latex skin, metal armature and heavy duty motor. The soundtrack CD is also included but not the CD player.

She’ll certainly adds a great fear to your scary Halloween decorations.

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Vampire Victim Fountain

Vampire Victim FountainFancy a vampire victim bloody fountain in your macabre backyard?

Having a vampire victim fountain that sprouts red ‘blood’ is both spine chilling and nerve wrecking.

Measuring 28″ x 18″ x 18″, the vampire fountain is made of resin.

A kneeling, blood-sucking vampire clutching the head of a decapitated woman is scary enough.

Blood pours forth from the vampire’s mouth and flows into a small pool nestled behind the decapitated head.

Having the vampire with glowing red eyes as one of your guests is certainly not for the faint hearted.

Let them welcome your guests with glowing and flashing red eyes.

Hang up some spooky haunted cloth for a more dramatic spooky effect.

Dirty grey gauze cloth hung on a window or in a doorway would be great for that sinister Halloween cobweb corner decoration.

Scary Hanging Vampire Props

Hang a vampire skeleton in a dimly lit corner with outstretched skeleton arms as if ready to pounce on unsuspecting ‘victims’ for their blood.

Dressed him in a tattered black suit with an equally tattered creepy red cape, the spooky skeleton vampire would surely freak out your guests.

With blood dripping from the corners of its ghastly mouth and big scary eyes, the vampire skeleton would make a bloody good gift for Halloween too.

6′ Hanging Vampire Ghost Halloween Decoration

6 ft Hanging Vampire Ghost Halloween DecorationThe hanging vampire ghost is a must for a spooky vampire themed decor.

Drape in white robes with blood dripping from its fangs, this spooky hanging vampire ghost with the creepy hands and adjustable arms is made with a durable poly-cotton blend and plastic materials.

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Possessed Vampire Hanging Prop, 12-Feet, Black

Hanging Vampire for Party Decoration, 12-Feet, BlackThis is a 12′ tall hanging vampire in tattered black clothing with mouth wide open exposing its sharp incisor teeth, ready for the kill.

It comes with a deathly wig attached to its poly foam head.

Together with its oversized wrinkled hands and its sharp fingernails as well as menacing possessed looks, this large life size hanging vampire prop looks frightening even from afar.

A possessed giant vampire on the loose!

Every one will be running for their lives.

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6′ Hanging Vampire Bride Halloween Life Size Prop Decoration Wedding Decoration

Hanging vampire bride propA 6′ tall hanging vampire bride dressed in tattered wedding gown complete with cobwebs design as well as a deadly veil would fit into your scary vampire theme Halloween decorations.

Complete with a bloody mouth and eyes as well as horrible looking sharp teeth, this life size hanging vampire bride would surely make a bloody pretty impressive sight.

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Vampire/Dracula Props

5′ 8″ Count Dracula Halloween Prop

5 Ft 8 Inch Count Dracula Halloween Prop
5’8″ Count Dracula Halloween Prop
Scary Vampire Props Decoration Ideas

This standing Count Dracula comes with light up eyes that seem to follow you whenever you walk past. The intense gaze from a Dracula is not exactly a pleasant sight.

It comes with a 2 piece top and bottom

Dressed in a red cape, the Count is standing on a wooden base.

2 D cell batteries are required (not included)

35″ Lighted Standing Creepy Count Dracula Vampire Halloween Decoration

35 Inch Lighted Standing Creepy Count Dracula Vampire Halloween DecorationThis 35″ Count Dracula is wearing his traditional black and red vampire cape.

He comes pre-lit with 50 clear lights.

If you’re into vampires and yet do not want to frighten the kids too much, then this lighted standing Count Dracula with 2 sharp fangs would be just perfect.

Dracula Rising Lawn Prop

Dracula Rising Lawn PropLook Out! The vampire is crawling out of his coffin looking for blood.

This prop comes with a black and white suited vampire torso and head with a standing collar.

