Snowman Head Tree Topper

Snowman Head Tree Topper

A special unique Christmas tree topper adds a glow and warmth to your beautifully decorated Xmas tree, a wonderful holiday tradition.

One of these is the snowman head tree topper. It has all the qualities for that special coveted place on top of the glittering tree.

A smiling snowman with his round cheerful face, pointed nose and festive bright colored hat whether red, black or gaily decorated, looks so adorable and adds a nice finishing touch to the top of the tree.

Whether you have a frosty white Xmas tree or a lovely green one, the snowman head Christmas tree topper will add to the Christmas spirit and cheer.

It is a fun, adorable and cute alternative to the classic traditional shining star or angel tree topper.

The snowman head comes with a hole at the bottom for it to sit on top of the Christmas tree.

Adorable Festive Snowman Head Tree Toppers

Whether it’s the snowman head with red Santa hat glittered Christmas tree topper or the snowman head with the black top hat and festive red scarf, the snowman head topper makes an adorable sight.

The cheerful smiling snowman with plaid trim festive hat that glitters under the Christmas lights and has a carrot nose made from orange fabric makes a lovely tree topper for Christmas.

The snowman tree topper is great as a gift too.

Snowman Head Tree Topper (Set of 2)

Snowman Head Tree Topper (Set of 2)The whole package includes 2 snowman head tree topper.

They are made of foam and fabric.

The snowman head measures 14″ in height and has a 7.5″ width.

From front to back, it measures 7″.

The festive red scarf with snowflakes design hangs 15″ below bottom of snowman.

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Snowman Head With Top Hat Tree Topper

Snowman Head With Top Hat Tree TopperA beautiful white snowman wearing a black top hat.

The top hat has an opening for your festive plant, bringing on a more holiday mood.

Brighten the snowman theme with a red scarf round the neck of the snowman.

It is made from foam, heavy paperboard and batting.

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Snowman Head Christmas tree topper With Red Top Hat

15 inch Snowman Head Tree Topper with Red HatMeasures 15 inches x 10 inches and made of polyester, snowman looks elegantly ‘dressed’ with festive red top hat decorated with spiral flowers and a scarf with red scallop trim.

The head is made of polyester foam and the felt red hat is made from cardboard.

It can also be used as a table top centerpiece, on Christmas wreaths or as shelf festive decorative items.

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Christmas Snowman Top Of The Tree Hugger

Christmas Snowman Top of the Tree HuggerThis is a cheerful smiling snowman tree hugger sitting on top of your Christmas tree and giving it a loving hug.

His bright red mittens decorated with snowflakes and his matching long flowing scarf creates such a merry and joyful atmosphere.

His black top hat decorated with a sprig of holly enhances the joyful atmosphere.

Made of polyester and iron, the cheerful tree hugger snowman topper measures 13″H, Arms 20″L, Scarf 45″L.

Capture the joys of Christmas with this cheerful snowman tree topper.

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Here are 2 more snowman tree hugger as your Xmas tree topper

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Vintage Frosty Snowman Tree Hugger

Vintage Frosty Snowman Tree Hugger

Believe Snowman Tree Topper

Believe Snowman Tree Topper

Make your Christmas tree more festive and beautiful with these awesome snowman Christmas tree toppers

Decorate your tree topper snowman head in bright vibrant festive red, white, green or gold colors.

Snowman head with decorative top hats, ribbons, scarfs or festive holy plants help make a great holiday statement on top of your Xmas tree.