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Count Dracula Vampire Halloween Large Statue with Built-In Candy Bowl Dish, 27-Inch Tall

Count Dracula Vampire Halloween Large Statue with Built-In Candy Bowl Dish, 27-Inch TallStanding at 27″ tall, the Dracula with the candy dish at the top of his head looks kind of friendly.

Put it in your office to hold pens or business cards.

Place it near your front door to hold the Halloween candies.

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Scary Hanging Vampire Skulls

Vampire Bride Cut Off Head Hanging Prop

Vampire Bride Cut Off Head Hanging PropGrotesque details include an open mouth with fangs and a bloody stump that reveals protruding backbone and moist musculature.

The wide open eyes a well as the pupils orbs add to the horror shown on the hand painted face.

Poor vampire bride – only the vampire bride head is all that’s left!

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Vampire Bride Head

Vampire Bride HeadThis gruesome vampire bride head comes with a bloody severed neck, a pale face drained of blood and a wig of beautiful long black hair.

The head is made of latex and foam.

The blood details around the neck are hand painted.

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12″ Hanging Vampire Reaper Ghoul Head Horror Halloween Prop Decor

12 Inch Hanging Vampire Reaper Ghoul Head Horror Halloween Prop DecorThis hanging vampire skull comes with sharp fangs and look real spooky at night.

The 9″ foam skull is decorated with black fabric shroud and green purplish patches on its face giving it an eerie look.

You can easily hang it up using the attached black cord.

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Gothic Vampire Head (Standard)

Gothic Vampire Head (Standard)A most scary hanging Halloween vampire head with all its vivid gory details to add to your spooky collection, you won’t be disappointed.

A gruesome chop-off head with a bloody neck and loose ghostly hair, dangling this vampire head at your front patio will send the kids running and screaming with fright.

Oh, what scary shivering fun indeed!

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Scary Halloween Vampire Bats

A vampire bat has 2 sharp incisor teeth and feeds on blood, perfect addition to any vampire party decorations.

3′ Tall Animated Slashing Bat

3 Ft Slashing Animated BatAn animated Halloween vampire bat that has an eerie laugh or is it spooky blood curdling screams as well as slashing posable hands would definitely add to the spooky charm.

This scary vampire bat prop comes with glowing red eyes and mouth wide open showing sharp incisor teeth.

It does look menacing and terrifying.

It measures 36″ H x 28″ W x 7″ D. and is sound activated.

It makes a horrible screech as well as slashing motion with its claws.

You’ll need 3 AA batteries which are not included.

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Vampire Bat with Furry Ears

Vampire Bat with Furry EarsThis flying vampire brown bat looks creepy but is not animated.

It has a 35″ wing span and comes with furry ears.

Hang a few of these in a dark spooky corner and you’ll get the right ambiance for a spooky Halloween.

What beautiful memorable as well as unforgettable terrifying experiences to remember indeed!

Check out this Vampire bat with furry ears

Nocturnal Batcave Flying Vampire Black Bat

Nocturnal Batcave Flying Vampire Black BatThis hanging flying black vampire bat has a wing span of 24″ wide.

What a scary face it has!

Hang it up from the ceiling, on the walls or door way and freak out your guests with its scary face.

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Hanging Vampire Bat

Hanging Vampire BatIt’ll be a nightmare bumping into this hanging vampire bat with the menacing snarl, blood red eyes and prominent sharp teeth.

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Hanging Vampire Bat, Fabric and Wire, Expands to 48 Inches Wide by 15 Inches

Hanging Vampire Bat, Fabric and Wire, Expands to 48 Inches Wide by 15 InchesThis vampire bat decoration has dusty brown fabric wings, beady black eyes, and a dark green felt body.

It can expand its wings up to 48″ wide.

It comes with an attached plastic loop for easy hanging.

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Witching Hour Vampire Clock Sculpture

Witching Hour Vampire Clock SculptureHand painted grey stone finish vampire bat clock comes with sweep second hand and Roman numerals.

It measures 19″W x 6.5″D x 9″H and weighs about 3 pounds.

Look at its awesome fangs, eerie eyes and spiny wings – is it time for a mug of hot red blood?

Oh, I feel scared! It seems to be ‘ticking’ my life away!

You’ll need to buy your own 1 AA battery.

Get it at Walmart

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Creepy Vampire Coffin

When you have a vampire nearby, then the vampire coffin won’t be far away.

Display Dracula and his coffin on your mantle for an added bone chilling effect.

Vampire Coffin Of Dracula Statue

Vampire Coffin of Dracula Statue

The bat emblazoned faux wood grain vampire coffin adds a touch of blood sucking thrill to your display shelf or vampire themed room.

Count Dracula standing at about 7.5″ tall, is hand painted in realistically eerie details and certainly gives you the creeps.

You can lift him out of the coffin.

The coffin is incredibly detailed right down to the handles and lined with black felt on the inside as well as the bottom.

Measuring 3½”W x 2″D x 8″H, the coffin and Dracula statue is cast in quality designer resin.

This will certainly make a great gift for those into vampire collectibles.

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Collapsible Coffin

Collapsible CoffinThe collapsible black coffin comes with the coffin, lid and two supports.

To really creep out onlookers, the coffin says “RIP” with a skull.

Would you dare to approach this RIP coffin?

There’s also a brown color collapsible coffin

48″ Battery Operated LED Lighted Skeleton in Coffin with Timer

48 Inch Battery Operated LED Lighted Skeleton in Coffin with TimerLean the LED lighted skeleton coffin against your patio wall and frighten your trick-or-treaters when V

they approach.

It comes with a scary looking skeleton trapped inside the coffin for a scarier effect.

20 bulbs are used to light it up at night, giving out an eerie spooky glow.

Decorated with ‘thick chains’, it measures 48″H x 24″W x 10″D.

It comes with an on/off switch but the required 3 AA batteries are not included.

Check spooky price here


More Scary Vampire Themed Decoration Ideas

Bloody Hand Drips

Bloody Hand DripsThese vinyl 18″ bloody hand stickers add the finishing touches to your vampire house decorations.

Combine with other scary vampire props and creepy Halloween lights, scare the life out your guests when they drop by.

A good place to put would be the bathroom mirror.

Blood streaking down the mirror in the dimly lit bathroom – what a terrifying sight!

Paste these on your front glass window panes for a dramatic effect


Inflatable Vampire and Coffin Cooler, 3-Feet 6-Inch Width by 30-Inch Height

Inflatable Vampire and Coffin CoolerAfter all the running, screaming and laughing, every one would be heading for your icy cold drinks.

This inflatable vampire and coffin cooler can hold about 48 12oz cans or 2 cases of beer plus ice.

The vampire and coffin cooler blends right into your scary environment.

This package price is just for 1 vampire and coffin cooler.


Coffin Halloween Inflatable Buffet Cooler

Coffin Halloween Inflatable Buffet CoolerThis inflatable vampire coffin buffet cooler measures 51.75″ by 30.75″.

Featuring a black coffin to keep your food and drinks cold, this certainly adds to your spine-chilling Halloween fun.

It also doubles up as part of your scary Halloween vampire decoration.

Staked To The Heart Impaled Count Dracula Incense Burner Statue 9″ Long Vampire Lord In Caped Costume Incense Stick Holder

Staked To The Heart Impaled Count Dracula Incense Burner Statue 9 inch Long Vampire Lord In Caped Costume Incense Stick HolderHand painted and polished, this impaled vampire incense burner statue measures 9″ long, 3.5″ tall and 3.25″ wide approximately.

It is made of composite resin.

The incense stick in the image shown is not included.

Have a terrific Halloween party as Count Dracula cannot harm you now with the incense stick pierced through his cold-blooded heart.

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Count Dracula Head Wearing Black Red Cape Cute Cartoon Vampire Character Pillowcase Cushion Cover 18×18 inch, Set of 2

Count Dracula Head Wearing Black Red Cape Cute Cartoon Vampire Character Pillowcase Cushion Cover 18x18 inch, Set of 2The pillow case comes with a side zippered opening.

The image is printed on both sides.

Printed in the Dracula colors of red and black, these would make a nice soft touch to your vampirs theme decor.

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